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TEAM ORGAN MARCH 27TH, 2009 Sara Moghaddam-Taaheri 1. SPECIFIC AIMS Though nearly 110,000 people are on the organ transplant waiting list, only 77 people receive organ transplants daily. The time an organ can remain outside the body plays a crucial role in the organ transplantation system. The current viability of hearts is limited to a mere four to six hours, due to the limitations of the common cold storage method. This limitation influences several key decisions, such as where a heart can be transported to, or where the surgery can be conducted. Current methods of cold static storage have reached their limits in storage time due to the extent of ischemia-reperfusion (I/R) injury induced during static cold storage. The extent of reperfusion injury is directly proportional to preservation time in cold storage, and research has shown that with static storage methods, heart storage time will not exceed six hours. This essentially means that the demands of the organ transplant list will not be met.


Plasma Chem Plasma Process (2012) 32:165–176DOI 10.1007/s11090-011-9336-x Effect of Dielectric Barrier Discharge Treatmentof Blood Plasma to Improve Rheological Propertiesof Blood Jin M. Jung • Yong Yang • Dong H. Lee • Greg Fridman •Alexander Fridman • Young I. Cho Received: 19 August 2011 / Accepted: 28 November 2011 / Published online: 4 December 2011Ó Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2011

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Importance of Research on Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs Introduction There are significant moral, scientific, economic and policy imperatives for conducting research into rare diseases. A rare disease as defined in the EU Orphan Medicinal Products Regulation (2000) is a disease with an instance of less than five in 10,000 of the population (1). POINT 1: The Impact of Rare Disease Research on Population Health Patients affected by rare diseases are at a disadvantage because the cost of developing new treatments is not offset by the financial rewards from sales under normal market conditions. Therefore there are significant unmet medical needs resulting in increased morbidity and mortality for these patients and a tremendous burden on the individual, the community and on the state (2). The specific features associated with rare diseases (low individual patient numbers, diversity, geographical location) require that research is developed and financed at a national and European level in order to optimise funding, infrastructures and technological platforms (3). When considered individually by disease, the number of patients afflicted by a rare disease appears low. However, there are over 7,000 rare diseases and it is estimated that up to 3.5% of the population will be affected. For Ireland that represents a cumulative total population of approximately 140,000 patients (4). Research has shown that many major diseases can be subdivided into individual diseases, some of which are classified as rare. This is often the case with cancer and heart disease. Society supports innovation in healthcare to benefit patients, including rare disease patients. Innovation must continue to be reimbursed and of course show value, which must be measurable and demonstrable. However showing value requires sufficient time to gather data. By limiting funding for rare disease research in Ireland we are bucking not only a national but European and Global impetus in this area (5).


Caring for People with Dementia and A Step-by-Step Evidence-Based Approach Visit igec.uiowa.edu for more information and references This approach begins with evaluation and treatment of common causes of behaviors, then uses nondrug approaches to management. Antipsychotics are reserved for severe cases due to potential side


THIS CIRCULAR IS IMPORTANT AND REQUIRES YOUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION. If you are in any doubt as to the course of action to be taken, you should consult your stockbroker, bank manager, solicitor, accountant or other professional adviser immediately. Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad has not perused Statement to Shareholders of this Circular prior to its issuance and takes no


Nehmen Sie Ihre Gesundheit selbst in die Hand! Ich führe Sie! Der Gesundheitsführer von Dr. med. Walter Für jedermann - Für jede Erkrankung: Ohne Chemie und Skalpell Dr. med. Walter Mauch Arzt für Orthopädie -Chirotherapie-Sportmedizin -Naturheilverfahren

