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The University of Michigan 2570 MSRB II, SPC 5674 1150 W. Medical Center Drive Transgenic Animal Model Core Ann Arbor, MI 48109-0674 TEL: (734) 647-2910 FAX: (734) 936-2622 [email protected] Linda C. Samuelson, Ph.D. Thomas L. Saunders, Ph.D. Mouse Embryonic Stem (ES) Cell Training The purpose of the class is to provide training in all aspects of ES cell culture manipulation and to provide the scientific background needed to make a gene targeted (gene knockout) mouse. You will both methods and the principles behind the methods. The Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Training Course is designed to instruct researchers in the art of pluripotent mouse ES cell culture and the methodologies of gene targeting. The training includes daily laboratory sessions on culture techniques. Daily seminars cover key papers in the field of gene targeting, conditional gene knockouts, and genetic background (see bibliography). Trainees are expected to read papers, participate in discussions, and present at least one seminar. Special topics specific to trainee research are welcome. The course will take place in room 2578 Medical Science Research Building II, and will last two weeks. In order to provide as much hands-on experience as possible, ES cell training class size is limited to four or fewer trainees. A. Purpose: To instruct personnel in the art of ES cell culture and gene targeting protocols. B. Training Overview: Discussion and lab experience in ES cell culture methods and techniques. This includes: setting up a laboratory for stem cell work, evaluation of fetal bovine serum lots for ES cell culture, mycoplasma testing, media preparation, train eye for stem cell differentiation, normal ES culture, preparation of mouse embryonic fibroblast (MEF) for co-culture, freezing and thawing of ES cells, ES cell electroporation with DNA, ES cell clone picking, cryopreservation and recovery of ES cell clones in 96-well plates, DNA preparation from cells cultured on 96 well plates, preparation of chromosome spreads from ES cells and chromosome counting. C. Preparation: C1. Highly Recommended: Gene Targeting: A Practical Approach. 2000. Joyner AL, ed. Oxford University Press; ISBN: 019963792X. Read the entire book. Or "Advanced Protocols for Animal Transgenesis: An ISTT Manual." 2011. Pease S and Saunders TL, eds. Springer. ISBN 364220791X. Read Chapters 3, 4, 14, and 15. C2. Optional: Read Chapters 8, 9, and 10 in "Manipulating the Mouse Embryo: A Laboratory Manual." 3rd ed. 2003. Nagy, Gertsenstein, Vintersten, and Behringer. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. pp. 359-451. C3. Optional: read Chapters 49 through 53 in "Guide to Techniques in Mouse Development." 1993. Wassarman and DePamphilis. Methods in Enzymology, Volume 225:803-900. C4. Novices in tissue culture are expected to read "Culture of Animal Cells: A Manual of Basic Technique and Specialized Applications." 6th ed. 2010. Freshney. Wiley-Blackwell. We expect that trainees will be familiar with basic tissue culture procedures.

Addressing the challenges of the clinical application of pharmacogenetic testing

Addressing the Challenges in particular, is referred to as the *1 or wild-type allele. The (TA)7 and (TA)8 of the Clinical Application repeats are associated with low UGT enzymatic activity.3 For the purposes of of Pharmacogenetic Testing this article, we focus on the variant (TA)7, or *28, allele because it has received the

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Progress rePort summary 2011 Foreword 1. Introduction 2. Key findings: Update on the HIV epidemic 3. Key findings: Selected health sector interventions for HIV prevention 4. Key findings: Knowledge of HIV status 5. Key findings: Scaling up treatment and care for people living with HIV

Nifn statement on domperidone

Statement by The National Infant Feeding Network: December 2014 The use of Domperidone in inadequate lactation The purpose of this paper is to review and clarify the unlicensed use of Domperidone as a galactogogue, following the statements from the EMA and MHRA in April 2014 (1, 2). A recent Europe-wide review has recommended updates to the treatment advice for the licensed use of Domperidone,


Il Veneto in Europa Un confronto con i 27 Paesi Centro studi e ricerche economiche e sociali Il Veneto in Europa Un confronto con i 27 Paesi Centro studi e ricerche economiche e sociali Il Veneto in Europa. Un confronto con i 27 Paesi dell'Unione europea Il presente rapporto è stato curato dal Centro Studi di Unioncamere del Veneto sulla base delle informazioni e dei dati disponibili al 13 luglio 2010

