Over 45 percent of U.S. chemical munitions stockpile safely destroyed
Headquarters Announces Treaty Milestone Met
The U.S. Army Chemical Materials Agency (CMA)
Speaking on behalf of the Anniston work force, announced that an effort to safely destroy the Timothy K. Garrett, ANCDF site project manager, Nation's stockpile of chemical munitions has said, "Our workers are justifiably proud in their reached a significant milestone. The milestone of contribution to all that has been accomplished safely destroying 45 percent of the U.S. stockpile of during the many years the U.S. has safely stored chemical munitions, chemical munitions officially acknowledged and the four years we "Our team is committed to finishing by the provisions of an have been destroying international treaty the weapons here." this project in the same safe known as the Chemical Garrett continued his Weapons Convention, manner that has characterized praise of the Anniston was achieved Monday, team by saying, "Our June 18, 2007.
our accomplishments to date." team is committed to The slow, methodical and finishing this project in safe destruction of the Nation's chemical stockpile the same safe manner that has characterized our began with operations on a small Pacific Atoll 800 accomplishments to date. In Anniston, their work miles from Hawaii in 1990. Disposal operations in has effectively reduced the storage risk to the the U.S. began six years later in Utah. Since then, community by some 97 percent. Their stored chemical munitions and materiel have been accomplishments are truly commendable." destroyed not only in Alabama, but in Arkansas, To date, Anniston has safely destroyed 1,830 Indiana, Maryland, and Oregon as well.
155mm projectiles, 35,662 VX-filled rockets and More than 900 people working for the Anniston more than 41,500 gallons of liquid VX. In addition, Chemical Activity and for Westinghouse Anniston at another 142,428 GB-filled munitions and 96,246 the Anniston Chemical Agent Disposal Facility gallons of liquid GB have been destroyed.
(ANCDF) greeted the news with pride knowing they Approximately 27 percent of the Anniston chemical had contributed to the overall achievements stockpile has been safely demilitarized since celebrated to date by CMA.
operations began in Alabama in August 2003.
(continued from page 1) Centers in
In the next few months, Commissioners will be hearing plans to address expanding 911 / dispatchstaffing during the busiest of times and how to raise additional revenues over the next three years tosupport the equipment provided and maintained previously through federal funds allocated to thecounty. This approach would likely combine an increase in fees charged to entities receivingdispatching services along with a phased increase to the 911 user fee to levels similar to those found insome adjoining counties. The County Commission always appreciates inputfrom constituents as to the value received for the services purchased for their constituents. Feel freeto provide input on the County 911 / Dispatch services to your district Commissioner! For moreinformation on these or other services managed by While providing central county-wide emergency the Cleburne County Emergency Management service dispatching, Cleburne County's 911 revenues Agency, contact Steve Swafford at 256.463.7130. L
fall far behind those of other area 911 services.

Obesity in America: How it Affects You
Since the mid-seventies, the prevalence of an
overweight and obese population has increased
sharply for both adults and children. Data has been
collected from two surveys to show that among
adults aged 20–74 years the prevalence of being
obese increased from 15.0% (in the 1976–1980
survey) to 32.9% (in the 2003–2004 survey). The two
surveys show an increase in overweight tendencies
among children and teens. For children aged 2–5
years, the prevalence of being overweight increased
from 5% to 13.9%; for those aged 6–11 years,
prevalence increased from 6.5% to 18.8%; and for
those aged 12–19 years, prevalence increased from
5% to 17.4%.
Obesity increases many health risks
These increasing rates raise concern because of their
implications for Americans' health. Being
include measurements of skinfold thickness and overweight or obese increases the risk of many waist circumference, calculation of waist-to-hip diseases and health conditions, including: circumference ratios, and techniques such asultrasound, computed tomography, and magnetic • Coronary heart disease resonance imaging (MRI).
• High cholesterol • Type 2 diabetes • Gallbladder disease For children and teens, BMI ranges above a normal • Osteoarthritis weight have different labels such as being at risk of • Sleep apnea and respiratory problems overweight and being overweight. Additionally, BMI • Some cancers (endometrial, breast, and colon) ranges for children and teens are defined so thatthey take into account normal differences in body Although one of the national health objectives for fat between boys and girls and differences in body 2010 is to reduce the prevalence of obesity among fat at various ages.
adults to less than 15%, current data indicate that Obese children likely to be obese adults
the situation is worsening rather than improving.
Overweight children and adolescents are more likely How is obesity determined?
to become obese as adults. For example, one study Overweight and obesity are both labels for ranges of found that approximately 80% of children who were weight that are greater than what is generally overweight at aged 10–15 years were obese adults at considered healthy for a given height. The terms age 25 years. Another study found that 25% of obese also identify ranges of weight that have been shown adults were overweight as children. The latter study to increase the likelihood of certain diseases and also found that if overweight begins before 8 years of other health problems.
age, obesity in adulthood is likely to be more severe.
For adults, overweight and obesity ranges are The obesity epidemic covered on television and in determined by using weight and height to calculate the newspapers did not occur overnight. Obesity a number called the "body mass index" (BMI). BMI and overweight conditions are chronic in our is used because, for most people, it correlates with society, and there are a variety of factors that play a their amount of body fat. A BMI of 25 results in an role in obesity. Overweight and obesity are a result of overweight individual and a BMI of 30 labels the energy imbalance over a long period of time. This individual as obese. It is important to remember energy imbalance occurs because there are more that although BMI correlates with the amount of calories consumed than calories used in the body fat, BMI does not directly measure body fat. As individual. The cause of energy imbalance for each a result, some people, such as athletes, may have a individual may be due to a combination of several BMI that identifies them as overweight even though factors. Individual behaviors, environmental they do not have excess body fat. Other methods of factors, and genetics contribute to the complexity of the obesity epidemic. L
estimating body fat and body fat distribution