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PROCEEDINGS, Kenya Geothermal Conference 2011 Kenyatta International Conference Center, Nairobi, November 21-22, 2011 HEALTH SPA TOURISM: A POTENTIAL USE OF SAGOLE THERMAL SPRING IN LIMPOPO PROVINCE, SOUTH AFRICA Tshibalo, Azwindini Ernest University of South Africa Preller Street, Muckleneuk Ridge, Pretoria ABSTRACT The Sagole Spa thermal spring is located in Limpopo Province, South Africa, and has a water temperature of about 45°C. The spa flourished in the 1980s as a site for recreation and tourism, but its condition declined for various reasons after 1994, which saw the advent of the new democratic government. However, the water temperature and flow rate have remained the same since the 1980s.The research study sought to identify the most beneficial potential development projects for the thermal spring. The following research methods were used to identify the potential projects: literature review, focus group interviews, site visits and observation, and water sample collection and analysis. Health spa tourism was identified as a potentially viable development project for the spa. Some minerals and trace elements with curative power were identified in the thermal water. The environmental, social and economic impacts and the feasibility of establishing the health spa tourism project were assessed. Development costs and potential benefits were also analyzed. It is concluded that health spa tourism can benefit Sagole, a rural area in Limpopo, South Africa.

Interdisons les conservateurs dans les collyres

DOSSIER DE PRESSE CONSERVONS NOS YEUX, PAS NOS COLLYRES ! INTERDISONS LES CONSERVATEURS dans les préparations ophtalmiques SOMMAIRE 1- METTRIEZ-VOUS CONSCIEMMENT UN DETERGENT DANS VOS YEUX ? VOILA LE PARADOXE DES CONSERVATEURS Si vous ne l'avez pas déjà fait, vous le ferez probablement si vous avez besoin d'un collyre anti-

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of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder D. Corydon Hammond, PhD ABSTRACT. Introduction. Blinded, placebo-controlled research (e.g.,Sterman, 2000) has documented the ability of brainwave biofeedback torecondition brain wave patterns. Neurofeedback has been used success-fully with uncontrolled epilepsy, ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities,anxiety, and head injuries. However, nothing has been published on thetreatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) with neurofeedback.

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THE GULF COAST CENTER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RECEIPT & UNDERSTANDING OF HYPOTHYROIDISM TRAINING MATERIAL Full Legal Name: Company Name: I acknowledge that I have received a copy of Training Material on Hypothyroidism, and I acknowledge that I have read and understand its contents. Signature of Individual Signature of Supervisor


Abridged Drug Formulary GlobalHealth Medicare (HMO) PO Box 2328 H0435_2014_Formulary_Abridged_Rev13 oma Cdit 11 GlobalHealth Medicare 2014 Abridged Formulary List of Covered Drugs PLEASE READ: THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS INFORMATION ABOUT THE DRUGS WE COVER IN THIS PLAN


REQUEST FOR QUOTATION GAIL WEBSITE VENDOR, Vendor Code : 101019938 RFQ Due on : 22.08.2006 at 14:00 Hrs ISTTender Opening Date : 22.08.2006 at 15.00 Hrs IST Dear Sir(s)/Madam, GAIL (India) Ltd. invites you to submit your offer in sealed envelope, superscribing RFQ No. & Due datefor the following item(s) in complete accordance with enquiry documents/attachments:


GENERICOS CENTROAMERICANOS, S.A. AÑO IX No. 68 Actualidad MédicaEspecial para Folia Médica: Dr Carlos FernándezEsteroides en el tratamiento inicial de la SepsisEl dolor lumbar: Dr E. J. MerladetFibra y cáncer colorrectalOzonoterapia¿Cuándo mata la enfermedad coronaria?más.


Medical Data Mining: Improving Information Accessibility using Online Patient Drug Reviews S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2010) Submitted to the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY


MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET 1. IDENTIFICATION OF THE MATERIAL AND THE SUPPLIER Manufacturer's Product Code: 45025 250ml, 45001 1L, 45005 5L 45020 20L, 45200 200L, 45000 100L cube Dangerous Goods Class and Subsidiary Risk: None allocated Hazchem Code: None allocated Poisons Schedule Number: S5 Use: Diesel Fuel Additive Company: Fuel & Infrastructure Management Australasia Pty Ltd (ABN: 53 144 011 432)


Journal of Abnormal Psychology © 2012 American Psychological Association 2013, Vol. 122, No. 1, 45–50 Acute Exercise Attenuates Negative Affect Following Repeated Sad Mood Inductions in Persons Who Have Recovered From Depression Stanford University and University of Basel Stanford University Christian E. Waugh University of Miami Wake Forest University Stanford University