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This is a preprint version of the following article: Brey, P. (2008). ‘Human Enhancement and Personal Identity', Ed. Berg Olsen, J., Selinger, E., Riis, S., New Waves in Philosophy of Technology. New Waves in Philosophy Series, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 169-185. Human Enhancement and Personal Identity 1. Introduction Human enhancement, also called human augmentation, is an emerging field within

Klärschlamm als probenart

Überlegungen zur Umsetzung einer Klärschlammprobenahme im Rahmen der Umweltprobenbank des Bundes Umweltbundesamtes Dezember 2009 Überlegungen zur Umsetzung einer Klärschlammprobenahme im Rahmen der Umweltprobenbank des Bundes Fraunhofer-Institut für Molekularbiologie und Angewandte Oekologie 57392 Schmallenberg


EnsayosEpidemiología, diagnóstico y tratamiento de la Diabetes Mellitus tipo 2 en niños y adolescentes El panorama de la Diabetes Mellitus According to the International Diabe- Le panorama du diabète sucré selon (DM) de acuerdo a la Federación Interna- tes Federation, the panorama of Diabetes la Fédération Internationale du Diabète, cional de Diabetes, menciona que existen

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eBusiness Technologies and Trends in the Pharmaceutical industry Imran Qayyum BS, Computer Science, George Mason University, 1993 MS, Information Systems Technology, George Washington University, 1996 Submitted to the Sloan School of Management in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of SM, Management of Technology

Educational computing: how .

Educational Computing: How Are We Doing? Educational Computing: How Are We Doing? By Seymour Papert This article appeared in the T.H.E. (Technological Horizons in Education) Journal in June, 1997, pp.78-80. In a Silver Anniversary issue of T.H.E. Journal, it is appropriate to think about where the whole enterpriseof educational computing is in its life cycle. Since this is too broad of a topic, I focus here on a specialcase and leave it to readers to generalize my line of thought.


PACIFIC SITUATION REPORT 17 MARCH 2015 Cyclone Pam Situation Report 4 Vanuatu:  Public services being restored in capital city of Port Vila  ½ of population in Vanuatu likely affected  In addition to previously observed damage in Efate including 60,000 and Tanna, aerial overviews show widespread

Ifmbe proceedings 2503 - a tissue-equivalent radioluminescent fiberoptic probe for in-vivo dosimetry based on mn-doped lithium tetraborate

A tissue-equivalent radioluminescent fiberoptic probe for in-vivo dosimetry based on Mn-doped lithium tetraborate M. Santiago1,2, M. Prokic3, P. Molina1,2, J. Marcazzó1,2 and E. Caselli1,4 1 Instituto de Física Arroyo Seco, Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Pinto 399, 7000 Tandil, Argentina 2 Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET), Rivadavia 1917, 1033 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ube aromatic sf5 derivatives

Aug, 2012 Aromatic SF5 Derivatives Prepared in High Yield via Highly Versatile & Cost Competitive Methods Contact: [email protected] UBE Aromatic SF5 compounds are expected to be useful as BUILDING BLOCKS for pharmaceutical agents, pesticides, liquid crystals,

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How clean, green atomic energy can stop By Peter Schwartz and Spencer Reiss On a cool spring morning a quarter century ago, a place in Pennsylvania called Three Mile Island exploded into the headlines and stopped the US nuclear power industry in its tracks. What had been billed as the clean, cheap, limitless energy source for a shining future was suddenly too hot to handle.


For reprint orders, please contact: Diagnosis and anti-infective therapy of periodontitis Hans-Peter Horz† and Georg Conrads Periodontal diseases (gingivitis and periodontitis) are chronic bacterial infections with a remarkably high prevalence and morbidity. Periodontitis, in contrast to gingivitis, is not reversible, is associated with certain bacterial species and affects all of the soft tissue and

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Detail-Document #210610 −This Detail-Document accompanies the related article published in− PHARMACIST'S LETTER / PRESCRIBER'S LETTER June 2005 Volume 21 Number 210610 Applying Study Results to Patient Care: Relative Risk, Absolute Risk, and Number Needed to Treat Lead author: Jill Allen, Pharm.D., BCPS


« Bienvenido AL nUevo CUAdeRno AUToinSTRUCTivo PARA eL PPU SECCIÓN DE APTITUD NUMÉRICA Descripción de la prueba Aspectos que evalúa la prueba (matriz)— Números y operaciones— Cambio y relaciones — Geometría LA UNIVERSIDAD PERUANA DE CIENCIAS APLICADAS (UPC) — Estadística y probabilidad TIENE EL AGRADO DE PRESENTARTE EL NUEVO CUADERNO


