Get Healthy No Matter What Your Age A Publication of Newsmax Health Vol. 5, Issue 10 / October 2015
Secrets to Staying
4 Dr. Mehmet Oz and
Dr. Michael Roizen
Strong After 50
Aromatherapy for better health Muscle loss is a hallmark sign of aging that can be 5 Nutrition
devastating to health — but it's not inevitable.
7 ways to maximize olive oil's health benefits By Vera Tweed
After age 20, men lose an average 6 Heart Health

Blood pressure: How low of 7 pounds of muscle per decade. ears ago, it was called weight Women lose 5 pounds, and then 10 lifting, and associated with body pounds per decade after menopause. builders and muscle-bound athletes. Today, "strength training" is the Fast Track to Weakness
8 Ask the Doctor
popular term, and it's regarded as By age 50, this equates to a loss of Knee replacement: Get an essential component of fitness 21 pounds of muscle for men and 15 for everyone, but there are lingering pounds for women.
myths that stop many people over 50 Even if body weight doesn't 9 Natural Health
from reaping the benefits. increase during those years, there There's a pound of "Older folks often feel that is a much greater percentage of pesticides in your pants strength training is more harmful fat, which alters the way the body than helpful," says Wayne Westcott, a works. Muscle loss slows metabolism, leading expert and prolific researcher sapping energy and setting the stage 5 ways to reverse skin sun on the subject. for weight gain. Westcott is a professor of exercise It reduces the ability to process science at Quincy College in carbohydrates, leading to high 11 Latest FDA Approvals
Massachusetts and author of more blood sugar and diabetes. And it New help for high than 400 articles and 26 books on predisposes us to heart disease, aches the subject, most recently Strength and pains, frailty, falls, and loss of Training Past 50.
13 Breaking News
Among common myths he has The loss of muscle also leaves us Spicy foods boost lifespan encountered among people over less functional and unable to do 50: the idea that strength training is physical activities that were routine bad for joints and the heart, and will in our youth.
Beware of stealth B12 make you too muscular. In fact, Professor Westcott tells Reversing Muscle Loss
Health Radar that strength workouts No matter how old you are — are even more important to middle- 50, 60, 70, 80, or older — strength Pancreatic cancer: No age people and seniors than the training can reverse the process. longer a death sentence? "There's no significant difference 1015 Health Radar.indd 1 COVER STORY
in muscle gain at any age," says while you're doing the activity.
of the disease, stems largely from Westcott. You might be surprised Younger appearance: Muscle
an unhealthy lifestyle. Strength to learn that with the proper is denser than fat, and pound for training protects against diabetes workouts, a person at age 70 can pound, occupies a smaller space. by improving the proper function make the same percentage gains as Replacing fat with muscle, even of the hormone insulin, and a 20-year-old.
if there is no change on the scale, reducing the odds of unhealthy The fact is, strength training makes a body thinner and more levels of blood sugar. Even a few may be the closest thing we have toned, creating a younger look.
weeks of a strength training can to a fountain of youth.
Lower blood pressure:
make a significant difference.
Although blood pressure does Improved bone density: The
Strength Training Benefits
rise temporarily while doing a same strength-training exercises Younger metabolism: Muscle
strength-training exercise, there is that build muscle also build bone. burns more calories than fat. a drop in resting blood pressure In studies, substantial increases Consequently, when we are afterward, which is the marker that in bone mineral density have younger and have more muscle, matters. Numerous studies have been seen after several months of we need more food to support life, shown that two months of regular regular strength workouts.
but as muscle is lost, the tendency strength training improves blood Fewer aches and pains: Many
to gain fat increases. pressure levels, reducing risk for people believe that strength That's why most people can't heart disease and stroke.
workouts will cause muscle eat as much as they used to when Healthier blood fats: Studies
soreness. And this may be true in young, and still mysteriously seem show a consistent strength- the short-term or if you overdo to gain weight. Rebuilding muscle training program has produced it. But over the long haul, you'll sets back the metabolism clock.
these changes: increase in good actually have less joint and muscle Fat loss: Strength training burns cholesterol by 8 to 21 percent;
pain, research shows. extra calories both while doing decrease in bad cholesterol by 13 Strength training can be the exercises and for up to three to 23 percent; and reduction in especially helpful for lower back days afterward, when muscles triglycerides, which contribute to pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.
are recovering and rebuilding. In diabetes and heart disease, by 11 to Less frailty: It's never too late.
contrast, cardiovascular or aerobic 18 percent.
Strength training can dramatically exercise, such as jogging or riding Diabetes protection: Type 2
enhance the ability of the elderly a bike, burns extra calories only diabetes, the most common form to get up and move around, and to Health Radar
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1015 Health Radar.indd 2 COVER STORY
spend less time in a wheelchair. Strength training works by After regaining some muscle, How Much Muscle Can
producing enough challenge to many people can progress to other You Rebuild?
create tiny tears in muscle tissue, activities, such as walking or riding and as it heals during the next few Studies show that among days, muscle mass increases. people over 50 the right type of Fatigue of a muscle is the signal Twice a Week Is All You Need
strength training produces these that it is challenged to an adequate Studies of several thousand gains after 10 weeks, according people by Professor Westcott and to Professor Westcott, with two Obviously, too much other researchers show that two workouts per week: muscle damage would be strength-training workouts per Men add an average of 4 to 4.5
counterproductive, but fatigue at week, done the right way, are all it pounds of muscle.
the end of 10–15 repetitions has takes to rebuild muscle for people Women add an average of 2.2 to
been identified as the beneficial between the ages of 50 and 90.