Neuroendocrinology Letters Volume Associations between brain-derived neurotrophic factor and estradiol in women's saliva Chisa Matsuki 1#, Masahiro To 1#, Yusuke Kondo 1,2, Hiroki Sugiyama 1, Yuko Yamamoto 1, Tomoko Shimizu 1, Yohei Kamata 3, Juri Saruta 1, Keiichi Tsukinoki 1 1 Department of Environmental Pathology, Kanagawa Dental University Graduate School of Dentistry,


Bioenergy RIBOSE & Caffeine Solution for  Decreased Fatigue/Increased Alertness/Elevated Mood  Higher Sport Performance  Cognitive/Mental Health  Cardiovascular Health D-Ribose, or simply ribose, is an aldopentose (5-carbon monosaccharide with an aldehyde functional group) which is used by all cells of the body. Ribose is an essential structural component of energy currency Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) as well as several other compounds that are critical to metabolism. Ribose also comprises the backbone of RNA and is related to DNA. Forming ribose in heart and muscle is a slow process which, in turn, delays energy recovery when energy pools have been depleted by disease or exercise. Ribose restores and maintains depleted energy reserves. Ribose is often marketed as a supplement for boosting energy and reducing fatigue in:


Consulting in Spring has arrived in the Niki Borchardt also joined We are also co-hosting a South-east and after the good the team in August, working golf day with Limestone BORDERTOWN rains across the region in the as a receptionist in Keith. Coast Agri-Links on 15th 8752 2330 last month, everyone seems Unfortunately Niki can no

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Scrub Typhus Is an Under-recognized Cause of AcuteFebrile Illness with Acute Kidney Injury in India Vivek Kumar1, Vinod Kumar1, Ashok K. Yadav1, Sreenivasa Iyengar1, Ashish Bhalla2, Navneet Sharma2, Ritesh Aggarwal3, Sanjay Jain2, Vivekanand Jha1,4* 1 Departments of Nephrology, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, India, 2 Internal Medicine, Postgraduate Institute of Medical

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Praktikumsdokumentation Informationen zur Vorbereitung auf ein Praktikum an der Diani Maendeleo Academy Kontakt und Informationen E-Mail: [email protected]. Web: http://girlshope.de/ Praktikumsdokumentation Überblick über das Praktikum . 2 Praktikumsdauer und Bewerbungsfristen . 2 Praktikumsbetreuung und Aufgaben . 2


Gurnee Police Department Honor • Integrity • Service CONTENTS The Cover Photo On June 15th, a 911 Award was presented to 9 year old Angel Escobar for calling 911 for his mother in need of medical attention. The incident occurred on May 10th. Angel was able to give their address and talk with the telecommunicator in a very stressful situation. Angel,

Code blue response-self instructional module

Implementing the ABCD's During a Code Blue Response in an Adult Patient Self - Instructional Module Objectives 1. List the components of SBAR 2. Recognize the process for initiating a Rapid Response 3. Describe the process for initiating a Code Blue Response 4. Define the responders responsibilities during a code blue 5. Identify ACLS medications that may be utilized during a code blue 6. Indicate the equipment that may be utilized during a code blue 7. Explain documentation guidelines during and after a code blue 8. Describe end of code blue care 9. Discuss post resuscitation care 10. Participate in crash cart review session 11. Interpret 6 basic EKG rhythms


HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESCRIBING INFORMATION ------------------------------- WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS ------------------------- These highlights do not include all the information needed to use EPIDUO • Ultraviolet Light and Environmental Exposure: Avoid exposure to sunlight and FORTE gel safely and effectively. See full prescribing information for EPIDUO




CURRICULUM VITAE de Maite González de Garay DATOS PERSONALES Y ACADÉMICOS —Apellidos y nombre: González de Garay Fernández, María Teresa. —Facultad o Escuela actual: Facultad de Letras y de la Educación (Universidad de La —Departamento: Filologías Hispánica y Clásicas. Edificio de Filología. Calle/ San José de

