Our spa professionals are on hand to assist you in choosing the right treatment(s) for your needs.
• Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your booking time. To gain maximum benefit from your treatment al-low this extra time to relax, complete our health questionnaire and enjoy a complimentary cup of freshly made herbal drink.
• There is no dress code at the spa; you may wear whatever you find comfortable. We will provide you with a robe and slippers if needed.
• When using the steam facility nudity is acceptable, although you may prefer to dress in swimwear. However, please remain clothed in the relaxation area.
• Most body treatments are normally enjoyed without clothing. Our drapingpractice will ensure that you don't feel uncomfortable or exposed. However if you prefer to wear underclothes please feel free to do so.
Our mission is to deliver spa experiences that are both unique and memorable. Asian Spa Group's therapists take guests on exhilarating sensory journeys through many forms of holistic healing. Our body and facial care treat-ments are delivered with serene and reassuring professionalism, allowing you to experience a feeling of immense well being in body, mind and spirit.

ila Facials
ila's philosophy is encapsulated in the maxim in two words: Beyond Organic. ila's hand blended products, contain a rare level of organic purity which is achieved by sourcing the finest ingredients directly from local producers, who cultivate and harvest the raw ingredients in harmony with nature. ila Ananda Face Therapy
50min - 105€
Ananda means ‘divine bliss' in Sanskrit. This delicate relaxing treatment uses gentle techniques to open the
energy centers of the face, working with the body's blissful higher energy to induce feelings of deep peace
and a beautifully glowing skin. The skin benefits from increased blood circulation to skin cells, whilst having
anti-inflammatory benefits and addressing hormonal balance.
ila Rainforest Rejuvenation Face Therapy
50min - 120€
This deeply restorative two part face therapy uses a warm herbal compress, lymphatic drainage, Amazonian
mud mask and intensely healing rainforest plant extracts to rejuvenate and regenerate facial skin cells. Skin
tone is visibly lightened. Swelling, inflammation and water retention are reduced. Fine lines and wrinkles are
diminished due to inhibited muscle contraction. Increased supply of blood and nutrients on a cellular level
encourages toxin release and collagen production.
ila Marine Flora Face Therapy
90min - 140€
A deeply cleansing and purifying facial that focuses on lymphatic drainage to improve the circulation, vitality
and tone of the skin. With plankton-based bio-plasma serum and marine flora mask rich in sea lavender to
boost collagen production and sea lettuce to detoxify and stimulate the lymphatic system. The skin is deeply
detoxified and rehydrated, whilst tension is removed from the micro muscles of the face.
ila Crystal Healing Face Therapy
80min - 150€
Using the healing vibration of crystals, this experience has a calming yet uplifting effect. A garnet face scrub,
rose cream & jade face mask, a divine face therapy with warmed rose quartz crystals that relax the muscles
and dissolve stress lines. A deeply nourishing and sensuous experience.
ila Sun Cooler Face Therapy
50min - 115€
This facial experience cools and replenishes skin that has been overexposed to the sun by reducing inflam-
mation and nourishing it.

Rose quartz placed upon the meridians on your face creates an electromagnetic frequency which will effec-tively interact with the human bio-energy field, restoring balance, strengthening the skin, promoting good health and correcting imbalances that sun burn causes to our skin and our inner being. After a soothing marma point and Rose quartz massage, a Rose and Aloe Vera gel mask is gently applied to the face while you are treated to a relaxing hand, arm and shoulder massage with ila's Rose Body Cream for Glowing Radiance. Mystique Signature Massage
50 min – 125€/80 min – 160€/110min – 195€
The Mystique Signature massage is a fabulous, unforgettable experience. This simply luxurious treatment
starts with a Thai massage, which soothes and invigorates the body, followed by application of warm oil for a
relaxing massage. The therapist will stimulate your chakras, improving your body's natural equilibrium, leav-
ing you glowing and revitalized both inside and out.
Aloe Vera Massage
50min – 115€/80min – 150€
With the use of the soothing and skin anti-aging aloe vera cream, this massage stimulates blood circulation
and relaxes tense muscles by employing a range of gliding, friction and kneading massage strokes on the
superficial muscle layers. The result is a relaxing, yet invigorating treatment that is perfect for helping you to
relax and unwind during your vacation.
Sports Massage
50 min – 120€/80 min – 170€/110min – 220€
Sports massage is not exclusively for athletes, it will benefit anyone who takes exercise. Concentrating on
muscle flexibility and improving blood circulation, it helps repair damage after injury and is also effective in
preventing mishaps. Whether your idea of exercise is a rigorous gym workout, a round of golf or a gentle
swim, this treatment will help you achieve your goal of getting, or staying, fit and healthy.
Traditional Greek Massage
50 min – 120€/80 min – 160€
Through this purely Greek massage, you will experience a combination of vigorous and gentle massage
strokes with the use of traditional Greek olive oil. During this amazing treatment, your body receives a lot of
activity, energy and a tremendous relief from stress, while your skin is deeply hydrated and nourished.
Ayurvedic Massage
Ayurveda, which means science of life in Sanskrit, is an ancient Indian system of holistic medicine based on
three body types or ‘Doshas'.

