Table of contents Intended use of the mē smooth 2 Getting to know your mē smooth 3 Who should not use / Contraindications 6 Setting up your mē smooth _9 Skin sensitivity test 10 How to use your mē smooth 11 What to expect during treatment 14 Treatment schedule 14 How to clean and store your mē smooth 14 How to replace your elōs quartz cartridge 15 Disposal/Recycling 16 Travel with mē smooth _16 Troubleshooting 16 How to use your mē smooth accessories 23 Treating with the epilator cartridge _24 Treating with the precision adaptor _25 These instructions, warnings and safety information within this user guide are intended to help ensure proper use and optimal results. It is important that you read this entire user guide before using your mē smooth for the first time.
If you have questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Care at:
Phone: 0203 302 0606
Email: [email protected]
Getting to know your mē smooth
Congratulations on purchasing the mē smooth at-home permanent hair Your mē package includes:
reduction system! • mē smooth powered by elōs technology mē smooth is an innovative device that can be used in the privacy and comfort • One elōs quartz cartridge (already instal ed) of your own home to safely and comfortably reduce unwanted hair on the body • Accessory protective cap (already instal ed) mē smooth treatments are based on the same professional elōs technology used by dermatologists around the world. Easy to use at-home or away - get • Quick reference guide ready to experience the freedom of silky, smooth skin without the hassles of never-ending shaving and waxing.
Additional mē accessories:
Intended use of the mē smooth
• Epilator cartridge mē smooth is an at-home device intended for permanent hair reduction on the • Precision adaptor body for men and women and on women's facial hair below the cheek line. • Replacement elōs quartz cartridge Skin Colour
For more details about accessories, go to
mē smooth is intended for use on ALL skin colours (the skin colour you were born For instructions on how to use accessories for the mē smooth refer to page 23.
Hair Colour
mē smooth is clinical y proven to effectively remove unwanted hair that is
natural y blond, dark blond, red, brown, brunette or black.
Note: Results may vary based on individuals skin colour and hair colour being
treated and may require additional treatments beyond the full protocol described on page 14. For more information, please contact Customer Care at or call us 0203 302 0606.
Getting to know your mē smooth
1. Base unit
6. Light output window: the light energy flashes out through the treatment window
2. Cradle
7. RF contact bars: the two RF bars must be in complete contact with the skin for
3. Control panel with:
the light pulses to flash 8. elōs quartz cartridge: comes attached to the applicator and is preloaded with
Error warning indicator 9. elōs activation button: press on this button to turn on the applicator. You will
eloˉs energy setting buttons (low, medium, high) hear the fan turn on, and the activation indicator will light up 10. Cooling outlet: hot air is forced out of the cooling outlet in order to keep the
eloˉs cartridge life indicator (100%, 50%, empty) applicator cool while in use epilator/shaver activation button 11. Accessory protective cap (not to be removed unless attaching an official
4. Applicator (hand piece with cord)
5. eloˉs quartz cartridge with light output window and RF contact bars
Applicator top view Applicator bottom view Who should not use / Contraindications
DO NOT use if you have epilepsy or light-induced seizures or chronic migraines. DO NOT use on or around the eyes, eyebrows or eyelashes. Doing so can cause The energy flashes might cause severe headaches and migraines.
permanent eye damage.
DO NOT use if you have an active implant, such as a pacemaker, incontinence DO NOT use on a man's face, jaw or neck. Using the mē smooth in these areas device, insulin pump, etc. Use of the mē smooth has not been tested in may result in skin damage.
individuals with active implants, and, therefore, the effects are unknown.
DO NOT use the mē smooth on any area where you may want the hair to grow KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. The mē smooth should not be used by back. The hair removal results may be permanent.
anyone, or on anyone, under the age of 18. The use of the mē smooth on or by DO NOT use the mē smooth if you are sensitive to light (photosensitive).
children has not been studied and could result in serious damage.
• Some diseases can be related to photosensitivity including porphyria, polymorphic light eruption, solar urticaria and lupus.
• Some medications can be related to photosensitivity including: NSAIDS; steroids; antibiotics; phenothiazine; thiazide, diuretics, sulfonyluraes, sulfonamides, DTIC, fluorouracil, vinblastine, griseofulvin, Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), Beta-Hydroxy Acids (BHAs), Retin-A, Accutane® and/or topical retinoids.
