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The evidence behind your decisions Health Services & Outcomes Research, Issue 2011/3 COMPARING APPLES AND ORANGES: THE USE OF PROPENSITY SCORES IN OBSERVATIONAL STUDIES INSIDE THIS ISSUE T wo heart surgeons walk into a room. The first surgeon says: "I just finished my 100th heart surgery!" The second surgeon replies: "Oh yeah, I finished my 100th heart surgery last week. Only 10 of my pa-

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Migraine Prophylactic Guideline Summary for Primary Care Physicians - Section IVTamara Pringsheim1, W. Jeptha Davenport1, Gordon Mackie2, Irene Worthington3, Michel Aubé4, Suzanne N. Christie5, Jonathan Gladstone6, Werner J. Becker1 on behalf of the Canadian Headache Society Prophylactic Guidelines Development Group


Case reports of Acne with long lasting follow up. Chatzimanuil A. DDS Secretary Dernikou M.F. MD, MSc Homeopathy. Tsilikas A.MD, Dermatologist, MSc Homeopathy,board member Michalakis M. DDS, MSc, specialist in Oral Diagnostics&Radiology,President. Some think of acne as a modern phenomenon. The word "aku-t" occurs in the Ebers Papyrus 6

Nuclear permeable ruthenium(ii) -carboline complexes induce autophagy to antagonize mitochondrial-mediated apoptosis

J. Med. Chem. 2010, 53, 7613–7624 7613 DOI: 10.1021/jm1009296 Nuclear Permeable Ruthenium(II) β-Carboline Complexes Induce AutophagyTo Antagonize Mitochondrial-Mediated Apoptosis Caiping Tan,† Sensen Lai,† Shouhai Wu,† Sheng Hu,§ Lingjun Zhou,† Yu Chen,† Minxu Wang,† Yiping Zhu,†Wu Lian,† Wenlie Peng,† Liangnian Ji,‡ and Anlong Xu*,† †State Key Laboratory of Biocontrol, Department of Biochemistry, College of Life Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou,Guangdong 510006, P. R. China, ‡MOE Laboratory of Bioinorganic and Synthetic Chemistry,School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou 510275, P. R. China, and

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An analysis of generic competition in the UK pharmaceuticals market. Does aggressiveness of entry affect prices in the post generic entry period?∗ Charles A. Ngoh, Datamonitor Plc Tel: 07748322856; email:[email protected] Despite being regulated through the Statutory Maximum Price Scheme which, in essence stipulates the maximum reimbursement price for generic pharmaceutical products, prices of


CANCER INDEMNITY INsuRANCE SELECtWe've been dedicated to helping provide peace of mind and financial security for nearly 60 years. AflAC CANCER CARE Policy Series A78000 CANCER INDEMNITY INsuRANCE Added Protection for You and Your FamilyChances are you know someone who's been affected, directly or indirectly, by cancer. You also know the toll it's taken on them—physical y, emotional y, and financial y. That's why we've developed the Aflac Cancer Care insurance policy. The plan pays a cash benefit upon initial diagnosis of a covered cancer, with a variety of other benefits payable throughout cancer treatment. You can use these cash benefits to help pay out-of-pocket medical expenses, the rent or mortgage, groceries, or utility bil s—the choice is yours.

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Christchurch Medical Research Society AGM and Scientific Meeting Wednesday 24 April 2002 5 pm - 7.30 pm in the Rolleston Lecture Theatre 5.00 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 5.15 ORAL PRESENTATIONS 5.15 VEGF-D expression is associated with lymph node status in primary human breast carcinomas and regulated by estrogen in breast carcinoma cell lines Margaret J Currie*, Sarah P Gunningham, Vickie Hanrahan, Helen R Morrin, Prudence A E Scott, Bridget A Robinson, Stephen B Fox