2.5 pounds of muscle.
level for people age 50 and older. Each workout typically lasts If there is no change in diet, For younger people, somewhat between 20 and 40 minutes. A there is also a loss of about 1 to greater resistance is recommended, 1.5 pounds of fat for each pound third workout per week will a load that fatigues muscles in 8 to increase weight loss but doesn't 12 repetitions.
significantly increase gains in The machines Westcott muscle or strength.
during a strength workout: recommends are designed to The best way to start is with 1. Do 10 to 15 repetitions on
control use of muscles, so that you machines in a gym or health club. each machine.
work specific ones, in a safe way. Compared to free weights, says 2. Set the resistance so that
He also recommends getting Professor Westcott, "Machines give your muscles are fatigued at the some instruction from a
you support and structure, and are end of those repetitions.
professional trainer to learn how 3. Do each repetition slowly,
to set the resistance correctly and An effective exercise routine taking 4 to 6 seconds for each
use each machine properly, for needs to work all the major safety and maximum benefit.
muscle groups. To accomplish this, Professor Westcott recommends using these five machines: Supplement Combo Builds Muscle in Seniors
• Leg press
• Chest press
Research has shown that vitamin D combined with a supplement called • Seated row machine
HMB builds muscle strength in older people. • Lower back machine
HMB (-hydroxy-b-methylbutyrate) is a natural body-building compound • Abdominal machine
discovered by scientists at Iowa State University. These are common pieces of Rick Sharp, a professor of kinesiology at Iowa State University, has been strength-training equipment testing the effectiveness of a combination of HMB, vitamin D, and resistance available in most health club training in older adults to fight sarcopenia, or loss of muscle mass.
chains. The staff at the facility will "We know that sarcopenia is so predictable in older adults that anything be able to identify these pieces of we can do that slows down the progression and/or reverses it, is going to be effective," Sharp said.
equipment for you. In fact, it is a good idea to bring this issue of Sharp says exercise is vital to prevent sarcopenia, and his research is intended to boost exercise results by providing nutritional support. Health Radar to the gym with you.
HMB supplements are widely available at health food stores and through websites. While optimal dosages of HMB and vitamin D for strength building 3 Rules for Strength
have not yet been determined, many experts recommend 1,000 IUs of vitamin Professor Westcott says you D a day along with 1 gram of HMB.
should follow these three rules October 2015 / Page 3
1015 Health Radar.indd 3 DR. OZ & DR. ROIZEN
Making YOU Live Healthier
with Mehmet Oz, M.D. & Michael Roizen, M.D.
blocked arteries in the heart.
Neroli for calm. The floral scent of neroli eased
For Better Health
anxiety in a lab study at Taiwan's Taichung Veterans General Hospital.
Sniffing neroli temporarily lowered blood pressure romatherapy is a complementary treatment that and heart rate slightly in other research, too.
uses essential oils to enhance relaxation and Roses for deeper sleep. Sniffing rose essential oil
boost mental sharpness.
led to deeper, longer sleep in a research study from If you love the scents concocted by distilling Japan's Mie University Graduate School/Faculty of volatile oils from the flowers, leaves, and bark of plants, you'll enjoy the varied aromas that deliver Rosemary for better memory. Sniffing the scent of
aromatherapy's message. rosemary helped people in a study from the U.K.'s By making sure you get only essential oils — many University of Northumbria recall specific events from fragrant oils contain hormone-disrupting phthalates the past with greater ease and become more likely to — you'll get the aromas' benefits without any remember things on future to-do lists.
Peppermint oil for post-op recovery. One study
Brown University researchers noted in a recent found that inhaling the scent of peppermint oil eased review of 18 aromatherapy studies that "odors can affect mood, physiology, and behavior." Ready to breathe in the benefits? Follow these This is most likely because the nerves that carry strategies for great results: odor signals to your brain communicate directly with Choose good quality essential oils that you like. areas involved with emotion and learning. Use real essential oils, not perfume or fragrance It may explain aromatherapy's substantial effects, oils. Sniff before you buy. Even if a scent has proven and the list is impressive: benefits, it won't help if you can't stand the smell! Grapefruit squashes food cravings. In a recent
Use just a little. study from Japan's Osaka University, the scent of a Add eight to 10 drops to your next bath, five grapefruit's essential oil reduced appetite.
drops to a basin of warm water for a heavenly foot Lavender, sandalwood, and sweet orange work for
soak or five to six drops to a carrier oil, like jojoba, relaxation, reduced anxiety. In one study, 12 breast
almond, olive or grapeseed for an out-of-this-world cancer survivors reported drops in anxiety when they massage. received a series of half-hour massages using only You also can add a few drops to a cup of hot water essential oils scented with lavender, sandalwood or to let the scent waft through a room.
Mix, match, and have fun. Try a few drops of this, a The researchers noted that an aromatherapy few drops of that. You'll soon find a personal formula massage could be a drug-free way to help handle the that makes perfect scents.
worries that can linger once cancer treatment ends.
And more research found lavender eased the pain 2015 Michael Roizen, M.D. and Mehmet Oz, M.D. Distributed by King Features Syndicate, Inc. of needle injections and helped reduce post-op pain for kids who'd had their tonsils out. Dr. Mehmet Oz is host of The Dr. Oz Show and a
Furthermore, sniffing a mix of lavender, Roman professor in the Department of Surgery at Columbia chamomile, and neroli (citrus orange/floral) helped University. Dr. Mike Roizen is chief medical officer at the
ease anxiety, improved sleep, and stabilized blood Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute. Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen are co-authors of the best-selling You book series.
pressure in heart patients receiving stents to open Page 4 / October 2015
1015 Health Radar.indd 4 7 Ways to Optimize Olive Oil's
By Michele Bender
a dizzying array of options, choose those from the California Olive olive oil that comes in a dark Oil council, so it will carry a efore there were "superfoods," bottle or, even better, a tin. COOC seal, and a USDA organic there was olive oil. These containers protect Ask most health experts which against light, which causes the The date on the label also foods make their list of must-haves oil to deteriorate. "Once you've matters. Some boast a harvest and you'll usually find olive oil at opened your olive oil, store it in a date after which a bottle of oil is or near the top. cool, dark place," says Lisa Young, good for 18-24 months. The more That's because it's a source adjunct professor of nutrition, recent, the better. Others carry of "good" fat that's loaded with food studies, and public health at a "best by" date, which isn't as New York University and author of specific, but something to note. "Research has shown that The Portion Teller Plan. "And never 5. Go small: You may want to
olive oil helps lower ‘bad' keep it in the refrigerator." save a few bucks on that giant, cholesterol and total cholesterol, 3. Go extra-virgin: This is the top Costco-size tin of olive oil, but
improve insulin levels and blood of the line and has more healthy pinching pennies this way is clotting and assist with blood components. Extra virgin olive oil not a smart strategy. "Olive oil is sugar control," explains Colette is extracted using natural methods best used fresh, so I recommend Heimowitz, Atkins' vice president and not heavily refined.