Violencia contra la mujer

La violencia contra la mujer está presente en la mayoría de las sociedades, pero con frecuencia es reconocida y aceptada como parte del orden establecido; de esa forma, la mujer se encuentra en una situación de indefensión encubierta por la intimidad y privacidad de la Violencia Contra La Mujer Analisis de la Ley Mayo 2010 Abg. Donelsi Montero La violencia es un fenómeno globalizado caracterizado por una situación que rompe los

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Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 84 (2001) 163–170 www.elsevier.nl / locate / jinorgbio Complexes of Ni(II) and Cu(II) with ofloxacin Crystal structure of a new Cu(II) ofloxacin complex Benigno Mac´ıas *, Mar´ıa V. Villa , Inmaculada Rubio , Alfonso Castineiras , Joaqu´ın aDepartamento de Qu´ımica Inorganica, Facultad de Farmacia, Universidad de Salamanca, Campus Unamuno, 37007-Salamanca, Spain


Consensus Statement on the Diagnosisand Treatment of Children with Idiopathic ShortStature: A Summary of the Growth HormoneResearch Society, the Lawson Wilkins PediatricEndocrine Society, and the European Society forPaediatric Endocrinology Workshop P. Cohen, A. D. Rogol, C. L. Deal, P. Saenger, E. O. Reiter, J. L. Ross, S. D. Chernausek,M. O. Savage, and J. M. Wit on behalf of the 2007 ISS Consensus Workshop participants


Strongly correlating liquids and their isomorphs Department of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley, California 94720, USA Nicoletta Gnan, Nicholas P. Bailey, Thomas B. Schrøder, and Jeppe C. Dyre DNRF Center "Glass and Time", IMFUFA, Dept. of Sciences, Roskilde University, P.O. Box 260, DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark (Dated: April 9, 2010) This paper summarizes the properties of strongly correlating liquids, i.e., liquids with strong


B L O A M A B L Ä T T L E Ausgabe 27 – Ostern 2014 Tag der offenen Gärtnerei … am Samstag, 26. April und Donnerstag, 1. Mai Unsere Neuheiten für Beet und Balkon … werden Sie begeistern! Gesundheit und Würze pur … mit unserem vergrößerten Gemüse-Sortiment Liebe Blumenfreundinnen und –freunde!


Guide de Bon Usage du Médicament en Gériatrie la prévention de laiatrogénie en EHPAD Edito . 2Introduction . 3Médicaments inappropriés chez les personnes de plus de 75 ans . 4Liste préférentielle par classe thérapeutique Urologie .26 Bon usage des antibiotiques en EHPAD


In Vitro ADMET Laboratories LLC PROTOCOL NUMBER: IVAL 1200-XXXX2016 STUDY TITLE: Evaluation of Inhibitory Potential of Test Article in Pooled Human Hepatocytes TEST ARTICLES: TESTING FACILITY: In Vitro ADMET Laboratories, LLC Columbia, Maryland SPONSOR: Protocol No. 1300-092111

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Ysgol Gyfun Garth Olwg Adroddiad Blynyddol Y Corff Llywodraethol i Rieni Governing Body's Annual Report to Parents Gair gan y Cadeirydd / Word from the Chair July 2013 Gorffennaf, 2013 Pleser yw medru cyflwyno adroddiad sy'n It gives me great pleasure to present this adlewyrchu blwyddyn lwyddiannus yn hanes


European Journal of Pharmacology 548 (2006) 9 – 20 Phenylbenzopyrones structure-activity studies identify betuletol derivatives as potential antitumoral agents Sara Rubio a, José Quintana a, Mariana López b, José Luis Eiroa b, Jorge Triana b, Francisco Estévez a,⁎ a Department of Biochemistry, I.C.I.C., University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Plaza Dr. Pasteur s/n, 35016 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain


www.rsc.org/greenchem Green Chemistry A green-by-design biocatalytic process for atorvastatin intermediate Steven K. Ma,a John Gruber,a Chris Davis,a Lisa Newman,a David Gray,a Alica Wang,a John Grate,aGjalt W. Huisman*a and Roger A. Sheldon*b