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Medical Marijuana - When Human Rights and Safety Laws Collide When does an employer's right to know, and their legal obligation to take every precaution reasonable to protect the safety of the worker, overshadow a worker's rights to privacy and confidentiality? Or does it? Recent medical developments are potentially putting workers and employers at risk.and sorting through the complications will require a great deal of time and effort. The legalization of medical marijuana, and the sharp increase in prescriptions over the past few years, will have a profound effect on workplace health and safety policies and procedures for all companies in the future. According to many sources, over 400,000 Canadians will be taking medical marijuana within a decade. This is an issue that will eventually affect almost every workplace in the country. The sooner you prepare for it, the better you will be able to handle the situation correctly and legally, when it arises at your organization. Potential Uses and Users Medical marijuana is currently being prescribed in Canada to treat the following: Palliative care, chronic nausea and vomiting, wasting syndromes related to AIDS and cancer treatments, Anorexia Nervosa, Dystonia, Migraine Headaches, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Epilepsy, Acute and/or Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Musculoskeletal Disorders, Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis, Huntington's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, Tourette Syndrome, Glaucoma, Asthma, Hypertension, Depression, Anxiety, Sleep Disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Schizophrenia, Inflammatory Skin Diseases, Alzheimer's Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn's Disease, Liver Diseases and Pancreatic Diseases. This list is being added to on a regular basis as more is learned of the beneficial effects of marijuana treatment on a variety of illnesses and symptoms. This Is NOT a New Situation! The drug in question may be different, but most of the concerns and risks we are discussing are actually old news. Many workers show up to their jobs every day, while taking prescription drugs that affect their performance and mental acuity. The list of "psychoactive" (or "psychotropic") medicines is very long. Some of the most common are Percocet, OxyContin, Dilaudid, Valium, Xanax, Ativan, Vicodin, Zoloft and Wellbutrin.


Guía para el manejo de la Hemofi lia Congénita Consenso de Médicos especialistas en Hemofi lia de la República Argentina FUNDACIÓN DE LA HEMOFILIA Buenos Aires - Argentina La impresión de esta Guía ha sido posible gracias a la colaboración de BAXTER S.A. 2da Edición. Buenos Aires, 1 de Julio de 2015. Agradecemos la colaboración de los médicos tratantes de personas con hemofilia


Forschung · WissenschaftRecherche · Science Assistant Editor Rédacteur en chef Jürg Meyer, Basel Urs Belser, Genève Tuomas Waltimo, Basel Rudolf Gmür, ZürichPeter Hotz, Bern Advisory board / Gutachtergremium / Comité de lecture P. Baehni, Genève K.H. Jäger, Basel M. Perrier, Lausanne J.-P. Bernard, Genève


neue Möglichkeiten und chAncen Unerwünschte Vareniclin Plazebo Raucherentwöhnung Ereignisse (in %) (in %)Übelkeit Medikamente können die Chancen auf eine erfolgreiche Nikotin-Entwöhnung erhöhen. Zur Verfügung stehen Nikotinpflaster, Bupropion und neuerdings auch Vareniclin. Der Cannabinoid-Rezeptorantagonist Rimonaband, der in Studien ebenfal s einen

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ORIGINAL STUDIES Hip Protector Compliance: A 13-Month Study on Factors and Cost in a Long- Term Care Facility Jeffrey B Burl, MD, CMD, James Centola, PT, Alice Bonner, APRN-BC, and Col een Burque, PTA Results: By the end of the third month, hip Objective: To determine if a high compliance protector compliance averaged greater than 90%


The diabetic foot infection can lead to tissue necrosis and amputation. Diabetes is the leading non-traumatic cause of major amputation of the lower limbs. Miles J levyJonathan ValabhjiQ2 NeuropathyNerve damage due to disease of the vasa nervorum results in a ‘glove and stocking' sensorimotor peripheral neuropathy that may progress proximally. The motor component results in dener-vation of the small muscles of the foot, leading to: • hyperextension at the metatarsophalangeal joints