buying small bottles that you can of nutrition and education and "The olives are cold pressed use within three to six months," resident nutritionist. using no chemicals and harmful explains Siskind. However, this ancient staple processing so you get the most 6. Drizzle it: Extra virgin olive
of good health and long life is benefits from the oil," says oil is ideal as a dressing on salads, surrounded by misconceptions. cheese, and vegetables, and to Here are seven ways to get the Adds Susan S. Blum, M.D., pour on fish and meat right before most from olive oil: director of Blum Center for serving. "This gives you the best 1. Add vitamin A: This
Health, author of The Immune flavor and its full health benefits," antioxidant is found in carrots, System Recovery Plan, and assistant says Siskind. tomatoes, dark leafy greens, bell clinical professor at The Icahn 7. Heat it right: "Though it loses
peppers, cantaloupe, and tropical School of Medicine at Mount some nutritional benefit, olive fruits, among other produce. Sinai: "Because it is the first extract oil is still more heart healthy to Because it's fat soluble, consuming from the olives, it has the highest cook with than other oils," adds vitamin A with olive oil helps the concentration of vitamin E, an body absorb it better. antioxidant, and phytonutrients, While coconut and grape seed "Eating a food high in vitamin especially polyphenols, known oils are best for high heat, olive oil A with olive oil satiates the to have anti-inflammatory is best for lower heat. palate so you feel full longer "If it smokes, dump it and and provides a boost of energy," 4. Decode the label: You'll know start over because it means toxic
explains culinary nutritionist Sara your oil is up to snuff if it has the chemicals have been created," she Siskind, founder of Hands On letters DOP, DO, DOC, and PDO Healthy, cooking classes for adults on the label. Olive oil can also add a moist, and teens in New York City. These are European unique flavor to baked goods like 2. Store it right: Though
certifications that signify quality. muffins, and banana or zucchini supermarket aisles are filled with Other good endorsements are October 2015 / Page 5
1015 Health Radar.indd 5 HEART HEALTH
Blood Pressure: How Low Should You Go?
By Rick Ansorge
guidelines believe it's unnecessary for a few days that takes readings to push down blood pressure throughout the day and night.
f you're one of the more than toward the optimal level of 120/80 58 million Americans who to prevent heart attacks and Simple Fixes
are receiving treatment for high strokes. They argue that such an The second step is to make blood pressure, you've probably approach often requires high doses lifestyle changes. Proven strategies wondered how low you need to of multiple drugs, which increases include: the risk of side effects such as a • The low-fat DASH diet, which
Over the years, the optimal nagging cough, frequent urination, may reduce systolic blood pressure readings have changed and they dizziness, falls, and erectile by 8–14 mmHg.
have often varied greatly from • Regular aerobic exercise. At
expert to expert. A major NHLBI study is least 30 minutes per day most days But recently, there is a growing underway that may settle the of the week may reduce systolic consensus that blood pressure argument for good, but the results blood pressure by 4–9 mmHg.
readings may not have to be as won't be known until 2017. • Losing weight. For every
low as previously thought. This "No one likes to take 11 pounds lost, systolic blood means you may be able to take a medications that they don't need pressure may decline by 2.5–10 lower dose of your medication or to take," Dr. Lawrence Fine of the you may not need any medication NHLBI tells Health Radar.
• Reducing salt to no more than
"Individual physicians and 2,300 milligrams per day, which patients need to understand there's may reduce systolic blood pressure Parsing the Numbers
uncertainty. Given that and given by 2–8 mmHg.
An increasing number of their own preferences and views, • Natural remedies. Beet juice
experts believe that 150/90 or they need to make a (treatment) and fruits and vegetables high in lower for most people age 60 decision that they're comfortable potassium (bananas, potatoes) or older is acceptable. For those have been shown to lower with diabetes or chronic kidney Fortunately, there is no blood pressure. The supplement disease, a maximum of 140/90 is disagreement about what you coenzyme Q10 also works for should do when you're first many people and has shown Until recently, most experts diagnosed with high blood effectiveness in studies.
believed that everyone should be treated when their blood pressure The first step is to confirm the Last Resort
hits 140/90, and that people with diagnosis with multiple blood- If your blood pressure is still diabetes or chronic kidney disease pressure readings. "Blood pressure elevated after six months, the third should be treated when their level fluctuates from day to day and step is to choose wisely from the hits 130/90.
at different times of day," says four basic classes: After being on the fringes, the Dr. Fine. "The more readings • Thiazide diuretics
lower numbers have gradually you have, the better the estimate • ACE inhibitors
infiltrated mainstream. They've of your blood pressure. It's not • ARBs (angiotensin receptor
been recommended by a panel of unreasonable to get a good home experts appointed by the National monitor and take your blood • Calcium channel blockers
Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute pressure at home." Your health status — as well and by doctors consulted by If it seems difficult to get a as your race and ethnicity — will fix on readings, it may be worth help your doctor decide which Proponents of the new wearing an ambulatory monitor medication is best for you.
Page 6 / October 2015
1015 Health Radar.indd 6 Navigating the Doctor Shortage: Should
You Go With a Physician Assistant?
By Rick Ansorge
vaccinations are up to date.
Research shows that the widespread use of ith millions of newly insured patients entering PAs and NPs is associated with shorter waits for the healthcare system, the demand for family appointments in clinics and quicker treatment practice doctors has increased astronomically.
in hospital emergency rooms. According to one There aren't nearly enough general practitioner study, older patients received higher quality care for MDs to go around. By 2025, there will be a national dementia, falls, and urinary incontinence when they shortage of up to 31,100 family physicians and were managed by an NP and an MD than by an MD internists, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges.