Before your first treatment your dosha will be determined in order to select the oils that will suit you best. Using the finest Ayurvedic oils and herbs from India, the therapies are prescribed to refresh the mind, de-toxify the body and restore the natural balance of the energies within, leaving you completely rejuvenated. Our Ayurvedic treatments are provided exclusively by fully trained and qualified Indian therapists.
*A sauna session is recommended after the treatment.
Vata-Lymphatic Massage
65 min – 140€
The Vata-type person often experiences dry skin, anxiety and suffers from discomfort in cold weather. Vata-
type people need warmth, nourishment, hydration, comfort and healing. This warming, skin nourishing
massage helps to succour the skin and balance the mind, using ancient Indian herbal oils such as Dhanwan-
tharam and Ksheerabala.
Pitta-Relaxing Massage
65 min – 140€
The Pitta-type persons have a tendency towards sensitive skin; they can be easily agitated and are often
adversely affected by hot weather. Their mind and body tend to be over-active but they will calm down if cool
and relaxed. This treatment will help soothe the skin and relax both mind and soul by using neelabringadhi
Ayurvedic oil for the head and balaswagandhadhi thailam for the body.
Kapha-Rejuvenator Massage
65 min – 140€
The kapha-type person may suffer from dull, possibly oily skin, has the tendency to put on weight easily
and may be negatively affected by cold damp weather. Kapha-type people need purification and stimula-
tion to improve the circulation of the body. This treatment incorporates detoxifying Ayurvedic herbs such as
bhringamalakadhi thailam for the head and kottamchukkadhi thailam for the body.
ila Massages
ila Prana Vitality Massage
75 min – 155€
Prana is the life force energy which fills us with vitality, positivity and joy. Prana flows upwards – the focus
of this treatment is to encourage and strengthen this flow with massage techniques, marma therapy and
vitality-enhancing essential oils. We use Juniper Berry, Geranium, Lemon Grass, Lavender and Patchouli in
this treatment. Due to the fact that the essential oils of Juniperberry and Lemon Grass are ripened by the
sun, they are filled with high levels of prana. Himalayan Salt Poultices infused with Lavender and Marigold
are used in this treatment - particularly on the stomach - to relax and deeply energise the Solar Plexus.

Suggested additional treatments for all massages
Aloe Vera Face Wrap
25min – 45€
This one-of-a-kind wrap, soothes, invigorates, nourishes and hydrates in depth your skin. Moreover, it is ideal
to treat sunburn, acne and aging.
Magnetic Face Wrap
25 min – 45€
This amazing mask - with unique magnetic properties - enriched with pure oils, plant extracts and vitamins,
infuses active ingredients directly to the skin. A mineral magnetic stone is then run over your face, magnet-
izing and gently removing the iron powder in the mask and drawing the toxins directly from deep skin layers.
ila Rituals
ila Kundalini Back Treatment
50min – 115€/80min – 140€ (includes rose facial massage)
A gentle, nurturing treatment that uses chakra - and sound healing to activate and channel the Kundalini –
the dormant energy at the base of the spine – realigning the body's rhythm and restoring a balanced state.
Ideal for emotionally exhausted souls, this soothing treatment has a profoundly restorative effect on the
sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. The body is brought back to a state of awareness and
balance. Physical and mental tension is lifted and built-up emotion and anxiety are released.
ila Manipura Full Body Treatment
80 min – 160€
Manipura means ‘beautiful, shining jewel' in Sanskrit. It refers to the solar plexus (naval) chakra – the centre
of fire and sun energy that ignites our health and vitality. This treatment uses marma massage, lymphatic
drainage and Himalayan herb poultices to stimulate and balance this vitality. The body's digestion is regulated
and there is a deep detoxification of the body's blockages. Blood and lymph flow is increased.
ila Ku Nye Treatment
90min – 170€
A Tibetan body treatment to balance the five elements and to restore a harmonious flow of energy and vi-
tality. A blend of five essential oils chosen to balance the five elements combines beautifully with Tibetan
techniques of cupping, kneading and acupressure with hot poultices and stones. This thorough treatment
encourages deep physical and mental tension to be released from the tips of the toes to the crown of the head
encouraging a healthy flow of energy. It works on the 5 sensory organs aiming to bring them back to a state
of balance whilst also re-balancing over/under stimulated glands and organs.

