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other tort or otherwise or be barred from an strict liability whether based on contract, Buyer and all users shall promptly notify Everris of an t a timely investiga ve prompt notice of an o the extent consistent the replacement of the product t Everris' election, shall not exceed the purchase price paid by the user or Buyer for the quantity of this product involved or

Script psychot ii

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hiller Stichworte aus den gezeigten Folien zur Vorlesung Klinische Psychologie II Thema: Schizophrenie-Spektrum und andere psychotische Störungen II Therapie der Schizophrenie Mehrere Ansatzpunkte entsprechend des Vulnerabilitäts-Stress-Modells Phasenspezifische Behandlung der Schizophrenie 1. Phase: Behandlung der akuten Symptomatik 2. Phase: Behandlung residualer Symptome und Vorbeugung von Rückfällen (Nachbehandlungsphase) evtl. weitere Phase: Behandlung chronischer Fälle

Pattern of antimicrobial prescription and its cost

KATHMANDU UNIVERSITY JOURNAL OF SCIENCE, ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY VOL.I, No.1, SEPTEMBER, 2005. PATTERN OF ANTIMICROBIAL PRESCRIPTION AND ITS COST ANALYSIS IN RESPIRATORY TRACT INFECTION Sushma Dawadi, B.S.Rao, G.M.Khan Department of Pharmacy Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Kavre, P.O. Box: 6250, Kathmandu, Nepal. Corresponding author E-Mail:[email protected], [email protected]


Journal of Oleo Science Copyright ©2015 by Japan Oil Chemists' Society doi : 10.5650/jos.ess15120 J. Oleo Sci. 64, (11) 1213-1226 (2015) Preparation of Optically Active δ-Tri- and δ-Tetradecalactones by a Combination of Novozym 435-catalyzed Enantioselective Methanolysis and AmidationYasutaka Shimotori1* , Masayuki Hoshi1, Hayato Okabe2 and Tetsuo Miyakoshi21 Department of Biotechnology and Environmental Chemistry, Kitami Institute of Technology, 165 Koen-cho, Kitami, Hokkaido 090-8507, JAPAN2 Department of Applied Chemistry, School of Science and Technology, Meiji University, 1-1-1 Higashi-mita, Tama-ku, Kawasaki 214-8571, JAPAN


Konrad Lorenz 1961 Phylogenetische Anpassung und adaptive Modifikation des Verhaltens Zeitschrift für Tierpsychologie 18(2): 139-187. [OCR by Konrad Lorenz Haus Altenberg – http://klha.at] Seitenumbrüche und -zahlen wie im Original. K. Lorenz 1961 Phylogenetische Anpassung und adaptive Modifikation des Verhaltens Phylogenetische Anpassung und adaptive Modifikation des Verhaltens

Automated dielectrophoretic characterization of <named-content content-type="genus-species" type="simple">mycobacterium smegmatis</named-content>

Automated Dielectrophoretic Characterization of Mycobacterium smegmatisBenjamin G. Hawkins,† Chao Huang,† Srinitya Arasanipalai,‡ and Brian J. Kirby*,‡†Department of Biomedical Engineering, and ‡Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering,Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, United States We report the positive dielectrophoretic (pDEP) characterization of wild-type and ethambutol-treated Mycobacterium smegmatispopulations via automated pDEP cell trapping experiments. The automated technique was validated by measurements ofcarboxylate-modified polystyrene microspheres and Escherichia coli. The characterization of M. smegmatis identifies a key frequencyregime where the membrane-specific action of ethambutol leads to a change in the cellular dielectrophoretic response. This workrepresents the first such characterization of Mycobacteria and highlights the potential for DEP measurements to measure changes inmycobacterial membrane properties associated with chemical treatments or genetic mutation.


Volker Peckhaus†and Reinhard Kahle‡ In diesem Aufsatz wird erstmals die Hilbertsche Antinomie vollst¨andigpubliziert. David Hilbert hat sie w¨ahrend seiner Auseinandersetzun-gen mit der Cantorschen Mengenlehre gefunden. Seinen Angaben zu-folge wurde Ernst Zermelo durch sie zu seiner Version der Zermelo-Russellschen Antinomie angeregt. Es handelt sich um die Antinomieder Menge aller durch Addition (Vereinigung) und Selbstbelegung er-zeugbaren Mengen. Sie ¨ahnelt der Cantorschen Antinomie der Mengealler Kardinalzahlen, ist aber, so Hilbert, "rein mathematisch", da inihr ein offensichtlicher Bezug zur Cantorschen Kardinal- und Ordinal-zahlarithmetik vermieden wird.


