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ALARM ANNUNCIATORS SIL725 Safety Annunciator The SIL725 Safety Annunciator is designed and manufactured to provide As a world leading supplier of process alarm equipment, RTK Instruments will be a high safety integrity for critical alarm applications and for use as a able to provide a solution for all safe and hazardous area industrial applications. component part of a safety instrumented system. The unit is third party Used to monitor critical alarms, our Alarm Annunciators are all designed as certified by SIRA using the CASS methodology to a safety integrity level of modular products, manufactured to your exact needs, with a range of options added as required.
SIRA certified at safety integrity level SIL2 to IEC61508Modular construction from 1 to 128 waysEach channel configurable from the front Series 725 Alarm Annunciator The fully programmable Series 725 Annunciator is the perfect solution for monitoring critical process alarms. With the unique multi-redundant design and a proven history of 100,000s of alarm points world-wide, this Annunciator can be manufactured in any shape and size to your exact requirement. There are also a host of options to choose from including repeat relays, time delays and serial communications.
Three window sizes and six window coloursUp to 256 channelsFully user programmable per point from the front UC625 Alarm Annunciator A cost effective, compact Annunciator packed with useful features, this ALARM ANNUNCIATORS product is ideal for machine alarms and sub-station alarm monitoring. With thousands of units operating reliably in the field, particularly in transmission and distribution, the UC625 has proven itself in harsh environments. Despite the size, this unit is still fully programmable and uses a multi-redundant 725B Alarm Annunciator/Event Recorder Dual universal redundant power supplyProgrammable time delays The 725B brings together many years of development in Alarm Annunciator technology and represents the best available investment in protection for your Individual repeat relays industrial plant.
Using advanced communication techniques, coupled with RTK Instruments' unique multi-redundant design, the 725B Annunciator gives the best combination of flexibility, usability, reliability and cost of ownership.
System 9000 Remote Logic Annunciator 1ms event recording functionality up to 256 points This feature rich, remote logic Annunciator has the ability to handle Multi-redundant design, no single source of failure thousands of alarms channels. The multi-redundant design is also extended to the PSU and the serial communications. The system is based on a Advanced diagnostics standard Eurorack and is programmable from the front and also through Fully software configurable through USB port software. A wide variety of displays or mimics can be driven from this system including the RTK range of Display Facias.
Expandable up to 1000s of alarm channels Can be used as a multiplexer and data gathererCan be linked to Alarm Management Software ALARM ANNUNCIATORS PEX7250 Explosion Proof Annunciator This Annunciator offers a vast range of features and benefits normally A full range of Annunciators is available for installation in the heart of the reserved for use in safe area annunciators only. All windows are illuminated hazardous area. Units are available with different protection concepts to suit the with ultra-bright LEDs and are available in the full range of colours and particular application. These include explosion proof, intrinsically safe and Type window sizes. The same options are available as for the Series 725, 725B & "n". To extend the range of applications and improve connectivity between safe SIL725 Alarm Annunciators.
and hazardous areas, IS Relays and IS Multiplexers are also manufactured.
Three window sizes and six window coloursAvailable from 4 to 56 alarm channelsRS485 MODBUS communications option NEX7250 Zone 2 Annunciator Similar to the PEX7250, this Annunciator is self-certified to the ATEX Directive for use in Zone 2 hazardous areas. The unit can be wall or panel mounting and is sealed to IP54. Complete alarm packages can be designed and configured ready to mount, with suitable PSUs, pushbuttons LN1000 Intrinsically Safe Annunciator and audibles.
A world exclusive design allowing complete alarm annunciator capabilities in Three window sizes and six window colours the heart of the hazardous area. This is a unique solution for monitoring and Available from 10 to 90 alarm channels displaying critical alarm operators within any zone. The combination LCD and LED displays show all the alarm information for all of the alarm channels. The Can be supplied with Zone 2 PSUs tough yet lightweight stainless and polyurethane enclosure is sealed to IP65.
S10 Intrinsically Safe Multiplexer Certified for use in any zone32 channels can be driven from one interface Introduced as the world's first intrinsically Safe Multiplexer, there are a huge Simple to commission and maintain quantity of S10s working successfully in the field.