Unicor s.a. CETC - AV6416 www. unicorsa.com.ar AV6416 : Palm OTDR AV6416 palm OTDR is the newest instrument designed for testing FTTx network. It´s mainly used to measure the physical characteristics of optical fiber under test, such as the length,the transmission loss and the splice loss etc. It can also locate the faults or breaks of optical fiber. It´s widely applied in the manufacture, construction and maintenance in optical fiber communication system. AV6416 palm OTDR has the most advanced technology of double-color & material integrative mould,which is novel and beautiful in appearance.AV6416 offers three wavelengths and VLF in one handheld unit, especially for testing passive optical network (PON) in FTTx. In addition, it´s equipped with comfortable gallus for carrying conveniently.Mainly features: ο handheld,lightweight and convenience for carrying ο The most advanced technology of double-color & material integrative mould in trade ο Advanced anti-reflective TFT LCD,visible clearly in field ο 1.6m extra-short event dead zone ο Communication light check automatically ο 0.25m high resolution,65534 sampling points ο Fast auto measurement,one-button operating ο Double USB interfaces, supporting USB stick and direct cable download to PC via ActiveSync ο Supporting Bellcore GR196 file format in writing or reading ο Function of intelligent indicating of remaining capacity of battery and warning if the voltage of battery is low. ο WinCE operation system, double operating interface of Chinese and English ο Built-in lithium battery with high capacity for over 10 hours of operating life ο Visible fault locating (VFL) ο Universal FC/PC,FC/SC,FC/ST connector type, it´s convenient for surface cleaning ο Unique function of updating system on-line, returning to factory is unnecessaryο Extra-short event dead zone AV6416 palm OTDR has extra-short event dead zone, which is suitable for testing short optical fiber and pigtail optical fiber.

[9]فريال 644

Eng. &Tech.Journal, Vo 3 l. 3,Part (B), No.2, 2015 Synthesis of Prodrug Polymer as Ring Opening of PVP Dr. Firyal Mohammed Ali College of Science, University of AL-Mustansiriya/Baghdad Email: a Halah Hamid Humadi College of Pharmacy, University of AL-Mustansiriya/Baghdad Email:Toqaquee Luma Amer Mussa College of Pharmacy, University of AL-Mustansiriya/Baghdad Email: baba ahamed

Fraud by the numbers

FRAUD BY THE NUMBERS FRAUD BY THE NUMBERS Utah Medicaid Fraud Control Unit Utah Attorney General's Office MFCU Director Robert E. Steed 5272 South College Drive #200 Murray, Utah 84123 (801)281-1259 MEDICAID FRAUD CONTROL UNITS Medicaid Fraud Control Units • Created by Federal Law to protect Medicaid resources and those who receive care under the • Oversight by Office of Inspector General or OIG

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Sports Medicine in Open Family Practice and Sports Medicine Richmond, Virginia National Team Physician 1996 – present Chair Asthma and Diabetes Task Forces Member IAQ Task Force Doping Control Officer Chair, FINA Medical Congress 2004 Open Water – the Challenges • Water – "It's alive!" • "Things are swimming in • Water – "It's too cold!" • Water – "It's too hot!"

Jn212415 2084.209

The Journal of Nutrition Nutrient Requirements and Optimal Nutrition Early Protein Intake Is Associated with BodyComposition and Resting Energy Expenditure inYoung Adults Born with Very Low Birth Weight1–3 Hanna-Maria Matinolli,4,5* Petteri Hovi,4,6 Satu Ma¨nnisto¨,4 Marika Sipola-Leppa¨nen,4,5,7Johan G Eriksson,4,8,9,10 Outi Ma¨kitie,6,10 Anna-Liisa Ja¨rvenpa¨a¨,6 Sture Andersson,6 and Eero Kajantie4,6,11