Despite these benefits, there are situations that demand the attention of an MD. "Anybody that has The Doctor Is Out
a potentially life-threatening illness really needs to To handle the patient overflow, MDs increasingly be seen and managed by a physician," Ahern tells rely on physician assistants (PAs) and nurse Health Radar. "This is particularly true in cancer care, in severe unstable diabetics, and in severe unstable At many clinics, patients rarely see their primary- cardiac and pulmonary patients." care physician, and many of them aren't happy Others who should see an MD include the about it. About 72 percent of patients would rather estimated 5-10 percent of patients who arrive in see an MD than a PA, according to a recent national clinics and emergency rooms with conditions that aren't easily identifiable. Because MDs have rigorous Should you insist on seeing an MD instead of a PA continuing education requirements, they may be more likely to correctly identify conditions that Not necessarily.
seemingly defy diagnosis.
"The vast majority of medicine is routine," says Tom Ahern, a certified PA with nearly 40 years of Don't Discount a D.O.
experience. "I would say that 99 percent of the time it's OK to see the PA." If your primary-care MD is usually missing in action, and you want to see someone with an equivalent level Physician Assistant vs. Nurse Practitioner
of training and experience, consider a DO (Doctor of Although both PAs and NPs can diagnose and treat illnesses, prescribe medications, and order/interpret Nationwide, there are about 87,000 DOs and 60 tests, there are some differences. For example, percent of them work in primary care.
only PAs are allowed to assist during surgery. Like MDs, DOs receive training in a four-year medical NPs specialize in disease prevention and health school. After graduation, they must complete a residency management of chronic but stable conditions such as program in a specialty ranging from family medicine, diabetes and hypertension.
gastroenterology, dermatology, or neurosurgery.
The role of PAs or NPs varies from practice to In every state, a DO can do everything an MD does. practice, and depends on their level of experience. At This includes diagnosing and treating conditions, many family practices, PAs and NPs handle routine prescribing medication, ordering tests, and (if qualified) problems such as coughs, colds, rashes, sore throats, performing surgery. In addition, DOs are trained to cuts, sprains, and urinary tract infections. They also use their hands to examine a patient's musculoskeletal system and treat conditions by manipulating joints and ensure that patients are checked for blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugar, and that their October 2015 / Page 7
1015 Health Radar.indd 7 ASK THE DOCTOR with Dr. Robert Marx, M.D.
No More Pain: Knee Replacement Can
Dramatically Improve Quality of Life
Q: Who needs knee replacement surgery?
A physical therapist helps the patient learn to A: Knee replacement surgery should be considered
walk and works on range of motion exercises. by patients who have limited quality of life due to Most patients use two canes or a walker at first and severe arthritis or traumatic injury to the knee. within a week or two may start using a single cane.
Of course, this can mean different things to Most patients can walk without assistance different people. For some, it may mean that they within a month, but there's a lot of variability in can't walk for more than a block or two, or can't shop for their own groceries. For others, it may mean that they can't enjoy Q: How long does the replacement last?
their favorite sports or recreational activities such as A: Most knee replacements last as long as the
golf, tennis or biking. patient lives. The rate of loosening requiring repeat Knee replacement is always a last resort option surgery is less than 1 percent per year. after nonsurgical treatment has failed. Nonsurgical So the risk of needing revision surgery for treatment includes medication, supplements, loosening is about 10 percent at 15 years after injections, physical therapy braces, and activity surgery, for example. Infection can also necessitate revision surgery, The number of knee replacements in the U.S. but the rate of infection is less than 1 percent. has risen dramatically over the past decade and will The rate of revision surgery is higher in obese soon approach 500,000 a year. patients and those who have diabetes. High impact activity such as jogging, or sports like soccer or Q: What happens during surgery?
basketball, may decrease the longevity of the A: The surgery, called arthroplasty, is performed
implant and are not recommended. under general anesthesia or epidural during which the bottom end of the thigh bone and the top end Q: What are the risks?
of the lower leg bone (which make up the knee) are A: As with any surgery, there are potential dangers.
removed and replaced with metal and plastic pieces. These include anesthesia, medical problems, The artificial joint is attached to the thigh infections, implant loosening, and blood clots. bone, shin, and knee cap with cement or a special Fortunately, complications are quite rare and material. The surgery takes about one hour.
the vast majority of patients experience a dramatic We no longer use a very long incision to perform improvement in their pain and quality of life.
this surgery and the usual incision is six to eight While it is preferable not to have surgery in the first place, for patients who have limited Many patients have arthritis in both knees and mobility and quality of life due to painful knees, may consider having both knees replaced in one knee replacement surgery can be a life-altering procedure. For most patients, however, this is not advisable as the medical risks of surgery are increased and the rehabilitation is more difficult.
Dr. Robert Marx is an attending orthopedic surgeon at
Q: What happens after surgery?
the Hospital for Special Surgery in New A: The patient gets out of bed the same day or the
York City and professor of orthopedic next day and starts bending and straightening the surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College. He is also the author of three books, knee. They usually leave the hospital two or three including The ACL Solution.
days after the operation. Page 8 / October 2015
1015 Health Radar.indd 8 There's a Pound of Pesticide in Your Pants
Toxic clothing chemicals can leach into your body, warns a top doctor.
By Rick Ansorge
onto the skin, especially during raised). The most common ones vigorous sweat-inducing exercise are cotton, flax, hemp, silk, wool, ost health-conscious people and linen. Others include alpaca, pay close attention to what Some natural fabrics also angora, camel, cashmere, mohair, they put into their bodies. But contain toxins, including ramie, and saluyot.
few people consider the potential pesticides and herbicides. • Avoid "easy care," "no iron," hazards of the substances they put Worldwide, cotton accounts "stain resistant," and "flame- onto their bodies.
for an astonishing 25 percent of retardant" clothing. Such labels Clothing is largely overlooked all pesticide use. On non-organic are a sure sign that it contains when it comes to health. Holistic cotton farms, about a pound of irritants, allergens, and/or doctor Brian Clement and his wife pesticides and fertilizers go into Anna Maria Clement, co-directors the production of every single pair • Remove the polyester lining of the Hippocrates Health of jeans or T-shirt.
from natural-fiber suits and other Institute in West Palm Beach, Fla., Whether you're a man or garments, and replace them with say that's a grave mistake.
a woman, your first order of silk or lightweight cotton.