ila Dream Time Journey Ritual
Facial 60 min – 110€, Massage 80 min – 160€
This soporific treatment draws on pure essential oils, marma massage and chakra healing to deeply relax
the nervous system and restore the natural rhythm of sleep. Based on the knowledge that cellular growth
and repair are faster during sleep, Dream Time incorporates a slow rhythmic body renewal, back and body
treatment and soothing facial to promote the deepest relaxation, while ingredients renowned for cellular
rejuvenation – such as fresh royal jelly and orange blossom – do their work.
ila Chakra Wellbeing
120 min – 205€
ila's exquisite chakra wellbeing range is tailored to each recipient. Based around seven blends of chakra-
balancing essential oils, each bespoke treatment involves deep relaxation of the nervous system, sensuous
lymphatic drainage, subtle healing of the chakras and the pouring of warm oil over the third eye to restore
and relax every sense. This bespoke treatment is the most holistic experience tailored to the needs of each
individual soul. It works on the muscles, lymph and nervous system as a whole.
Sweet Mint
25 min – 55€
Sugar crystals, locally sourced peppermint and Kalamatian olive oil are combined together to create an in-
vigorating scrub that cleanses and revitalizes tired skin.
Mango Scrub
25 min – 55€
Luscious mango and Dead Sea salt are the basis of this rich and luxurious scrub. This soothing combination
offers the ultimate regeneration of dry and dehydrated skin, leaving it feel soft and looking shiny.
ila Scrubs
ila Instantly Detoxifying Scrub
25 min – 60€
This energizing full body scrub targets cellulite, stress and exhaustion. Drawing on the ionising properties
of Himalayan Salt Crystals, it stimulates circulation and toxin elimination, uplifting mind, body and spirit.
ila Instantly Blissful Scrub
25 min – 60€
Using the healing properties of Himalayan Salt Crystals, this soothing all-over scrub restores and relaxes the
nervous system, leaving skin glowing and the body infused with a sense of enhanced wellbeing.

