We've been manufacturing portable data collectors for a long time.
When it came time to design a new family of products, Videx engineers started with a blank piece of paper and a list of customer requests. As a • Contact bar code reader result, they gave special attention to three important design elements: • Touch Memory a durable case, a simple-to-use yet long-lasting battery system, and common software for all four products.
• Display• 128K RAM We Wrote the Book on Durability
Let's face it—any portable data collector is bound to hit the floor now and again. In fact, our customers have dropped Videx readers • IR communications down elevator shafts and run over them with trucks. Not intentionally, of course, but it can happen in the normal course of a busy workday.
DuraTrax, LaserLite, LaserLite Pro, and LaserLite Mx are built to take it.
With cases crafted of durable aluminum, these data collectors are ready • Laser bar code reader for indoor or outdoor use: the office, field, warehouse, and Non-Stop Battery Power
What can be more frustrating than getting part way through the • IR communications workday and having to stop because your scanner's batteries need to be recharged? This won't happen with the LaserLite series. All fourreaders use standard AA alkaline batteries, which means you have weeks of continuous use—there is no down time waiting for the reader to recharge, no NiCad memory effect, no overcharging. The products are • Laser bar code reader designed to consume power at a very low rate, giving you up to 100,000 • Touch Memory scans from one set of batteries. You can check the voltage level on the reader's display at any time, and a back-up battery protects your data while changing batteries.
• Alphanumeric keypad• 256K RAM ‘Simple Software' is Not an Oxymoron
• IR communications At least not with these products. You don't have to be a programmer to put DuraTrax, LaserLite, LaserLite Pro, and LaserLite Mx to work.
We've created Application Builder software to be a simple and intuitiveprogram so that just about anyone can get the readers ready to use and can transfer the collected data back to the PC. And all four readers use • Laser bar code reader this same simple software, so that you can choose • Touch Memory the best reader for each location.
A Windows 95, 98, & NT version is available for all four data collectors, and a Macintosh version is available for DuraTrax, LaserLite, and • Alphanumeric keypad LaserLite Pro.
• 256K RAM• External memory cards We haven't forgotten the programmers. For more complex applications, we've included a full set of developer's tools in the Application Builder • Data editing capability kit: BASIC programming tools for enhancing the functions of the readers, and communications tools for creating a link between your applicationsoftware and the Videx readers.
• IR communications

Getting Started—Step by Step
Step One: Create the Reader's Application
The first step is to create the application for
the reader. You'll use our Application Builder
An excellent question. Bar codes software at your PC for this step. The design are easy to understand. We all of the application is up to you; it may be two know by now that they save or three simple steps, or multiple applications countless hours and reduce costs with branching steps and loops. You can even in businesses every day. What create cross-reference files to load onto the advantages do Touch Memory reader so that more meaningful data can be buttons offer? Three main ones.
displayed when a bar code is scanned.
First, they're durable. Withsealed stainless steel cases, you Step Two: Load Your Application
y Buttons, or Both? can safely put them outdoors and
Send your application to the Videx reader, in the harshest environments.
and start scanning! With each scan or entry Second, there are no two you make, the data is stored in the memory buttons alike—each button has of the reader along with the date and time a unique ID. If you put a button the entry was made.
at an inspection point, you knowthe person doing the inspecting Step Three: Transfer Your Data
was really there. Third, the Transfer the collected information back to read/write buttons have memory your computer via the serial port, using either ouch Memor for data storage. You can store
the Videx base station and serial cable, or the information on an item, such as JetEye infrared transceiver. The data can be a service history on a vehicle or sent directly from the reader to the PC, or, with machine, or a list of contents on the base station, can be sent via modem from a a shipping container. remote location. Your collected data is stored onthe PC as an ASCII text file, ready for use in any We decided to give you the best database or application program.
of both technologies: productsthat read bar codes and TouchMemory buttons. Bar Codes, T
What do a security company, a hospital operating room, a casino, and a toy
manufacturer have in common? Videx portable data collection systems! Read on . .