In their book Killer Clothes, they business should be to protect your • Gradually rid your closets and show how seemingly safe clothing reproductive organs, which are drawers of all synthetic clothing choices can increase your risk of most sensitive to toxins, says Dr. many chronic conditions.
The bleaching, dyeing, scouring, Not only do many bras contain Why You Should Always
sizing, and finishing of fabrics carcinogens, they also restrict Wash New Clothes
involves the use of known breasts' natural movement and carcinogens such as: impede lymphatic drainage, which may increase the risk of breast It may be tempting to show off brand-new, store-bought clothing. • Brominated flame retardants
cancer, he said.
But experts recommend that you • Perfluorinated chemicals such
Similarly, testicular cancer, send them through your washing as Teflon fibers, which are added infertility, and decreased sexual machine at least once (preferably to clothes to make them "wrinkle- performance are seen more often twice) with a double rinse before free" and "no-iron." in men who wear synthetic, tight- wearing them. That's because even Synthetic fabrics are the most fitting underwear. the cleanest-looking off-the-rack dangerous, Dr. Clement tells Women should opt for bra-free clothing can contain formaldehyde options such as camisoles, vests resins, azo-aniline dyes, and other chemicals that can cause skin These include rayon, nylon, or sleeveless undershirts while irritation, an itchy rash, or even a acrylic, modacrylic, polyester, men should opt for natural, loose- full-blown allergic reaction. spandex, and olefin.
fitting underwear, he advises. In addition, many people handle Synthetic fabrics retain and All undergarments should be clothing. Workers touch it while it's release small but potentially made from organically grown fiber being manufactured, shipped, and dangerous amounts of toxins even that either contains no dyes or stocked in stores, and consumers after hundreds of washings. only vegetable dyes.
try it on in dressing rooms. The That's why Dr. Clement advises Dr. Clement also recommends result is that clothing can be athletes to steer clear of synthetic infected or infested with everything micro-fiber sportswear that can • Choose only natural fibers from bacteria and fungi to lice and leach readily absorbable chemicals (preferably organically grown or October 2015 / Page 9
1015 Health Radar.indd 9 5 Ways to Reverse Skin Sun Damage
By Lynn Allison
Mich., says that hydroquinone reverse sun damage, especially combined with Retin A or brown marks on the skin." Many ears ago, there were few tretinoin is the most effective, non- different types of peels are warnings about staying in the invasive method of reversing skin available, but Dr. Baxt prefers those sun too long. In fact, many of us damage caused by sun. The topical with TCA or trichloroacetic acid tried each summer to get a deep prescription cream eliminates sun and glycolic acid. tan to look "healthier." spots and uneven pigmentation. Besides getting rid of But now we're paying for it with "It intensely exfoliates the upper pigmentation inconsistencies, wrinkles, liver spots, and sagging layers of skin, so you will get lots chemical peels reduce fine lines skin, the result of too much UV of flaking for the first six weeks," and wrinkles.
radiation exposure. he says. "But you will get results Anthony Youn, M.D., a nationally within a month." 4. Photodynamic Therapy
known cosmetic surgeon who PDT is FDA approved to appears regularly on the Rachael 2. Intense Pulsed Light
reverse precancerous sun damage Ray Show, tells Health Radar that "IPL is the gold standard for called actinic keratosis. The even young people are affected.
pigment reduction," explains Dr. procedure involves placing a light- "I see sun damage in patients as Youn. This procedure makes age sensitive solution on the skin for early as in their 20s," he says. "You and sun spots turn dark and flake approximately an hour, says Dr. don't need to be a sun worshipper off over the course of a couple of Baxt. The solution is activated by a to have problems." days. You usually need just a few light source and then removed. It's The good news is that there painless but time-consuming, and are new methods that can reverse several treatments are required. much of the damage: 3. Chemical Peel
Dr. Rebecca Baxt, a New York 5. Topical antioxidants
1. Hydroquinone
based dermatologist, tells Health Los Angeles-based Dr. Youn, who practices in Troy, Radar, that "peels do wonders to dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban tells Health Radar that you can also repair the skin by applying "FIT AFTER 50" FACT
antioxidants directly to the face and neck. She says vitamin Acupuncture has proven to be a viable remedy for hot flashes in a C serums with AHA or alpha new study of breast cancer patients being treated with estrogen- hydroxy acid that slough off targeting therapies. The findings are based on an analysis by dead skin and boost collagen researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University are particularly effective. You of Pennsylvania. The women were divided into four groups to can also make your own mask determine how effectively an acupuncture technique known by combining yogurt — which as electroacupuncture — in which embedded needles deliver has natural AHA — with weak electrical currents — reduces incidents of hot flashes as anti-inflammatory honey, compared to the drug gabapentin. For an eight-week period, and frozen strawberries and participants received gabapentin daily, an inactive placebo daily, blueberries, which are chock- electroacupuncture (twice per week for two weeks, then once full of antioxidants. Place all the weekly), or a fake electroacupuncture, which involved no actual ingredients in a blender and apply needle penetration or electrical current. At the end of the study, to the face for 15 minutes. "The the patients in the electroacupuncture group showed the greatest antioxidants penetrate and repair improvement in hot flash frequency and severity.
the skin," says Dr. Shamban.
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1015 Health Radar.indd 10 LATEST FDA APPROVALS
New Help for High Cholesterol
Compiled exclusively by Health Radar, here are the
without cirrhosis.
most significant new drugs and medical devices
Some 2.7 million Americans have hepatitis C, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
and genotype 4 is among the least common genetic subtypes. Technivie is the first drug to be sanctioned to treat genotype 4 hepatitis C infection without Repatha (evolocumab) is the second medicine in a requiring co-use of the drug interferon.
new class of pricey biotech drugs that reduce artery- Infection with the hepatitis C virus causes liver clogging cholesterol more than older statin drugs inflammation that may lead to cirrhosis or liver that have been used for decades. The drug, made by failure. Most infected people don't develop symptoms Amgen, could eventually help millions of Americans until liver damage has already occurred.
who face increased risk of heart disease because they cannot control their cholesterol with existing drugs Chemo Nausea
and methods.