Cucumber Soother
25 min – 65€
The perfect treatment for sunburnt skin! A cooling, freshly prepared mix of cucumber that grows so abundant
in the gardens of Greece, natural yoghurt and essential oils, it will soothe and help draw the redness from skin
that has seen a little too much sunshine.
Dead Sea Mineral Mud Wrap
25 min – 60€
Dead Sea mud is filled with fantastic minerals that, when absorbed into the skin, help to break down fatty de-
posits and encourage a healthy glow. A Dead Sea mud wrap is an effective way of reducing cellulite and can also
help firm, tone and improve elasticity after pregnancy or weight loss.
Mango Cream Wrap
25min – 60€
Based on mango, the king of tropical fruits, this rich in Vitamin A and beta-carotene wrap, has the unique ability
to rejuvenate, replace the dead skin cells and make the skin more fresh and sparkling!
ila Packs
ila Rose and Aloe Vera Pack
30 min – 65€
This treatment begins with a fine mist of Rose hydrolat and mineral spray enveloping the body, followed by a
cooling massage with Body Cream for Glowing Radiance and rose quartz crystals applied along the meridians to
help calm and cool sunburned or delicate skin. The Rose and Aloe Vera gel wrap is gently applied over sensitive
skin and then the body is cocooned.
ila Vitality Pack
30 min – 60€
Targeting the liver, this specialised wrap incorporates liquorice, holy basil, shilajit, juniper, sandalwood, cedar-
wood and rose, affirmed and activated by warm and cool packs to help increase the body's vital energy.
ila Adreno Exhaustion Pack
30 min – 60€
A targeted herbal pack applied directly to the abomen and lower back to promote optimally functioning kidneys
and adrenals. The use of specific warmed adaptogenic ingredients, gives us strength and stability. Vetivert, pine,
cedarwood, ashwaghanda and pfaffia are blended in the targeted wrap, infusing healing herbs through the skin.
Totally grounding and restorative.
ila Hormone Pack
30 min – 60€
Targeting the kidneys, this specialised wrap combines rose, sandalwood, pfaffia, rhodiola and shatavari with
warm and cool packs to help regulate fertility hormones and support healthy kidney function.
Indian Head Massage (Champi)
25min – 60€
This ancient Indian head massage uses Ayurvedic techniques to release muscular tension from the head,
neck and shoulders. It also promotes strong, healthy hair growth.
Head, Neck, Shoulders
25min – 60€
This relaxing massage is for anyone who needs speedy relief from daily stress. Focusing specifically on the
head, shoulder and neck areas you will soon feel relaxed, revived and ready to go.
Back Rejuvenation
25 min – 60€
An invigorating massage that not only eases tense muscles and knots in the back, but also induces a sense
of relaxation. The healing properties in its sesame oil base make it the ideal treatment after a long day.
Cellulite Reduction
25 min – 65€
A body shaping treatment that improves skin tone and firmness by using mineral rich essential oils and trace
elements. Enjoyed as a course of treatments, skin will become visibly improved and cellulite smoothed away.
Face Massage
25min - 55€
As skin ages, it loses elasticity and firmness. Our face massage concentrates on this exact problem by
boosting the blood flow, nourishing the skin and adding a healthy glow. Toxins – which play havoc with skin
texture – are removed and muscles are lifted to give a youthful look.
Please ask our receptionist for full details of our waxing services.
leg 50€
ila Revitalizing Facial
75 min – 125€
A healing and purifying facial created for men to restore vitality and radiance. The facial begins with a Black-
currant and Honey scrub and is followed by a deeply relaxing marma massage with Vetivert and Rose oil. The
facial is completed with a purifying Seaweed and Bio-Plasma mask.
ila Energizing & Detoxifying Body Scrub Renewal
50 min – 120€
This detoxifying scrub stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory system, aiding rapid elimination of toxins from
the cells. The scrub works on two levels. On the physical level, it exfoliates the skin by removing dead cells
and ensuring a brighter tone and texture. On a more subtle level, the scrub cleanses the astral body and
strengthens the bio-energy field with more light. The treatment is completed with a relaxing application of
ila's Body Cream for Vital Energy.
ila Men's Massage
50 min – 135€
This treatment is to encourage and strengthen the flow of energy within, with massage techniques, marma
therapy and vitality-enhancing essential oils - Juniper Berry, Geranium, Lemon Grass, Lavender, Patchouli.
Due to the fact that the sun slowly ripens Juniper berry and Lemon Grass, filling them with high levels of
prana – the life force energy which fills us with vitality, positivity and joy – , it is these essential oils that are
most important and potent.
In Room Service
Most of our luxurious massages can be enjoyed in the privacy of your own room or suite.
Prices: treatment cost plus 50%

Although we hate making rules, and try to avoid any musts during your visit to the Spa, we have to inform you of the following: · Please ensure that mobile phones are switched off during your visit at the Spa.
· Smoking is not permitted at our premises.
· Our Spa environment is one of tranquillity and relaxation. Please respect all Spa guests to their right to privacy and serenity.
· In order to ensure guests are not kept waiting, treatments must finish at the allotted time.
If you arrive late you may find your treatment time has to be reduced. If no guest is expected immediately after your booking you will be able to enjoy the full duration of your treatment.
· Please leave your jewellery and valuables in your room or safety deposit box.
· You will be charged 50% of the treatment(s) cost if the appointment is cancelled less than 6 hours before treatment(s) start time.
· Payment for spa treatments will be billed to your room account.
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