DO NOT use if you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant (conceiving) or • Undergoing radiation or chemo-therapy treatments.
breast-feeding. The mē smooth has not been tested on pregnant or breast- These conditions can make the skin more sensitive to light and more susceptible feeding women. Hormonal changes could increase skin sensitivity and the risk of to damage. Consult your doctor.
skin damage.
DO NOT use if you have an active or known skin condition in the treatment area DO NOT treat with the mē smooth immediately after or before an active tanning including acne, sores, psoriasis, eczema, sunburns, melasma, herpes simplex, session - in natural light, on a tanning bed or when using sunless tanning open wounds or a rash. These conditions can make the skin more sensitive to products. If you are not certain whether you are tanning or sunburned it is light and more susceptible to damage.
recommended to do a skin sensitivity test (page 10) and wait 24 hours.
DO NOT use if you have a history of skin cancer or areas of potential skin DO NOT use the mē smooth on areas that have been sunburned as this can make malignancies. Use of the mē smooth has not been tested in areas with skin cancer, the skin more susceptible to damage.
and therefore, the effects are unknown.
DO NOT use directly on parts of your skin where you have tattoos, dark brown or black DO NOT hold the light output window still over one spot and flash multiple light pulses spots (such as large freckles, birthmarks or moles). These areas may absorb too much on the skin. Doing so may generate too much heat, which can damage the skin.
light energy which can damage the skin.
DO NOT cover the cooling inlet or outlet during use, as they help to keep the device DO NOT use on the ears, neck, nipples, genitalia or around the anus. These areas cool during operation. Covering the cooling inlet or outlet could result in the device may have more sensitive skin and using the mē smooth there may cause serious DO NOT get the mē smooth damp or wet.
Setting up your mē smooth
DO NOT use the mē smooth while bathing or put it next to a bath or sink.
1. Clean the light output window with a non-alcohol based
DO NOT operate the mē smooth with a damaged plug or cord. DO NOT use the mē wet wipe or soft tissue. This is done in order to remove hairs smooth if any parts show signs of damage.
and dust from the treatment window.
DO NOT open the outer covers of the mē smooth or touch any inner parts.
2. Connect the power cord into the mē smooth.
DO NOT attempt to repair your mē smooth device.
ALWAYS keep the cord away from heated surfaces. Failure to fol ow these precautions 3. Place the mē smooth on a table or area near an electrical
can cause electrocution, electric shock or result in damage.
wall socket. Move away any liquids from the area.
ALWAYS attach the AC plug from the power supply into the device first, then into the 4. Make sure the applicator is placed in its cradle before
turning on the mē.
Use only the power supply provided with the mē smooth .
DO NOT use the mē smooth in an environment where a spark could cause an 5. Connect the power cord to the electrical wall socket.
explosion, such as near a gas source.
6. Press the power button to turn the mē smooth on. Wait
until the indicator light on the power button turns green. Now the mē smooth is ready for use.
7. Set the desired energy level on Low, Medium or High.
Note: Start with LOW elōs level, if you feel comfortable,
you may increase the elōs level for better results 8. The elōs Quartz cartridge is pre-loaded with pulses
for your use (100%). The cartridge indicator shows the percentage of pulses remaining as you use the system. When the Empty button starts blinking, make sure to purchase a new elōs Quartz cartridge. When the Empty button is constantly on, it is time to replace the elōs Skin sensitivity test
How to use your mē smooth
If you are using the mē smooth for the first time or treating a new body area, If this is your first time using the device, be sure to conduct the Skin Sensitivity Test.
choose a small area close to the area you intend to treat, for the purpose of performing a Skin Sensitivity Test: • Use the LOW elōs level.
To prepare for your mē smooth treatment, first remove hair from the area you • Fol ow the treatment instructions, and emit only 2-3 pulses on the area you've want to treat. Clean your skin and dry it with a towel. This will ensure that the elōs technology is focused on the hair fol icles beneath the surface for optimal • After the skin test, wait 30 minutes and check your skin for any reaction. If the skin appears normal, then you are ready to perform a full treatment.