Varubi (rolapitant) treats chemotherapy-induced
The drug is designed to be self-injected once or nausea and vomiting in adults. The drug was twice a month. Repatha, along with a similar drug, approved to be used along with other agents to Praluent, are considered the first major advance in
prevent delayed nausea and vomiting associated with managing cholesterol since the introduction of statin initial and repeat courses of chemotherapy.
drugs more than 20 years ago.
The new drugs lower low-density lipoprotein, or LDL, cholesterol more powerfully and in a different The Osseointegrated Prosthesis for the
way than statins. They block a substance called Rehabilitation of Amputees (OPRA) is a prosthesis
PCSK9, which interferes with the liver's ability to for people with above-the-knee amputations who remove cholesterol from the blood. Adding the new cannot use conventional devices. It adheres to the drugs to older statins reduces LDL cholesterol by leg with fixtures and screws implanted into the about 40 percent to 60 percent. remaining thigh bone, rather than fitting into the socket as does a conventional device.
Female Low Sex Drive
The new device is meant for people who don't Addyi (flibanserin) is the first drug to treat low
have enough of a remaining limb — or have scarring, sexual desire among premenopausal women. The pain, skin infections or fluctuating shape of the drug is for women who do not have an underlying remaining limb — which make use of a conventional physical or psychological cause for the disorder.
device difficult or impossible.
Addyi's label will warn that it can cause blood The OPRA device involves two surgeries to pressure to drop severely and may lead to loss of implant the necessary hardware, approximately six consciousness. These risks increase when alcohol is months apart.
consumed. So, Addyi users are warned not to drink any alcohol.
— SPONSOR — Addyi was evaluated in clinical studies involving some 2,400 premenopausal women who reported MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT
a significant increase in sexual desire compared to those who took a placebo.
Lock In Great Quotes, Save Money Hepatitis C
Technivie (ombitasvir, paritaprevir and ritonavir)
has been approved, in tandem with ribavirin, to Not connected with or endorsed by the U.S. Government or the Federal Medicare program. treat hepatitis C genotype 4 infection among people Crown Atlantic Insurance, LLC, 2200 NW Corporate Blvd., Suite 403, Boca Raton, FL 33431 Arkansas License: #430306, California License: #0I72703 October 2015 / Page 11
1015 Health Radar.indd 11

between higher intake of saturated CELLPHONES CAUSE CANCER
fats and an increased risk of heart "FIT AFTER 50" FACT
There is strong evidence that disease, stroke, or Type 2 diabetes. cellphone radiation damages DNA, However, trans fats were linked Most Americans are happy which can lead to cancer, according to a 34 percent increase in death in retirement and find they to an exhaustive review of 100 for any reason, and a 28 percent enjoy a boost in health after previous studies. The research, increase in the risk of dying from they stop working, new published in Electromagnetic Biology heart disease. The study was research finds. According to and Medicine, found that using a published in the British Medical the University of Michigan cellphone for 20 minutes a day Health and Retirement for five years increases the risk of Study, most of the 20,000 a brain tumor by 300 percent, and TREES KEEP YOU YOUNG
retirees surveyed reported talking on a cellphone for an hour Living in an area with lots of an immediate improvement a day for four years increases risk of trees is the equivalent of being in health. The benefits tumors up to 500 percent. seven years younger, according to a didn't fade: Four years later, study published in Scientific Reports. they reported "significant Researchers from the University improvements" in health, of Chicago used satellite images which the researchers to measure green spaces around speculate was due to retirees Toronto and compared the results adopting healthier habits against information gleaned from whose benefits took more the Ontario Health Study. time to become obvious.
Diets high in sodium may Low dosages of lithium, a increase the risk for multiple medication that's been used for years to treat bipolar disorder, can Researchers conducting an ease the side effects of Parkinson's animal study published in the medications, say researchers at the FASEB Journal fed mice either a SATURATED FATS' BAD RAP
Buck Institute for Research on high-sodium diet or a control diet A study from McMaster to three genetically different groups University finds that saturated fats, Levodopa is the most effective of mice, and then induced a disease long maligned as a cause of heart drug available to manage that mimics human multiple disease, do not increase the risk of Parkinson's symptoms, but it causes sclerosis. heart disease, heart attack, stroke, abnormal involuntary movements In one group, both males and Type 2 diabetes, or death. in 30 percent of patients after four females on the high-salt diet showed Trans fats, however, were found to six years, and in about 90 percent worse MS symptoms. to carry major heart risks. of patients after using the drug for In the second group, only females Researcher Russell de Souza showed a worsening of symptoms, analyzed the results of 50 studies Mice with a human mutation and the third genetic group showed to tease out the association among for Parkinson's were given a no response to salt. trans and saturated fats, and heart dose of lithium the equivalent to "As is the case with other things, problems. Regardless of prevailing about a quarter of what humans you need to get enough salt so warnings not to eat saturated fats, receive to treat psychiatric diseases. your body functions properly, but which are found in animal products Researchers found that lithium not too much or things start to go such as butter and red meat, significantly reduced side effects haywire," said FASEB Journal editor- de Souza found no association caused by Levodopa. in-chief Gerald Weissmann.