Harmonizing standards as institutions

HARMONIZING STANDARDS AS INSTITUTIONS Monika Tothova and James F. Oehmke (Paper Presented on the 7th International Conference on "Institutions in Transitions", Kranjska Gora, Slovenia, June 19-20, 2003) Integration efforts of the Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries are gradually materializing. Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia, and in addition to Cyprus and Malta, are to join the EU on May 1 2004 after the Accession Treaty is ratifiedthusiasm is apparent in every accession country, less optimistic opinions are also voiced. One of the first short- and medium-term priorities in each country was to establish and consolidate standardization and conformity assessment structures. While the concept of "deeper integration beyond abolition of import tariffs and quotas, to further measures to remove market segmentation and promote integration" (Venables 2000) is by and large not questioned, critical views on potential losses of national standards harming national identity – i.e., what constitutes "rum", and how to address cheeses made from non-pasteurized sheep milk – are seen as well. The issue of "lost national standards" is repeated: in 1987 the EU (then European Community) published its visionary plan on new, standardized Europe of 1992; a gain of 7 per cent of European income was estimated from harmonization (Emerson 1988, p.6). Even then British were opposed to some parts of it, claiming "brilliant green mushy peas" and "pink sausages" are part of their national identity, and eventually succeeded in getting the necessary exemptions (Krugman and Obstfeld 2002). Although the harmonization issue has been on the tables in Brussels at least since the late 1980s, it yet has to be concluded. Over the years "new" approach replaced the "old" one: instead of imposing technical solutions, the EU legislation is limited to establishing the essential requirements which products must meet (EC 2003). Differences in quality standards are protected by World Trade Organization's (WTO) recognition of countries' right to adopt the standards they consider appropriate – i.e., for human, animal or plant life or health, for the protection of the environment or to meet other consumer interests assuming their use is justified and they are not used as barriers to trade (WTO 2003). Although countries are urged to apply international food standards (when existing), suggestions of Codex Alimentarius result is a variety of standards and technical regulations across the world and consequent welfare losses. Reaching out for an example from outside Europe, tolerance levels for


Fighting counterfeit phones Making communication easier UgANDA CoMMUNICATIoNS UCC LAUNCHED RURAL CoMMUNICATIoN CoMMISSIoN ADVISES oN HoW DEVELoPMENT FUND To BRIDgE THE To BUY gENUINE PHoNES P. 7 DIgITAL RURAL DIVIDE P. 3 Daily Monitor FRIDAY, MAY 30, 2014 www.monitor.co.ug Journal UGANDA DIGITAL MIGRATION DEADLINE June next year is the global deadline for replacing analogue with digital TV


Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn Landwirtschaftliche Fakultät Lehr- und Forschungsschwerpunkt „Umweltverträgliche und Standortgerechte Landwirtschaft" Molecular genetic analysis of boar taint Verfasser: Prof. Dr. Christian Looft Institut für Tierwissenschaften


European Drying Conference - EuroDrying'2011 Palma. Balearic Island, Spain, 26-28 October 2011 Influence of Coating and Formulation Variables on the Dissolution Profile of Diltiazem HCl Extended Release Pellets A. Bernardino, A. C. P. Simão, E. T. Katayama, M. B. Bertuzzi, N. S. Maria, M. Nitz1 Mauá Institute of Technology (IMT)


LOS ATRIBuTOS DE LOS ACTOS ADMINISTRATIVOS uNILATERALES, SON APLICABLES A LOS CONTRATOS ADMINISTRATIVOS* stRictly unilateRal administRative acts' attRibutes, aRe fully applicable to administRative contRacs Ciro Nolberto Güechá Medina** Universidad Santo Tomás ResumenLa administración pública consigue la realización de sus fines a través de los actos administrativos, los cuales en

Stephen v. frye

Stephen V. Frye CURRICULUM VITAE PERSONAL UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy Office: 919 843-5486 The University of North Carolina at Mobile: 919 260 3118 Chapel Hill Genetic Medicine Building Campus Box 7363 Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7363 Born March 8, 1961 in Greensboro,


A roadmap towards healthcare information systems interoperability in Greece Alexander Berler, Anastassios Tagaris, Pantelis Angelidis, and Dimitris Koutsouris Abstract— The advantages of the introduction of information ment in patient care, have been satisfactorily embraced by and communication technologies (ICT) in the complex health-


Ficha de datos Violencia homofóbica y transfóbica Violencia contra las personas lesbianas, gay, bisexuales y transgénero Los datos oficiales sobre la violencia homofóbica y transfóbica Se han denunciado actos de violencia homofóbica y transfóbica en son incompletos y las estadísticas oficiales escasas. Un número todas las regiones del mundo. Esos actos abarcan desde la


HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESCRIBING INFORMATION Suicidal Behavior and Ideation (5.1) These highlights do not include all the information needed to use Patients should be advised that VIMPAT may cause dizziness VIMPAT® safely and effectively. See full prescribing information and ataxia. (5.2) for VIMPAT.