The S10 transmitter accepts digital signals from switch contacts in the hazardous area and transmits their status to the safe area receiver on ALARM ANNUNCIATORS a single cable pair which also carries the power requirements of the CompactFast response timeSimple installation DA-149 Intrinsically Safe Relay A critical part of the system is the ability to interface between safe and hazardous areas. The DA-149 range of Intrinsically Safe Relays is used to undertake the task of transferring signals either way between the safe and hazardous areas or between equipment within the hazardous area. So a hazardous area annunciator can provide drive signals back into the safe area and safe area alarm information can be indicated within the hazardous Can transfer signals from safe to hazardous area or vice versa Extremely low current consumption High switching capacity on contacts 725B Event Recorder The 725B brings together many years of development in Alarm Annunciator RTK Instruments leads the way with the latest technically advanced Sequence technology and represents the best available investment in protection for of Events Recorders and combined Alarm Annunciators. These can be rack your industrial plant.
mounted systems for large applications or smaller combined Event Recorder/ The Annunciator can be supplied with an integral Event Recorder, time Annunciators which are suitable for time-stamping applications right down to a stamping to 1ms, and is ideal for applications where the alarm channels few channels per unit.
are distributed over a large plant area as the units remain extremely cost effective even with only a small number of channels.
1ms event recording functionality up to 256 points Multi-redundant design, no single source of failureAdvanced diagnosticsFully software configurable through USB port This software has been designed as a ready to use standard package to provide alarm display information in conjunction with RTK Annunciators. When used with the 9000TS Event Recorder, the time is also logged to a resolution of 1ms. The software can be set up to the user's requirements and provides an easy method of viewing current alarms and historical data as well as being able to filter by time, text or priority and to export to databases or spreadsheets for further analysis.
This package can be used as a platform to create further Alarm Management Software for more complex display or analysis requirements. This may include dual redundant systems with industrial servers etc.
Import settings from spreadsheetExport to database 9000TS Combined Event Recorder/Annunciator View and record system errors A technically advanced distributed system, capable of a high speed event capture to a true 1ms resolution on all alarms. Expandable up to 4,000 channels, this high integrity product has distributed non-volatile memory allowing up to 15,000 events to be buffered prior to printing and/or transmitting through the Used where the alarm logic is controlled elsewhere, the RTK modular Display Facias come with either lamp or LED illumination and can be The 9000TS is even available with a dual redundant communications option to manufactured in almost any shape and size. Versions are available for hazardous areas or high voltage inputs.
ensure the security of event data. Various communication outputs and protocols are available including IEC60870 and DNP3.
Integral control components and/or audiblesA range of window sizes and colours The combined Annunciator/Event Recorder can be used to indicate the fault for immediate action and then provide details of the exact chain of events for later Simple replacement for multiple pilot lights analysis. A range of Display Facias is available to display the alarm information.
4850 Master Clock Various communication protocolsSynchronised through GPS, IRIG-B or pulse Global time synchronisation of multiple 9000TS systems can be achieved to a resolution of 1ms to world time standards. This 1U high 19" rack Simple configuration using the setup software provided mounted unit presents the 9000TS system with a combination of serial Configurable alarm shelving to avoid nuisance trips communications and one second pulses to ensure devices in the alarm management infrastructure share an accurate and common time reference.
Status relay outputOptional GPS aerial and interface HAZARDOUS AREA NOTIFICATION DA170/DA180 LED Cluster The DA170 range of LED Clusters consists of 22mm super-bright LED pilot Operators working within a hazardous area need to be quickly and clearly lights in six different colours and matching illuminated pushbuttons/selector informed of any potential hazard. Our range of Notification products serves this switches. As an extension to this range the DA180 Giant LED Clusters are purpose perfectly. larger 66mm diameter units which give clear indication from a distance and from the side.
The Clusters can be supplied as loose items or pre-installed in stainless steel or GRP enclosures ready for immediate mounting on site.
Suitable for zones 1 and 2 DA132 Intrinsically 22 or 66mm diameter lens Tough impact resistant IP65 casing A sound output up to 100dB and a selection of 32 different tones makes this compact Sounder a perfect solution for P861 Intrinsically Safe LED notification of personnel working within hazardous areas.
A certified LED lamp which provides visual on/off indication of process The unit is sealed to IP65 and certified conditions in hazardous areas. The standard BA9s can be supplied as part to European ATEX standards and the of a pilot light or supplied separately to be used in any suitable standard emerging IECEx international standard.
switch or lamp assembly.