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in the European Heart Journal. A ELDERBERRIES FIGHT COLDS
study of more than 83,000 healthy Elderberries have long been used Common gout medicines may men who were diagnosed with in herbal medicines to combat help those with alcohol-induced low testosterone, or low-T, found colds, and Australian researchers liver disease. The medicines that those who took hormone have found that elderberry extract target uric acid and adenosine replacement lowered their risk of protects people from cold and flu triphosphate, which are released by heart attacks and strokes. symptoms following long-haul alcohol-damaged cells in the liver plane flights.
called hepatocytes. HARVARD: SPICY FOODS
A clinical trial conducted An animal study from the by Menzies Health Institute University of Massachusetts Research from Harvard Medical Queensland found that people who Medical School found that School found that people who eat took elderberry had fewer colds of the two chemicals activate the spicy foods at least once a week lesser severity after plane flights. inflammasome, components of the were less likely to die during the Elderberries are native to immune system that trigger the subtropical regions around the inflammatory process that causes People who said they ate spicy foods one or two days a week Elderberry extract supplements Gout medications, such as reduced their risk of dying during are widely available at health food allopurinol, block the production the seven-year study by 10 percent stores and over the Internet.
of uric acid, and researchers believe they could help prevent damage DAILY ASPIRIN REVERSES
from alcohol in humans. CANCER RISK
People who have an inherited SLEEPING ON SIDE FIGHTS
genetic disorder called Lynch syndrome have an increased risk Sleeping on your side may of colon cancer, and those who are protect you from Alzheimer's also overweight increase their risk disease, according to a study at compared with people who ate almost threefold. New York's Stony Brook University. spicy foods less than once a week. But the extra risk can be reversed Researchers used magnetic Chili peppers were found by taking daily aspirin, according resonance imaging (MRI) to scan especially effective in reducing the to a 10-year study published in the the brains of volunteers while they risk of cancer, heart disease, and Journal of Clinical Oncology. Researchers found that when They observed how cells clear obese people with the syndrome waste material from the brain that TYPE 1 DIABETES: INSULIN
took a dose of two aspirin (600 mg) contributes to neurodegenerative PUMPS CUT DEATH RISK
every day for two years, their risk diseases such as Alzheimer's and Patients with Type 1 diabetes reverted to the same as those with Parkinson's. They found that cut their risk of dying from heart- the genetic disorder whose weight sleeping on the side allowed the related disease almost in half if they was normal. brain to more efficiently remove use insulin pump therapy instead of "This is important for people waste associated with dementia.
daily injections. with Lynch syndrome but affects They are also 27 percent less the rest of us too," said study LOW-T DRUGS LOWER
likely to die from any cause, leader Sir John Burn of Newcastle HEART RISK
according to a new Scandinavian Men who undergo testosterone study. Pumps deliver a steady "Lots of people struggle with replacement therapy are at lower dose of insulin that more closely their weight, and this suggests the risk for heart attack and stroke, resembles the body's release of extra cancer risk can be cancelled by according to research published taking an aspirin." October 2015 / Page 13
1015 Health Radar.indd 13 DR. MAXFIELD
Nondrug Relief for Crohn's,
Colitis, Arthritis
By William S. Maxfield, M.D.
completely controlled with that therapy. Another gastrointestinal complication promoted hen you watch TV, you often see multiple ads on TV and printed ads is ulcerative colitis, which promoting drugs as cures for a wide variety of is an inflammatory process in the colon that is somewhat similar to Crohn's disease.
These are, of course, paid for by pharmaceutical Again, HBOT, which these ads do not mention companies. What they don't because they are promoted by tell you is that there are other the pharmaceutical industry, "FIT AFTER 50" FACT
ways of treating diseases that is very effective in treating don't involve the drugs they are Government guidelines advise ulcerative colitis. seniors to get 150 minutes of I have had patients treated for There are plenty of ads touting physical activity a week, but many other HBOT indications whose statin drugs to treat cholesterol older adults don't meet that ulcerative colitis was completely problems even though it has goal. An analysis of nine studies cleared in the process. now been more than two years involving people over the age of since the FDA published data 60 found that although meeting showing there was a significant the exercise goal — the equivalent Another disease you'll hear incidence of cognitive defects in of approximately 15 minutes of the pharmaceutical industry patients who used statins. physical activity daily — lowered promoting drugs to treat is the risk of dying by 28 percent, rheumatoid arthritis. And once HBOT Instead of Drugs
those who did only half that again, HBOT is very effective in You also hear ads about amount (just over 10 minutes a treating the condition. medications to treat day) still lowered their risk by 22 I had one patient whose blood Crohn's disease, which is an percent. Much of the health benefit level for rheumatoid arthritis inflammation of the small appeared to be for a reduced risk of factor was more than 11,000. dying from heart disease.
That went down to normal with These ads list all of the a series of HBOT treatments. complications of the drug, It's unfortunate that the use but don't tell you that hyperbaric oxygen therapy of HBOT for treating Crohn's disease, ulcerative (HBOT) is also a very effective treatment for Crohn's. colitis, and rheumatoid arthritis is not an approved I have had patients whose Crohn's disease has been indication that is routinely covered by insurance and However, there are laws saying that if a treatment Dr. William S. Maxfield, M.D., is a
board-certified physician in hyperbaric works, Medicare has to cover it. medicine, radiology, and nuclear In Florida, I had a patient with multiple sclerosis medicine. He is one of the nation's whose symptoms cleared with HBOT who then foremost experts in hyperbaric medicine. sued Blue Cross Blue Shield and won complete He has served on the faculties of the reimbursement for her treatment. Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Tulane University In addition to those indications noted above, School of Medicine, and LSU Medical School. He also HBOT has been very effective in treating traumatic has served as the chief of the Radioisotope Laboratory at brain injury, PTSD, and blast exposure. We hope to the U.S. Naval Hospital in Bethesda, Md. He currently is in private practice in the Tampa Bay, Fla., area.
obtain recognition of the value of HBOT in all of these conditions in the near future.
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1015 Health Radar.indd 14 B12 Deficiency Is Devastating to Health
and Often Missed by Doctors
By Vera Tweed
The Right Supplement
Causes of B12 Deficiency
If you are healthy and want hat do lack of energy, falls, to stay that way, Dr. Holly shakiness, difficulty walking, Pernicious anemia is a widely Lucille recommends sublingual mental fogginess, and depression recognized cause of B12 deficiency, supplements, 1,000 mcg daily, of have in common? All can signal a and because meat is a major methylcobalamin B12. deficiency of B12, a crucial vitamin dietary source of the nutrient, This form of the vitamin is found in meat, eggs, and dairy vegans are quite likely to fall naturally found in the human short. However, other common One in four American adults contributors to a lack of B12 are often overlooked. These include Many supplements come in may be B12 deficient, according bariatric surgery, Crohn's disease, another, lower-priced form called to the Framingham Offspring ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, cyanocobalamin, which she Study, which tracked the health and eating disorders. Certain drugs doesn't recommend.
of more than 5,000 American can also cause B12 deficiency, "Cyanocobalamin has to men and women between 1971 including heartburn drugs such as be broken down into the and 2014. And other studies show proton pump inhibitors (Prilosec, methylcobalamin form to be that among vegetarians, up to 86 Zantac, Nexium); antacids, the used," she tells Health Radar. That percent are deficient.
diabetes drug metformin, and nitrous oxide used for anesthesia process can be problematic, and Yet, despite the fact that during dental procedures. additives in the lower-priced form shortage of B12 is epidemic and can cause side effects.
devastating to health, doctors Many people get B12 injections typically misdiagnose it.