AFew Application
In the wintertime, temperatures
In a hospital operating room,
A casino never sleeps, and
The showroom of a large
in northern Europe can plummet organization is critical. All the neither does the LaserLite Pro.
toy manufacturer is a dynamic well below the comfort zone.
right people can be gathered, Twenty-four hours a day, seven place: salespeople meet with Equipment used in this harsh but if a surgical kit is missing days a week, a Nevada casino retailers as they view the setting needs to be as tough as or incomplete, the procedure uses LaserLite Pros to record merchandise on display. the people using it. When a large is delayed or even postponed.
bonus points earned by their In this setting, the ability to Scandinavian security company It's a fairly simple problem VIP customers. The casino's enter orders on the show floor needed a rugged data collector with serious repercussions. number one priority was to is a must! The LaserLite Mx for their outdoor guard tours, One medical equipment find the data collector with does the job. Not just a data they selected the DuraTrax. manufacturer has solved the best non-stop performance.
collector, the Mx is the The DuraTrax is a robust tool, the problem with a LaserLite- What they found was LaserLite complete order entry tool that able to withstand the rigors of based tracking system. Pro. The result? Efficiency the salespeople need. It has the the outdoors. The guards read Due to its small size and ease and accuracy for the casino memory and processing power Touch Memory buttons to of use, LaserLite is used by staff, and, most importantly, to store all customer and record their arrival time at each hospital staff to track the happy VIP customers.
inventory files, process sales checkpoint, and then enter transactions, and update additional checkpoint storage, and delivery of all customer and inventory information from a the surgical kits. information—all in a small, bar-coded menu.
portable handheld package. DO NOT STARE INTO BEAM CLASS II LASER PRODUCT 1.47" (37.3 mm) 1.47/1.90" (37.3/48.3 mm) 1.75/1.95" (44.5/49.5 mm) 1.06" (26.9 mm) 1.06/1.90" (26.9/48.3 mm) 2.19" (55.6 mm) 6.25" (158.8 mm) 7.18" (182.4 mm) 7.61" (193.3 mm) 128K flash ROM; 256K RAMMx only: up to 8MB with SSFDC cards 3,550 5-character bar codes or 3,550 5-character bar code scans 8,200 5-character bar codes or 2,600 button IDs with date & time 6,000 button IDs with date & time 32 keys; alphanumeric 2-line x 16-character 2-line x 16-character 2-line x 16-character Audible tones, good read LED, Audible tones, good read LED, Audible tones, good read LED, 4 AA alkaline standard; rechargeable NiCad or NiMH optional Rechargeable 10 year lithium Rechargeable 10 year lithium Rechargeable 10 year lithium Internal real-time & date Internal real-time & date Internal real-time & date Contact bar code & Touch Memory Laser bar code, Touch Memory,& keypad Bar code scan range
2.5" to 24" standard; 2.5" to 24" standard; optional laser engines available optional laser engines available Minimum 0.0075" narrow element Minimum 0.0055" narrow element Minimum 0.0055" narrow element Visible, 650nm +/- 10nm Visible, 650nm +/- 10nm Code 3 of 9, Code 128, UPC, Code 3 of 9, Code 128, UPC, Code 3 of 9, Code 128, UPC, EAN, Codabar, I-2 of 5 EAN, Codabar, I-2 of 5 EAN, Codabar, I-2 of 5 Touch Memory buttons
Read ID only
Read ID & data
Read & write
1992 through 1996 1992 through 1996 Data storage
Bar code/button data; origin/family Bar code data; origin code; Bar code/button data; origin/family code; date & time code; date & time -4° to 140° F; -20° to 60° C -4° to 140° F; -20° to 60° C -4° to 140° F; -20° to 60° C 32° to 122° F; 0° to 50° C 32° to 122° F; 0° to 50° C 32° to 122° F; 0° to 50° C 5 to 95% noncondensing 5 to 95% noncondensing 5 to 95% noncondensing Downloader Base Stations:
Touch Memory Buttons:
DS 1990 DS 1994
Number of readers
DuraTrax, LaserLite - 2 Water-resistant, stainless steel case
LaserLite Pro, LaserLite Mx - 1 Diameter 0.64"/0.68" flange (16.3/17.4 mm)
4.0 x 4.0 x 1.8" (102 x 102 x 46 mm) Height: 0.12" (3.2 mm)
0.23" (5.9 mm)
Power supply adaptors
120v/60 Hz or 220v/50 Hz Weight 0.06 oz (1.6 g); 0.09 oz (2.5 g)
Transmit, Receive, Power; plus 0.12 oz (3.3 g)
Charge for LaserLite Pro/Mx Operating temperature -40° to 185° F (-40° to 85° C)
RS-232, RJ-11 connector Operating temperature -4° to 158° F (-20° to 70° C)
Infrared to reader Unique 12-character serial number
4K-bit memory for data storage
All Videx manufactured equipment is covered by a Battery life
one-year new product warranty.
Videx, DuraTrax, and LaserLite are registered trademarks 1105 N.E. Circle Blvd., Corvallis, OR 97330 and Application Builder is a trademark of Videx, Inc. 541-758-0521 • Fax 541-752-5285 All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners. GCO1469 • [email protected]



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