Cleburne Ranks Third in State for Radon Detection
Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas
produced during the normal decay of Uranium
found in the earth's crust. Radon is a colorless,
odorless, and tasteless gas that occurs naturally in
most rocks and soil and is harmlessly dispersed in
outdoor air. However, when radon is trapped in
buildings, especially at elevated levels, it can quickly
increase the risk of lung cancer.
The method of entry into the home is simply fromthe ground below the house. Radon can enter intoany home, new or old, any school, business orbuilding through dirt floors, cracks in concrete,sumps, joints, and foundation openings.
Radon is an underestimated cause of lung cancer.
Deborah Mathews (right) of the Cleburne Couny The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports Extension Office tells WPIL radio listeners how a that radon is responsible for more lung cancer $5 investment can save their lives. deaths than any other single pollutant excepttobacco smoke. This translates to 21,000 American Deborah Mathews, the County Extension deaths each year due to radon.
Coordinator, is very active in radon education. She Radon is a serious issue for residents of Cleburne states that "Yes, we have radon in Cleburne County, County and should not be taken lightly. Of all homes but it is fixable." She agrees that it is very important that have been tested in the county, over thirty that each resident of Cleburne County to have their percent have an elevated level of this radiation. This homes tested for radon to assure they are not being makes Cleburne County the third highest in the exposed. Mrs. Mathews adds that radon kits are state for radon detection. With these results and only $5.00 and can be picked up at the local other soil testing, Cleburne County has been put in Extension Office at 72 Brockford Road. The office is the highest risk category for counties in Alabama.
right next door to the nursing home. CL
CSEPP: An Update on Demilitarization
The Anniston Chemical Activity (ANCA) is located at Anniston Army Depot in Anniston, Alabama.
Depot established Establishment as a tenant activity occurred on October 1, 1995, under the command jurisdiction of the Director, U.S. Army Chemical Materials Agency.
ANCA began as a group of dedicated and professional individuals performing the mission of safestorage and management of the Anniston stockpile of chemical munitions. Throughout this 1995: ANCA Organized as
mission, significant milestones of safe movement and destruction have been reached.
a tenant activity on Since the beginning of the Anniston Chemical Agent Disposal Facility (ANCDF) on August 9, 2003, 142,428 GB munitions and 874,436 pounds (96,246 gallons) of GB nerve agent have beendemilitarized. Thirty-one months later, March 2, 2006 marked the end of the GB campaign.
2001: ANCDF construction
The next phase of the campaign began on July 23, 2006 with the demilitarization of the VX agentfor the ANCA and ANCDF. The VX demilitarization campaign breaks down in the following order: 2003: Chemical Materials
• M55 Rocket / M56 Warhead Disposal Campaign (completed March 8, 2007) • 155m Artillery Projectile Disposal Campaign (began June 3, 2007)• M23 Mine Disposal Campaign (to begin following 155m Artillery Projectile disposal) 2003: ANCDF begins
• More than 41,500 gallons of VX processed chemical weapons disposal operations ANCA's overarching goals are to help provide a safer United States of America, a greatercapability for the U.S. to meet the provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention Treaty, and a 2013: Completion of
tremendous cost savings to the taxpayer. The extraordinary efforts of ANCA employees reflect great demilitarization credit upon the United States Army, Calhoun County, and the campaign as a whole. CL