Una versión de esta publicación salió en el número de Septiembre 2014 de WebMD Magazine. © 2014 WebMD, LLC. Todos los derechos reservados. Consejos expertos de Guía Para las alerGias de otoño el Poder de las datos acerca de las La pérdida de la audición no frustró el sueño de Derrick Coleman


Individually foil-wrapped envelopes ensure Your choice of display chests for our freshness. Our teabags contain the same individually wrapped assortment or world-class quality tea as our sachets and wire racks for our beautiful tins. there is no staple on the teabags. 50 teabags per box. 8 Slot Wooden Holds 4 Wrapped Sachets of 8 blends. Measures: 42cm x 23.5cm x 12cm.


Carrying MEDICINES offshore THE NATIONAL OIL&GAS INDUSTRY STANDARD FOR PROFESSIONALS CARRYING MEDICINES OFFSHORE Work safely or don't work at allWhen working on restricted installations and systems, strict procedure applies. For there is always the risk of dangerous substances being released. Therefore, read the work permit carefully and check if the stated control measures have indeed be taken. Subsequently, take the precautions relevant to the job you are about to take on.


Thermocouple Data Logger with USB Interface This data logger measures and stores over 32,000 temperature readings from either a K, J or T type thermocouple . Athermocouple is attached via the thermocouple socket at the base of the unit. The user can easily set up the thermocouple type, logging rate, start-time, logging mode, and download the stored data by plugging the modulestraight into a PC'sUSB port and running the purpose designed software underWindows 2000, XP or Vista. Data can


VOLUMEN 7 - NÚMERO 4 - 2005 OPCIONES DETRATAMIENTO MÉDICO PARA LA ALOPECIA SAMUEL M. LAM,1 BRIAN R. HEMPSTEAD,2 I y II, y el factor de crecimiento endotelial vascular (FCEV). EDWIN F. WILLIAMS, III, M.D.3 También minoxidil y finasteride han sido objeto de nuevaspruebas con preparados de concentraciones más altas (minoxi-


Sicherheitsdatenblatt gemäß Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1907/2006 SDB-Nr. : 76601 TEROSON SB 2444 known as TEROKAL 2444 DS 340GR überarbeitet am: 03.08.2015 Druckdatum: 25.09.2015 Ersetzt Version vom: 11.05.2015 ABSCHNITT 1: Bezeichnung des Stoffs bzw. des Gemischs und des Unternehmens 1.1. Produktidentifikator TEROSON SB 2444 known as TEROKAL 2444 DS 340GR


The Journal of Neuroscience, August 1, 2002, 22(15):6321–6324 Caffeine Induces Dopamine and Glutamate Release in the Shell ofthe Nucleus Accumbens Marcello Solinas,1 Sergi Ferre´,1 Zhi-Bing You,2 Marzena Karcz-Kubicha,1 Patrizia Popoli,3 andSteven R. Goldberg1 Sections of 1Preclinical Pharmacology and 2Behavioral Neuroscience, Behavioral Neuroscience Branch, National Instituteon Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health Intramural Research Program, Baltimore, Maryland 21224, and3Department of Pharmacology, Istituto Superiore di Sanita, 00161 Rome, Italy

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Kurze Geschichte des Würfels (unknown author) Jede Erfindung hat ein offizielles Geburtsdatum. Das Geburtsdatum des Würfels ist 1974, das Jahr, in dem der erste funktionsfähige Prototyp entstand und die erste Patentanmeldung entworfen wurde. Der Geburtsort war Budapest, die Hauptstadt Ungarns. Der Name des Erfinders ist inzwischen überall bekannt. Damals war Erno Rubik ein Dozent an der Fakultät für Innenarchitektur an der Akademie der angewandten Kunst in Budapest.