Signs of Shortfall
from their doctor periodically, Symptoms can take years to which can also be an effective way Epidemic of Misdiagnosis
develop and may not be noticeable to avoid deficiency. "Healthcare providers are until they become more severe and Any way you decide to take the not really up to date on B12 vitamin, overdosing on B12 is not deficiency," says registered nurse They may include fatigue, considered an issue. Sally Pacholok, lead author of the weakness, dizziness, difficulty The Institute of Medicine, book Could It Be B12? An Epidemic walking, memory loss, depression, which sets safe upper limits for of Misdiagnoses. irritability, shortness of breath, nutrients, has never set a limit "They don't look for a heart palpitations, diarrhea, loss of for B12 because, it concluded, deficiency," she tells Health Radar, appetite, nausea, or weight loss. "no adverse effects have been "And when you miss it, you can If you suspect a deficiency, associated with excess vitamin B12 cause a lot of havoc in the body." Pacholok recommends getting intake from food and supplements B12 is necessary for our bodies these two blood tests: serum in healthy individuals." to produce red blood cells and to B12 and methylmalonic acid, a Says Dr. Lucille: "If you're maintain a healthy nervous system, substance that is elevated when healthy and want shots because which includes the brain and they make you feel better, that's spinal cord.
In some instances, there may be OK. It's a pretty safe injection." But as we get older, supplies an underlying medical condition However, she adds, "Some are likely to fall short because our that needs attention. Or, you studies have shown that the bodies produce less stomach acid, simply may need to take B12 sublingual form is as effective as which is necessary to absorb B12.
supplements or get shots.
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1015 Health Radar.indd 15 Health Radar
Pancreatic Cancer:
Yale Scientists Discover Help for
No Longer a Death Sentence?
British scientists have devised a simple urine test Researchers at Yale School of Medicine have used for pancreatic cancer, making it possible that the the arthritis drug tofacitinib citrate (Xeljanz) to usually lethal disease may be caught in the early treat moderate to severe eczema (atopic dermatitis) stages when it is still curable.
that is unresponsive to other medicines. Researchers found that three proteins present at The chronic condition causes severe itching and high levels in urine can be a marker for the cancer. leaves the skin red and thickened, and standard The team at Barts Cancer Institute in London treatments, such as steroid creams and oral believe their discovery could lead to a non-invasive medications, often fail to help. Patients who had exhausted conventional Pancreatic cancer now has a five-year survival rate treatments were treated with tofacitinib citrate and of only 5 percent, mainly because it has no early showed dramatic improvement. Researchers believe symptoms and usually isn't diagnosed until the the drug interrupts the immune response that cancer is advanced. Laser Treatment Revitalizes
Eye Drops Dissolve Cataracts
Women's Sex Lives
A new eye drop dissolves cataracts in six weeks, A painless, quick, in-office laser treatment can according to an animal study published in the revitalize the sex lives of women who suffer from journal Nature. Currently, surgery that replaces vaginal atrophy. the cloudy lens with artificial lenses is the only This is a condition that commonly occurs as a result of menopause or anti-estrogen treatments Researchers studied families with congenital following breast cancer surgery. cataracts and found they carried mutations in The MonaLisa Touch treatment uses the same a gene that makes a molecule called lanosterol. carbon dioxide laser that has been used for years to They theorized that lanosterol is responsible for revitalize skin in the face and neck to deliver CO2 preventing the proteins that cause cataracts. When laser energy to the vagina, which stimulates the they administered lanosterol to dogs that had regeneration of collagen fibers in vaginal tissue. cataracts, it dissolved the clumped proteins that New collagen increases moisture and better cause cloudy lenses. Researcher Dr. Kang Zhang lubrication, which restores the vagina to a state hopes to start human trials within two years.
similar to before menopause. All women involved in a study conducted by Quitting Smoking Made Easy
Stanford Health Care and The Christ Hospital, Quitting smoking may soon get easier. Cincinnati, experienced significant improvement. Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute have The treatment consists of three 5-minute found an enzyme that neutralizes nicotine in the treatments six weeks apart with a follow-up annual bloodstream before it can reach the brain's "reward center," short-circuiting addiction.
"The bacterium is like a little Pac-Man," said researcher Kim Janda. "It goes along and eats Exclusive to Current Subscribers
Current subscribers have instant access to any When researchers combined blood serum with and every past edition of Health Radar.
a dose of nicotine equivalent to one cigarette, the nicotine's half-life dropped from two to three hours Simply go here:
to only 9 to 15 minutes. The researchers hope their discovery could evolve into a single injection that This month's password is: strong
(Please remember to use lowercase letters.) would last for up to a month, and help millions kick the habit.
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WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEM WITH SERVICE PRO® CONTROL CENTER MODELS 960 AND TNT ®OWNER'S MANUAL FEATURES AND ADVANTAGES The Singulair system is the finest equipment available Singulair tanks are reinforced precast concrete, manufactured and utilizes the most up-to-date wastewater treatment by the licensed Norweco distributor. Internal walls and baffles

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Ley Orgánica de la Procuraduría General de la LEY ORGANICA DE LA PROCURADURIA GENERAL DE LA REPUBLICA Principios generales ARTICULO 1º.- NATURALEZA JURIDICA: La Procuraduría General de la República es el órgano superior consultivo, técnico-jurídico, de la Administración Pública, y el representante legal del Estado en las materias propias de su competencia.