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Exclusive DistributorVersion 2 Singapore Pte LimitedSales Hotline: (65) - 6296 4268E-mail: [email protected] Hotline: (65) - 6297 2069E-mail: [email protected]: (65) - 6296 4252Website: Last revised on 5 December 2006 NOD32 Server edition for Domino After NOD32 installation set in the AMON module in Extension Editor the TMP files not to be checked.
NOD32 for Domino (AMFE) is a Lotus Domino server Before you start the installation (uninstallation) of addin, built upon the state-of-the-art NOD32 scanning NOD32 for Domino, quit the Lotus Domino Server. engine. It was designed to protect e-mail communicati- Installing NOD32 for Domino
on from virus infiltrations propagating by e-mail, and to lower the e-mail traffic by filtering out undesired e-mail Installation process:attachments.
1. extract the installation package downloaded from NOD32 for Domino utilizes the same engine as NOD32 Eset's website or shipped on a CD 2.5, including archive scanning, advanced heuristics, ad- 2. navigate to the temporary folder, and run the appro- ware/spyware/riskware detection, etc.
priate setup file for your oper. system: – setupk.exe – for Windows 2000 / 2003 server 2. Quick Installation
setupnt.exe – for Windows NT server3. the installer will search for the current Lotus Domino notes.ini file and will offer to use the first file found. After the file has been found, confirm it by typing • Windows NT 4.0 / 2000 / 2003 server y and pressing ENTER to go ahead with the installa- • NOD32 for Windows (v. 2.51.20 and higher) • IBM Lotus Domino R5 (v. 5.0.9a and higher) 4. if the found notes.ini file is not the right file, then type • IBM Lotus Domino R6 n and press ENTER to continue • IBM Lotus Domino R6.5 5. type the path to the correct notes.ini and press ENTER • IBM Lotus Domino R7 Before you install
6. enter the name of a new subdirectory in the Lotus Do- mino data folder where you want the file to be crea- Prior to installing NOD32 for Domino, make sure that ted, and where the NOD32 for Domino databases will NOD32 2.5 is already installed on the Lotus Domino ser- be copied to, and press ENTER (img. 3) 7. wait for the installation to complete NOD32 2.5 as well as NOD32 for Lotus Domino is avai- 8. after the installation has completed, press any key to lable for download from Eset's website exit the installation dialog (img. 4) download using your username and password. For more information about installing NOD32, read the quick After installation, before Lotus Domino server star- installation guide available at tup, enter a license key for NOD32 Server Edition for Lotus Domino product to NOD32 Control Center (NOD32 Control NOD32 Server edition for Domino

Center > NOD32 system tools > Settings > License Keys). 3. Setup
The license key is sent to your contact address together
with authorization data by ESET spol. s r. o. After ente-
ring the license key, start Lotus Domino server. At the NOD32 for Domino Setup (AMFE
server startup, NOD32 for Domino (AMFE) will be loa-
To configure NOD32 for Domino, open Domino Ad- After a successful installation, the following files will ministrator or your Lotus Notes client (Workspace). be created in the specified folder (i.e. in the Lotus Domi-no data subfolder): AMFE help.nsfAMFE log.nsfAMFE Mail Review.nsfAMFE Quarantine.nsfAMFE Setup.nsf Uninstalling NOD32 for Domino
The steps 1 to 5 are identical with those for installa- To launch NOD32 for Domino, click the Enable button in the upper part of the AMFE Setup (Service status:). Af- 6. after the installer has recognized a previous installati- ter NOD32 for Domino starts, Lotus Domino Server must on of NOD32 for Domino, it will offer you to uninstall be restarted (img. 7). it from the computer. Type y and press ENTER (img. 5) The settings are divided into two groups: 7. wait for the uninstallation to complete Antiviral Engine Setup:
8. after the uninstallation has completed, press any key to close the installation dialog To display the Engine settings, double click on the se- tup document. By default, the settings are displayed in view mode. To edit the settings, click the Edit button. NOD32 Server edition for Domino Mail Filter Setup:
Status (Enabled/Disabled) – toggles the checking
NOD32 for Domino enables e-mail filtering based on specified criteria. The filtering can be accomplished by • Text to append to bottom of message: - the text applying various rules. By adjusting the filters the proper
message appended at the end of infected e-mails way, it is possible to filter out spam effectively.
Setting up actions that are applied after successful or To create a new filter, click the New Mail Filter button. unsuccessful cleaning: To assign different priorities to the filters, move them up • Replace file in message – cleans infected files (cle-
and down using the arrow keys. The higher a filter is lis- ted, the higher priority it has. To switch a filter on/off, se- • Delete file from message – deletes infected files lect a filter and click the Enable / Disable button.
(regardless of whether they are cleanable or non-cle- The Filter Settings are displayed after double-clicking the filter. By default, the settings are displayed in view • Place text into file body – replaces the body of in-
mode. To edit them, click the Edit Button.
fected files with a text message (the text of the e-mail Settings
will be replaced with the text you enter here) • Make log entry –enables logging
Status (Enabled/Disabled) – enables/disables the
Append virus info to message – adds information
about detected threat to email • Description – name of the filter
Place infected file into quarantine databaseFilter settings
moves infected files to quarantine (img. 8) • From contains – filters by sender
NOD32 Server edition for Domino

To contains – filters by addressee
4. Log, Mail Review and
Subject contains – filters by subject
Quarantine database maintenance
Body contains – filters by text in the e-mail body
Attachments size – filters by the size of at-
AMFE Log Database
Action to take – actions applicable to e-mail mess-
Delete (reject) message – deletes filtered
Move message to mail review database
moves messages to the review database – Log Message to mail review database and
deliver the message – delivers messages to
contains a review of all infected e-mails detected. The their addressees and places a copy of the mess- database also provides information about the time an in- ages to the review database cident occurred, the name of the threat as well as the re- – Remove attachments and deliver – deletes cipient. The information in the database can be sorted by
attachments and delivers messages subsequent- date or the name of the threats. To enable database lo- gging, select Make log entry, which is located in the Mail Strings used for filtering email must commence and Filter setup. end with an asterisk (e.g. *viagra*). Wildcards can also be Quarantine Database
used. A question mark (?) substitutes any one character, while an asterisk (*) substitutes zero or more arbitrary characters. Use a semicolon (;) to delimit multiple strings, if necessary.
To filter out email from the and
domains, enter ***;*** to
the Quarantine database keeps track of all infected fi- the „From contains" field.
les detected. If needed, the files can be recovered. As in
the previous case, items in quarantine can be arranged
by date or name of infiltration. To store infected files in
quarantine, select Place infected file into quarantine da-
tabase, found in the Mail Filter Setup.
Mail Review Database
contains all e-mails that have been filtered. Messa- ges are divided into ‘delivered' and ‘undelivered'. E-mail messages delivered to their respective addressees are in-dicated by this icon (when displaying all messages). NOD32 Server edition for Domino Undelivered e-mails can be sent back to their addressees – to do so, select messages and click on the Deliver but-ton.


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