If you have fair hair, it is recommended that you wax or epilate immediately • If the treated spot appears to be red, please wait 24 hours and repeat the test. before treating with the mē smooth in order to get the best results. Make sure to Otherwise contact your doctor or our Customer Care clean your skin of any wax or hair residue before starting treatment. Do not treat ([email protected] or call us 0203 302 0606) for more information.
if you feel your skin is irritated from waxing or epilation.
Note: mē smooth can be used with the epilator cartridge in 2 ways:
• either just to epilate on its own • Or it can epilate and flash at the same time for a quicker, all in one treatment (see page 24 for instructions).
Activate meˉ
Select your elōs energy level (1). Always start on LOW and if you are comfortable, move to MEDIUM or HIGH for even greater efficacy. The device will not activate if you do not select an elōs level.
Remove the applicator from the base.
Press the elōs activation button located on the back of the applicator (2). The button will turn blue and you will hear the fan start inside the applicator.

Treating your body
Treating your face
Gently place the device on your skin, so that both RF contact The fol owing treatment instruction refers to treating facial areas with the bars are in complete contact with the skin. The mē smooth mē smooth. However it is recommended that you use the mē smooth with will emit pulses of bright light - this is the elōs energy at work. the precision adaptor for face and small areas. The precision adaptor is sold The mē smooth will not work unless both RF contact bars are separately (see page 25 for instructions).
touching your skin (3). Gently place the applicator on your face (below the cheek line), Glide the applicator over your skin in one continuous motion, so that the two RF contact bars are in complete contact with the moving after each flash (4).
skin. The applicator will emit pulses of bright white light - this is the Repeat until you have covered the entire area 2 to 3 times. elōs energy at work. The applicator will not work unless both RF Approximate treatment times are shown below. Individual contact bars are touching the skin.
times may vary. You can treat all body areas during the same Al ow one pulse of elōs energy on your first target area. Remove the applicator treatment session.
after a single pulse and move to the next target area. Repeat this action until you have covered your entire facial treatment area 2-3 times. Choose the elōs energy level that is comfortable for treatment. Start on LOW and move to MEDIUM or HIGH energy level with subsequent treatments.
If you find the light from the elōs pulse too bright, you can wear sunglasses or goggles for your comfort.
DO NOT hold the light output window still over one spot and flash multiple light pulses on the skin. Doing so may generate too much heat, which can damage the DO NOT hold the applicator window still over one spot and flash multiple light pulses skin. DO NOT use above cheek line and on man's face, jaw or neck on the skin. Doing so may generate too much heat which can injure the skin.
The applicator will turn itself off if it is not in use for 30 seconds. To turn the applicator back on, press the elōs activation button located on the applicator. The device wil automatical y shut off if not in use for more than 3 minutes; press the power button to turn the device back on.
Tips: When using the mē smooth on difficult-to-treat areas
(e.g. underarm) apply the applicator in 2 directions: left/right and up/down for full coverage.
What to expect during treatment
How to replace your eloˉs quartz cartridge
During treatment you may feel a warming sensation. You should always start When the elōs cartridge life indicator light starts blinking on the base, it means your treatments at the LOW elōs level and if you are comfortable, increase to that your elōs cartridge is almost empty and it is time to purchase a new one. MEDIUM or HIGH for even greater efficacy. If your skin looks slightly red after When the indicator is constantly on, it means that the cartridge is empty and you treatment, this should disappear within 24 hours.
need to replace it • Make sure that the mē smooth is turned off and the cable is unplugged from the electrical wall socket (1).
For best results, fol ow the full protocol of treating the target area once a week for 7 treatments. Use your temporary hair removal solution in between treatments • Remove the used cartridge from the applicator by holding the as you would normal y. After your initial protocol, use your mē smooth for touch- cartridge´s sides and gently pul ing it out. Dispose of the used ups of new hair growth as needed.
cartridge safely (2). Take the new cartridge out of its protective Note: Facial areas can be treated more frequently of up to 2-3 times per week container. Avoid touching the glass. Fingerprints or oils from your for 6 weeks if desired. Additional treatments may be needed for optimal results.
skin can interfere with light passing through the glass, and this will reduce the success of the treatment.
Treatment 1st Week Treatment 2nd Week Treatment 3rd Week Treatment 4th Week Treatment 5th Week Treatment 6th Week Treatment as needed TOUCH • Slide the new cartridge gently into the applicator until you feel it "click" into place (3).