In spite of health risks and frequently higher-than-domestic prices
Consumers Continue to Buy Drugs Over the Internet
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
continues to warn the American public about the
dangers of buying medications over the Internet.
These practices continue to put consumers at risk
and may be more expensive than domestic
New data collected by the FDA shows consumerswho are trying to save money on prescription drugsdo not need to take chances by buying prescriptiondrugs from foreign Internet sites, because low-costgeneric versions are available in the United States.
This finding also may be an indication that someconsumers are likely buying foreign drugs this wayto avoid getting a prescription from their doctor orhealth care professional, since many Web sites donot require a prescription. The use of prescription drugs without a Recent examinations of a sample of drugs shipped prescription is an intrinsically unsafe practice. FDA to U.S. consumers found several drugs are urges consumers to have a prescription from their associated with higher risks and are more doctor or other health care professional before dangerous to the consumer if used without the using prescription drugs. The agency also urges supervision of a doctor or health care professional.
consumers to review for important For example, warfarin (an anticoagulant or blood information before making such purchases.
thinner) is a medication that requires very closemonitoring to prevent stroke or death. Anotherexample is amoxicillin and other antibiotics thatshould not be used for self treatment to reduce the Some serious dangers involving
risk of antibiotic-resistant infections.
drugs purchased from unregulated
Consumers are also at risk if the drugs are not Internet sellers include the
properly labeled for safe and effective use. For purchase and use of drugs which:
example, alendronate sodium, which is used totreat and prevent osteoporosis, should include require careful dosing and monitoring; information warning patients of significant side do not have adequate labeling for safe use; effects if it is not taken appropriately. Imported eyedrop preparations may not have been are inappropriately packaged, therefore product manufactured under proper conditions to ensure integrity is uncertain; sterility, leaving patients susceptible to have been withdrawn from the U.S. market for contamination that may result in serious infections.
safety or efficacy reasons; These are only a few examples demonstrating theimportance of obtaining FDA-approved drugs and may carry risks that require initial screening health care provider monitoring.
and/or periodic patient monitoring; The examination of foreign mail shipments also cause harm—such as a controlled substance found that about 45 percent of the imported (narcotic), whose use should be supervised by a products already are available in the United States doctor or health care professional due to abuse as an FDA-approved generic drug. About half of these generic drugs are available through nationalpharmacy chain programs that offer generic have clinically significant drug interactions.
prescriptions at a cost of $4 each. This cost is
usually significantly less than the cost of drugs
charged by Internet sellers. CL
Cleburne County Commission
Room 207, 120 Vickery Street Heflin, AL 36264 To the Cleburne County Resident at: The Nutrition and Health Council's
Friends & Family Saturday, October 13
from 9 AM - 1 PM
The Nutrition and Health Council presents the
Friends & Family Fitness Festival MARK AR NO what: An event where families can learn and practice fun,
physical activities together
when: Saturday, October 13 from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM
where: Heflin Recreation Center
For families and for singles and their friends
To help families and friends find ways to be
physically active and have fun together

much: No admission charged!
Boxed lunches filled with healthy and satisfying foods will be available for purchase!
Cindy Templeton, R.D. and other registered dieticians are planning these meals.
How long has it been since you picked up a hula hoop, threw a Frisbee or jumped rope?
It's time to try these things again and learn some new techniques. Over twenty fun activity
stations will be manned by families from all over the county: you'll see teachers, doctors and
other county leaders; maybe a pastor or two leading activities. Come join us!

Jeff Edwards, Editor AUGUST 2007 Volume VI, Issue 2
Cleburne County 911 Dispatch Faces New Challenges
With over ten years having past since
its opening in 1996, the Cleburne
County 911 Dispatch Center has
witnessed considerable change in
the number of service requests and
complexity of situations managed.
Today, the center finds itself fielding
a 911 call volume of over one
thousand calls per month, over half
of these from cellular callers.
The public's growing dependency onemergency services at times createssituations which requireprioritizations to be made thatdispatchers would prefer not to have Cleburne County dispatchers face heavy workloads as call to make. Funds set aside for 911 and volumes increase. dispatching services are onlysufficient to staff one call taker per For example, suppose a dispatcher receives a call involving a car shift at the dispatch center with their wreck with multiple injuries occurring on Highway 78. Protocols 12 hour work periods filling the require the dispatcher to alert and inform the emergency medical twenty-four hour days and seven day service (EMS), local fire department and the law enforcement weeks required for operation. When department covering the area. Each agency has to receive not only things get hectic, this staffing level the alert but also information such as the location of the emergency, can be easily overtaxed with the status of the scene, number injured and the nature of their responsibilities. injuries. This information is typically given while the initial caller isstill on the line in case follow up information is necessary. After thedispatch of emergency services are made, the dispatcher stays on inside the line with the caller and provides emergency medical instructions, if necessary, to assist the caller provide care of thevictims until such time as help arrives. Seem confusing, it is! Addinto this the likelihood one dispatcher is having to handle two Munitions
emergency scenes. When you take our multiple vehicle accident scenario and add in a woods fire or domestic dispute the effects canbe overwhelming to our quality of service.
One Nation,
In most counties, 911 service handles only emergency phone calls.
When the service was coming on line in Cleburne, it wasdetermined the most efficient way to manage public funds was to consolidate 911 call-taking with a countywide emergency servicesdispatch center so that one center would serve as the nucleus for allemergency service coordination. With funds in short supply, this ANCA Timeline .4
turned out to be an excellent idea, reducing duplication of services.
Risky Rx on
Although the last ten years have seen considerable increases in requirements, neither the number of phones nor the amount of feeassessed for services have increased. CountyLines is published in coordination (See Challenges on page 2)
with the Cleburne County Commission.


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