Available in six colours Dual certification HAZARDOUS AREA NOTIFICATION 32 different tones and up to 100dB outputSimple installation LN870 Intrinsically Safe Light Tower Providing visual indication of process conditions, this unique hazardous area Light Tower can be supplied up to five tiers high in any combination of up to five colours. The unit incorporates a special vibration absorber and is DA135 Intrinsically either direct or pole mounting.
Not just a simple beacon, this is a range of rugged field mounting devices suitable for Two tiers driven from one Barrier/Isolator the harshest of environments. The DA135 IP54 sealing option is available in 5 colours and can be used in conjunction with the sounders to create a full single point Annunciator. Using either multi-flash or dual colour versions, they can be used to highlight a process becoming DFR30IS Display Facia more critical.
The simple backlit flashing display is regarded as the clearest way of IP65 housing with separate terminal enclosure alerting operators to abnormal conditions on complex process plants. The DFR30IS Display Facia provides a clear, bright display and is approved for Multi-flash and dual colour versions use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas.
Can be linked to Sounder to create full annunciator Three window sizes and six window coloursBright LED illumination Integral control push buttons ENGINEERED SOLUTIONSMany clients require much more than the simple supply of loose products. To service these customers our experienced team of engineers can provide a consultancy service to help them select the most appropriate solution. These solutions can consist of any intrinsically safe/explosion proof system or custom alarm/event recording system. The solutions we provide often include a combination of hardware and software pre-installed and configured to match the client's particular application.
ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS Our systems team will manage each project throughout its life-cycle. This will include creation of the specification and design of the complete system for approval by the client. Following approval, the project passes to production where the complete system, including any software and related IT hardware, is fabricated and wired. The finished package, with all agreed documentation, is then ready for the Factory Acceptance Test prior to shipment to site. Commissioning and training can also be provided if required.
ABB Automation Technology For over 35 years RTK Instruments Ltd has built ABB Energy Automation up a reputation as a world leading manufacturer of process alarm products of all types to the Abbots Laboratories Nalco Chemical Co worldwide process and power industries. Original and field proven designs have been developed and improved over many years. We can offer a solution for all safe and hazardous area industrial applications. Alstom Marine Systerns Oak Ridge National Laboratory Occidental Petroleum Oil States Industries At RTK we pride ourselves on providing the Pacific Gas and Electric Co best customer support for application help, pre Pakistan Petroleum sales commercial and technical clarification and after sales support. Our products are designed and manufactured ourselves at our modern Atlas Copco Comptec facility in the UK. Our internal Engineered Atomic Weapons Establishment Solutions Department will also advise you on applications and product suitability and help Babcock International Qualitrol Hathaway Corp with commissioning if required. If you experience Bahrain Petroleum Co Reliance Petroleum any problems we are there to provide technical support and advice. This life-time support comes free of charge.
BNFL Magnox Generation Saint Gobain Abrasives 5 year warranty as standard
RTK Instruments provides a comprehensive Saudi Basic Industries Corporation 5 year warranty on all our standard products, Saudi Electricity Co all included within the quoted price. When Chemoxy International Saudi Kayan Petrochemicals Co reviewing product suppliers it is always essential to measure the cost of ownership not just cost to ConEdison of New York Schneider Electric Scottish Hydro Electric Quality products built to quality standards
As recognition of our successful adoption of international quality management systems Cruickshank & Partners Shasun Pharma Solutions we are audited against the ISO9001:2000 standard by the BSI and have now held this Doosan Babcock Energy certification for almost 15 years. In addition to this certification we also have a licence to manufacture certified products for use in Emirates Trading Authority hazardous areas and safety related products Steris Corporation which involves a regular third party audit by Baseefa Ltd to their own stringent quality Exelon Generation assurance schemes.
Test Automation and Controls Research and Development
We make significant investments into research TYCO Dorman Smith and development in all areas of alarm and TYCO Telecommunictaions (US) Inc event monitoring in order to continue to meet our customers' changing needs and to ensure Ultra Petroleum Equipment Corp our products are at the forefront of technology. Huntsman Petrochemical Our aim is to launch innovative products to help Hyundai Heavy Industries customers monitor critical processes and keep their plants running safely and reliably.
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