How to clean and store your meˉ smooth
Turn the mē smooth off by pressing the power button on the • Place the applicator in the cradle of the base unit before base unit. Place the applicator in its cradle on the base unit. turning on the mē smooth (4).
Unplug the power cable from the electric socket.
Clean the light output window with a non-alcohol-based wipe or soft tissue. Clean the outside surface of the mē smooth using ONLY a dry, soft cloth or a non-alcohol-based • Turn on the mē smooth. A new cartridge will show 100% on Store the mē smooth in a cool and dry place AWAY from the the control panel. If cartridge is not properly inserted, the reach of children.
percentage indicators on the base will blink (5).
Please fol ow your local regulations for disposal of electric systems when What does it mean
How to react
recycling or disposing of your base unit, hand piece or disposable cartridge. If you have questions, please contact Customer Care at or
Error light is on System needs to be reset.
Reset the system by turning it off and on call us 0203 302 0606.
If problem persists, disconnect power cable and wait until all lights are off (several Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) seconds). Then reconnect the power cable and turn the system on.
If error light is still on, try moving to a cooler Travel with meˉ smooth
area with a room temperature of less than 30°C/86°F and restart the system.
No flashes are coming 1. Silver RF contact bars not In order for the system to flash pulses, make The mē smooth is designed with universal voltage. That means that you can use out of the applicator.
in contact with the skin in sure that the following 3 conditions are the device all over the world. Interchangeable plugs are sold separately and treatment area.
met: elōs level is selected, elōs activation vary by country. These are designed to work with the mē smooth power supply. 2. elōs activation button has button is pressed, silver RF contact bars are in contact with skin.
Make sure that the mē smooth does not get wet while travel ing, and do not use not been pressed.
it in a wet environment.
3. elōs energy level has not been selected.
No flashes are coming elōs activation button has not The applicator emits a single pulse only out of the applicator been pressed.
when pressing the elōs activation button. Press the elōs activation button again to adaptor is connected emit another pulse.
What does it mean
How to react
to the device.
Power cable is not Connect power cable elōs energy button on elōs cartridge slot is empty.
Insert elōs cartridge or a protective cap.
base is flashing.
All elōs energy setting No elōs energy level has been Select an elōs level.
Accessory activation Accessory slot is empty.
Insert protective cap or attach desired buttons on the base button on base is "Empty" indicator is 5% left in the elōs cartridge.
Order a new elōs cartridge if you plan to elōs activation button elōs energy level has been Press the elōs activation button. The on the applicator is selected but elōs activation applicator fan will start blowing indicating "Empty" indicator is No more pulses remaining in Insert a new elōs cartridge.
button has not been pressed that the elōs cartridge is active.
constantly on.
elōs cartridge.
If you still have questions about your mē smooth, contact Customer Care at or call us 0203 302 0606.
NOTE: if your mē device is under warranty with your retailer it will prevail over the
below warranty terms.
Iluminage Ltd.
Yokneam Illit 20692, IL
Your mē device is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 24 months (or otherwise stated by your retailer) from mdi Europa GmbH
EC REP Langenhagener Str. 71
the original purchase date under normal use. This warranty extends only to the original purchaser with original proof of purchase and only when purchased from an authorised mē smooth retailer or resel er. If the product should become labels and symbols
defective within the warranty period, please contact your local retailer or go to The nameplate label is adhered to the bottom of your mē smooth. It displays the for further assistance or call us 0203 302 0606.
manufacturer's name & address, the mē smooth's part & LOT numbers, electrical and ILUMINAGE LTD. ("Iluminage") reserves the right to replace a defective product regulatory standards with which the meˉ smooth is designed to comply.
with the most comparable product currently available. Your exclusive remedy for any defective product covered by this warranty is limited to the repair WEEE - Waste Electrical and or replacement of the defective product. Iluminage's entire liability for any Electronic Equipment defective product shall in no event exceed the original purchase price of the defective product.
Fol ow operating instructions This warranty does not cover products determined by Iluminage to be damaged by any of the fol owing: accident, misuse, abuse or alteration, servicing by unauthorised personnel, use with unauthorised accessories or use other than as instructed, connecting to an incorrect current or voltage and/or any other Degree of protection against conditions beyond Iluminage's control.