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NEW YORK CITY DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND MENTAL HYGIENE Thomas R. Frieden, MD, MPH Commissioner Interim Guidance on Dosage, Precautions, and Adverse Effects of Antiviral Medications used to Treat or Prevent Infection with Novel Influenza H1N1 Last Updated 5/11/2009 Novel H1N1 Influenza is an emerging virus and there is an ongoing intensive investigation of its clinical and epidemiologic features. In the United States, most cases of novel influenza H1N1 have been mild.

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Harmer's Haven Residents and Ratepayers Group Minutes of meeting of AGM Sunday 31 March 31 2013 11.00 am, 86 Viminaria Road Present: Ros Eason, Rosemary Paterson, Tom Patterson, Amaryl Perlesz, Val Grant,Ron Thomas, Cristine Larner, Luciano Furfaro, John Old, Luisa Macmillan, RichardTanter, Corinn Lim. Apologies: Helen Collyer, Suzie Walker, Diane McLaughlin, Uly Michel, Dave Lane,Maria Zerella, Aneta Marovich, Sally Murray Whiting, Geoff Whiting, Judy and TerryPederson.Visitors Neil Rankine (councilor), David Hol yfield, Jessica (Shut the Gate campaign)(attended later).


Master Benefit Plan Document Employees Retirement System of Texas HealthSelectSM of Texas Prescription Drug Program Effective: January 1, 2016 Revised 12/15/2015 HEALTHSELECT OF TEXAS PRESCRIPTION DRUG PROGRAM TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION 1 - WELCOME . 1 SECTION 2 - INTRODUCTION . 4 SECTION 3 - HOW THE PROGRAM WORKS . 5


The Sec6兾8 complex in mammalian cells: Characterization of mammalian Sec3,subunit interactions, and expressionof subunits in polarized cellsHugo T. Matern*, Charles Yeaman†, W. James Nelson†, and Richard H. Scheller*‡ *Genentech, Inc., Department of Richard Scheller, 1 DNA Way, South San Francisco, CA 94080-4990; and †Department of Molecular and Cellular Physiology,Stanford University Medical School, Stanford, CA 94305


Draft Quality Account 2015 – 2016 Front cover - DN: Maintain previous year's design for the front cover Draft Version 12 Key: Required text in blue font, mandated text in green font, DN = drafting notes + updates required in red font DN: Contents page to be reduced to main section headings only – left in draft for ease of navigation Contents


Management of Biochemically Recurrent Prostate Cancer After Local Therapy: Evolving Standards of Care and New DirectionsChanning J. Paller, MD, and Emmanuel S. Antonarakis, MD Drs. Pal er and Antonarakis are Assistant Abstract: Among men treated with prostatectomy or radiation Professors of Oncology at the Sidney


FEI Check List - Draft Schedule DENOMINATION OF EVENT DATE (dd/mm/yy): 18/02/2013 – 20/02/2013PLACE: Vestfold, Oslofjord Convention Center GENERAL CONDITIONS This event is organised in accordance with:- FEI Statutes, 23rd edition, effective 8th November 2012 FEI General Regulations, 23rd edition, effective 1st January 2009, updates effective FEI Veterinary Regulations, 13th edition, effective 1st January 2013


Canadian Pari-Mutuel canadienne du pari mutuel Elimination Guidelines © Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, as represented by the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, 2016 Catalogue: A22-147/2016 ISBN: 978-0-660-03756-1 CONTENTS INT RODUCT ION………………………………………………….4


Procédures et Recommandations Collectif EPS Fiche N°2 - 2016 Sportifs, éducateurs, entraîneurs, parents de triathlètes, professionnels de santé… Cette fiche préventive est faite pour vous. Elle a été conçue par la direction régionale de la jeunesse, des sports et de la cohésion sociale Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées et ses partenaires (collectif Eps).