pISSN 2466-1384 eISSN 2466-1392大韓獸醫學會誌 (2016) 第 56 卷 第 1 號 Korean J Vet Res(2016) 56(1) : 47 49http://dx.doi.org/10.14405/kjvr.2016.56.1.47 <Case Report> Combination therapy of cyclosporine and prednisolone in a dog with systemic lupus erythematosus Yeon-Hee Kim, Min-Hee Kang, Hee-Myung Park* Department of Veterinary Internal Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, Konkuk University, Seoul 05029, Korea


JBC Papers in Press. Published on May 31, 2011 as Manuscript M111.253674 OPTOGENETIC CONTROL OF MOTOR COORDINATION BY Gi/o PROTEIN-COUPLED VERTEBRATE RHODOPSIN IN CEREBELLAR PURKINJE CELLS. Davina V. Gutierrez2, Melanie D. Mark1, Olivia Masseck1, Takashi Maejima1, Denise Kuckelsberg1, Robert A. Hyde2, Martin Krause1, Wolfgang Kruse1, and Stefan Herlitze1,2

Bladder management after spinal cord injury

SPINAL CORD MEDICINEEDUCATIONAL MATERIALS FOR PATIENT AND FAMILY BLADDER MANAGEMENT FOLLOWING SPINAL CORD INJURY/IMPAIRMENT Frazier Rehab Institute DISCLAIMERThe information contained herein is intended to be used in accordance with the treatment plan prescribed by your physician and with the prior approval of your physician. You should not begin using any of the information and/or methods described in these publications until you have consulted your physician. Jewish Hospital & St. Mary's HealthCare, Inc. D.B.A. Frazier Rehab Institute, its affiliates, associates, successors and assigns, as well as its trustees, officers, directors, agents and employees are not liable for any damages resulting from the use of this publication.


Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochem. Eng. Aspects 286 (2006) 39–50 Surfactant mediated adsorption of negatively charged latex particles to a cellulose surface L. Schaffner a, G. Br¨ugger a, R. Nyffenegger a, R. Walter a, J. Riˇcka a,∗, J. Kleimann b, J. Hotz c, Ch. Quellet c a Institute of Applied Physics, Department of Biomedical Photonics, University of Bern, Sidlerstrasse 5, CH-3012 Bern, Switzerland


Knowledge Management & E-Learning, Vol.6, No.4. Dec 2014 Knowledge Management & E-Learning Informing physicians using a situated decision support system: Disease management for the smart city Raafat George Saade Rustam Vahidov Concordia University, Montreal, Canada George M. Tsoukas Alexander Tsoukas

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Acne vulgaris, a chronic inflammatory disorder in adolescents consists of the pilosebaceous fol icles, characterized by comedones, papules, pustules, cysts, nodules and oftenscars, chiefly on face, neck and upper trunk (Lal a et al., 2001). It may cause disfiguration andpermanent scar ing and it may also have an adverse ef ect on psychological development,resulting in profound emotional scar ing, which may lead to social phobias, withdrawal fromsociety, and clinical depression. The four main pathogenic factors in the development of acne areincreased sebum production, disorders of the microflora, cornification of the pilosebaceous duct,and inflammation (Ozkan et al., 2000).


FDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA limits usage of Nizoral (ketoconazole) oral tablets due to potential y fatal liver injury and risk of drug interactions and adrenal gland problems Safety Announcement [7-26-2013] The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking several actions related to Nizoral (ketoconazole) oral tablets, including limiting the drug's use, warning that it can cause severe liver injuries and adrenal gland problems and advising that it can lead to harmful drug interactions with other medications. FDA has approved label changes and added a new Medication Guide to address these safety issues. As a result, Nizoral oral tablets should not be a first-line treatment for any fungal infection. Nizoral should be used for the treatment of certain fungal infections, known as endemic mycoses, only when alternative antifungal therapies are not available or tolerated.

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Transworld Research Network 37/661 (2), Fort P.O. Plants in Traditional and Modern Medicine: Chemistry and Activity, 2010: 69-175 ISBN: 978-81-7895-432-5 Editor: Eugene Kokkalou 2. Medicinal plants used for the treatment of diabetes and its long-term complications Polyxeni Alexiou and Vassilis J. Demopoulos Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, School of Pharmacy