Acceptable environmental conditions
• Light spectrum: 550 – 1200 nm• Max Optical: 4J/cm2 Storage and transportation • RF Wave frequency: 6.78 MHz 14ºF- 131ºF (-10ºC - 55ºC) • Max Radiofrequency power: 5 Watts• Pulse Light repetition rate: up to 1.1 Hz (1 pulse every 0.9 seconds). 90% at 131ºF (55ºC) • Electrical Rating: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz• Dimensions and weight 20.5 x 15 x 9 cm (W x L x H) 1Kg • Applicable Standards: Safety Standards
• IEC/EN 60335-1:2010 5th Ed. / 2012 50ºF- 86ºF (10ºC - 30ºC) • EN 60335-2-8:2003+A1:2005+A2:2008 Relative Humidity up to 80% at 99ºF (37ºC) • EN 60335-2-23: 2003 up to 13,000 ft (3900 m) • EN 60335-2-27: 2010• IEC 60601-1:2005 3rd Ed. / EN 60601-1:2006 3rd Ed.
• IEC 60601-1:1988+A1:1991+ A2:1995 2nd Ed. / EN 60601-1:1990+A1:1993+A2:1995 +A13:1996 2nd Ed.
• IEC 60601-1-11:2010• SI 900 part 1:2006; part 2.8:2001; part 2.23:2009 EMC Standards
• EN 61000-6-1:2007• EN 61000-6-3: 2007+A1:2011• EN 61000-3-2: 2006+A1:2009+A2:2009• EN 61000-3-3:2008• EN 61000-3:2008• IEC 60601-1-2: 2007 • ISO 10993-1:2010 How to use your mē smooth accessories* * Sold separately Treating with the epilator cartridge
Treating with the precision adaptor
The mē smooth can be used with the epilator cartridge to prepare the skin body The device can be used with the precision adaptor when treating smal er areas at the same time or used alone. on the body and face. The precision adaptor attaches to the applicator and For light hair (blond, dark blond and red hair), using the epilator is delivers one elōs pulse at a time by pressing the elōs activation button located recommended. The epilator cartridge is sold separately. on the applicator.
How to install the epilator cartridge
The precision adaptor is sold separately.
Make sure that your mē device is turned off (1). Remove How to install the precision adaptor
the accessory protective cap by gripping both sides of the Make sure your mē smooth is turned off (1). Remove the protective cap (2). Slide the epilator cartridge gently into the accessory protective cap from the applicator by gently applicator until you feel it "click" into place (3).
pul ing it out (2). Gently slide the precision adaptor accessory Preparing for treatment
into the applicator until you feel it "click" into place (3).
Before starting, check that the epilator cartridge is free of How to activate the precision adaptor
any damage. Ensure your hair is the appropriate length (no Turn on the mē smooth. Press the elōs activation button on longer than 10mm) for epilating, as the rotating discs may not the applicator to turn it on and select your elōs energy level.
work properly otherwise.
How to activate the epilator cartridge
How to treat
Turn on the mē smooth. Press the epilator/shaver button to Gently place the applicator on the area you want to treat so select your epilation speed. The indicator light will turn white that the two RF contact bars are in complete contact with (4). Press once for low speed and press twice for high speed.
the skin. The applicator is ready to emit the pulse only when Epilating your body
the elōs activation button light is a steady, blue and not Use your free hand to stretch the skin of the area you are blinking. Press the elōs activation button on the applicator to treating so that the hairs stand upright. Gently apply the emit a single pulse to the area (4). After the pulse is emitted epilator to the treatment area and move it slowly against the the activation button will blink until the system is ready to direction of hair growth to epilate the hairs. Your skin may be emit the next single pulse.
Reposition the applicator on the next area to be treated slightly red afterwards. This is normal and should subside quickly.
and press the elōs activation button again to emit another pulse. Note that the elōs activation button on the applicator Do not use the epilator attachment on your face.
must be pressed every time in order to deliver a pulse of Do not press down too strongly on your skin with the epilator. You should gently light. Repeat these previous steps until you have covered pass it over the skin. the entire facial area or other small area. Wait at least 10 Please ensure skin is pul ed tight when using the epilator.
seconds before you treat the same spot (5).
A joint venture between Unilever Ventures and Syneron Medical. Copyright Iluminage Beauty 2015. All rights reserved. mē and elōs are trademarks of Iluminage Beauty. Publication HU-PB00951UK


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