NFATc1 Balances Quiescence andProliferation of Skin Stem CellsValerie Horsley,Antonios O. Aliprantis,Lisa Polak,Laurie H. Glimcher,and Elaine Fuchs,1Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Laboratory of Mammalian Cell Biology and Development, The Rockefeller University,New York, NY 10065, USA2Department of Infectious Diseases and Immunology, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA 02115, USA3Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA 02115, USA*Correspondence: DOI 10.1016/j.cell.2007.11.047


Hearsay Official Newsletter of January 2015 Volume 18 No.1 A new year – a new direction Greetings to you all and I hope you are enjoying a company working on the upgrading of our website very happy new year. and we hope that when this is complete you will like the results and find the site user-friendly and

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© Med Sci Monit, 2005; 11(12): SR27-31 The growth of a lie and the end of "conventional" Accepted: 2005.09.28Published: 2005.12.01 Domenico Mastrangelo1, Cosimo Loré2 1 Department of Ophthalmology, University of Siena, Italy2 Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Siena, Italy Source of support: Self fi nancing Throughout its over 200-year history, homeopathy has been proven effective in treating diseases for which conventional medicine has little to offer. However, given its low cost, homeopathy has always represented a serious challenge and a constant threat to the profi ts of drug companies. Moreover, since drug companies represent the most relevant source of funding for biomedical re-search worldwide, they are in a privileged position to fi nance detractive campaigns against home-opathy by manipulating the media as well as academic institutions and the medical establishment. The basic argument against homeopathy is that in some controlled clinical trials (CCTs), compari-son with conventional treatments shows that its effects are not superior to those of placebo. Against this thesis we argue that a) CCT methodology cannot be applied to homeopathy, b) misconduct and fraud are common in CCTs, c) adverse drug reactions and side effects show that CCT meth-odology is deeply fl awed, d) an accurate testing of homeopathic remedies requires more sophis-ticated techniques, e) the placebo effect is no more "plausible" than homeopathy, and its real na-ture is still unexplained, and f) the placebo effect is nevertheless a "cure" and, as such, worthy of further investigation and analysis. It is concluded that no arguments presently exist against home-opathy and that the recurrent campaigns against it represent the specifi c interests of the pharma-ceutical industry which, in this way, strives to protect its profi ts from the "threat" of a safer, more effective, and much less expensive treatment modality.


www.histamineintolerance.org.uk 1 Patient Information Histamine Intolerance Information for Patients Histamine Intolerance Many people suffer unpleasant symptoms, particularly after meals, such as bloating, diarrhoea, nausea, headaches, breathing difficulties or a runny nose. The cause of these symptoms could be histamine intolerance. Statistically speaking, women are affected more often than men.

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HORTICULTURE TRAINING INSTITUTE, UCHANI (KARNAL) HARYANA-132001 Annual Report DEPARTMENT OF HORTICULTURE GOVERNMENT OF HARYANA Telephone: +911842265484; Fax: +911842266484, CONTENTS Description Training Programmes Training Programmes conducted during 2014-15 Nursery Management and plant/seed propagation


The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust Having a Colonoscopy Your health, your life, your choice, our passion Hearing about your experience of our services is very important as it means we can pass compliments on to our staff and make improvements where necessary. Tell us what you think by emailing us If you require this document in another


DENUNCIA CIUDADANA Señora Ruth Obando, Delegada Departamental del Ministerio del Ambiente y Recursos Naturales del Departamento de Chontales. Nosotros los abajo firmantes, ciudadanos y ciudadanas nicaragüenses todos mayores de edad, domiciliados en los municipios de Santo Domingo y Managua amparados en el artículo 2 de la Ley 217, Ley General de Medio Ambiente y los Recursos Naturales, que establece que toda

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PEDRO CÉSAR CANTÚ MARTÍNEZ* Medio ambiente y salud: un enfoque ecosistémico El concepto ecología, establecida en una interrelación con el resto de los seres vivos y su 1869, por Ernest Haeckel, un natu- hábitat; asimismo, con la estructura y funcionamiento ralista alemán, reconocido como pa- de los ecosistemas en general que lo acogen. De manera dre de la ecología, determina que es

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Lithium Insertion in Nanostructured TiO2(B) ANTHONY G. DYLLA, GRAEME HENKELMAN, AND KEITH J. STEVENSON* Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas 78712, United States RECEIVED ON JUNE 12, 2012 to become feasible alternatives to current technology, but only if scientists can develop energy storage materialsthat offer high capacity and high rate capabilities. Chemists havestudied anatase, rutile, brookite and TiO2(B) (bronze) in bothbulk and nanostructured forms as potential Li-ion batteryanodes. In most cases, the specific capacity and rate of lithiationand delithiation increases as the materials are nanostructured.Scientists have explained these enhancements in terms of highersurface areas, shorter Liþ diffusion paths and different surfaceenergies for nanostructured materials allowing for more facilelithiation and delithiation. Of the most studied polymorphs,nanostructured TiO2(B) has the highest capacity with promising high rate capabilities. TiO2(B) is able to accommodate 1 Liþ per Ti,giving a capacity of 335 mAh/g for nanotubular and nanoparticulate TiO2(B). The TiO2(B) polymorph, discovered in 1980 by Marchand andco-workers, has been the focus of many recent studies regarding high power and high capacity anode materials with potential applicationsfor electric vehicles and grid storage. This is due to the material's stability over multiple cycles, safer lithiation potential relative to graphite,reasonable capacity, high rate capability, nontoxicity, and low cost (Bruce, P. G.; Scrosati, B.; Tarascon, J.-M. Nanomaterials for RechargeableLithium Batteries. Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. 2008, 47, 2930"2946). One of the most interesting properties of TiO2(B) is that both bulk andnanostructured forms lithiate and delithiate through a surface redox or pseudocapacitive charging mechanism, giving rise to stable high ratecharge/discharge capabilities in the case of nanostructured TiO2(B). When other polymorphs of TiO2 are nanostructured, they still mainlyintercalate lithium through a bulk diffusion-controlled mechanism. TiO2(B) has a unique open crystal structure and low energy Liþ pathwaysfrom surface to subsurface sites, which many chemists believe to contribute to the pseudocapacitive charging.

Dexamethasone and high-dose methotrexate improve outcome for children and young adults with high-risk b-acute lymphoblastic leukemia: a report from children's oncology group study aall0232

Published Ahead of Print on April 25, 2016 as 10.1200/JCO.2015.62.4544 JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY Dexamethasone and High-Dose Methotrexate ImproveOutcome for Children and Young Adults With High-RiskB-Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: A Report From Children'sOncology Group Study AALL0232Eric C. Larsen, Meenakshi Devidas, Si Chen, Wanda L. Salzer, Elizabeth A. Raetz, Mignon L. Loh,Leonard A. Mattano Jr, Catherine Cole, Alisa Eicher, Maureen Haugan, Mark Sorenson, Nyla A. Heerema,Andrew A. Carroll, Julie M. Gastier-Foster, Michael J. Borowitz, Brent L. Wood, Cheryl L. Willman,Naomi J. Winick, Stephen P. Hunger, and William L. Carroll


Takeaway Food: In recent decades there has been an increase in the growth of the ‘informal eating out sector'; nationally one in six meals are now eaten out of the home with men deriving a quarter of their energy and women a fifth from these foods1. Restaurants, cafes, work canteens and other food outlets on average capture 27% of consumer expenditure2. More than £10 billion each

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Potential Benefit of Biventricular Pacing in Patients with Congestive Heart Failure and Ventricular Tachyarrhythmia Christoph Stellbrink, MD, Angelo Auricchio, MD, Bjo¨rn Diem, MD, Ole-Alexander Breithardt, MD, Michael Kloss, MD, Friedrich A. Scho¨ndube, MD, PhD, Helmut Klein, MD, Bruno J. Messmer, MD, and Peter Hanrath, MD Treatment of congestive heart failure (CHF) aims for