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Celebrating 13 Years of
"Better Benefits Through Collaboration"
Open Enrollment for Plan Year
April 1, 2015 - March 31, 2016
Open Enrollment Pe
Monday, January 26- Monday, February 9, 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Open Enrollment Season for the Plan Year April 1, 2015 – March 31, 2016 Same Great ICUBA Benefits in 2015
Same Great Partners
Health Care Reform
 Enrollment in an ICUBA Medical Plan satisfies the requirement for having coverage.  ICUBA Medical Plans are equivalent to Gold Plans offered on the Public Marketplace Exchanges.  ICUBA has lower out-of-pocket costs, broader networks of providers, pre-tax benefits, employer contributions into
HRA's, and more generous FREE wellness benefits.
 All other requirements of Health Care Reform are in place. Plan Enhancements Effective 4/1/15
One Health Insurance Plan
Preferred PPO
Points for colonoscopy (100), Mammogram (100) and Reduced Costs
MyHealthy Turnaround™ Pre-Diabetes Prevention (400). for Employee Only Coverage Emergency Transportation
$250 co-pay
New maternity

Ultrasounds of the Breast
Monthly Medical Plan Premiums
Preferred PPO Blue Options Premium
What FIT Pays
What You Pay
Employee +
Employee +
Florida Tech Pays at least 75% of the Medical Premium. An Employee pays 25% or less.
The National Average has the Employee paying 29% or More.
HRA and FLEX Account Differences
Health Reimbursement Account
FLEX Spending Accounts
• Funded by Florida Tech • Funded by employee pre-tax dollars • Available for Preferred PPO Plan • HCSA- Used for employee and eligible dependent medical expenses • DCSA -Used for Dependents under 13 and physically/mentally challenged adults who cannot care for themselves • Funds rollover at the end of each plan • No carry-over of funds from year year indefinitely to year (by law) • Use-it-or-lose-it • Portable after 36 months of continuous • HCSA funds expended before tapping • Must be enrolled in FL Blue Medical Plan • Can have Flex Accounts without enrolling to get an HRA Contribution • HCSA allowable amounts limited by Healthcare Reform 2015-16 Medical Plan Cost Chart
2015-2016 Plan Year
Preferred PPO Blue Options
Non Network
Deductible Individual/Family
20% after deductible 40% after deductible Out of Pocket Maximum
(includes all medical co-pays, deductibles,

and coinsurance)
Blue Recognition Office Visits
(includes Family Practice, Internal

Medicine, and Pediatrics)
Physicians Office Visit
(includes General Practice, Internal

20% no deductible 40% after deductible Medicine, Family Practice, Pediatrics, and

Maternity Office Visits
$20 co-pay for initial office visit to confirm

$20 co-pay per plan year; 40% after deductible pregnancy. Please refer to the flyer
not subject to deductible "What to Expect When You're Expecting"
2015-16 Medical Plan Cost Chart
2015-2016 Plan Year
Preferred PPO Blue Options
Non Network
Specialist Office Visit, including
20% no deductible 40% after deductible Chiropractors and Therapists
Wellness Exam
Outpatient Diagnostic Imaging
20% after deductible 40% after deductible Urgent Care
20% no deductible 20% no deductible Emergency Room Services
(waived if admitted) (waived if admitted) Medically Necessary Emergency
Hospital Inpatient
20% after deductible 40% after deductible FREE ICUBA Cares™ In-Network Benefits
All of the following benefits are always FREE to Members regardless of your health
condition, age, gender or number of times you receive the medically necessary service:  Lab Tests
Employee Assistance Program
Prescribed diabetic supplies
Pap Tests
is available to all employees
including meters, lancing
and household members.
devices, lancets, test strips,
Colorectal Screenings
Colonoscopies and
control solution, needles,
Prostate Cancer Screenings
Resources for Living™,
and syringes
24-hours a day at
Aspirin for adults with a
Allergy Injections
physician prescription
Bone Mineral Density Tests
Receive up to six FREE face-to-face
Prescribed generic folic acid
Ultrasounds of the Breast
counseling sessions per presenting
and generic pre-natal
issue per plan year.
vitamins for pregnancy
A convenient way to verify the
cost of an office visit or procedure.
Members have a choice when accessing the tool:
Call: The Care Consultant Team at 1 (888) 476-2227
Click: Visit www.floridablue.com and click on Members,
login with your user name and password, then select
compare medical costs
Visit: A Florida Blue Center
Call 1 (877) 352-5830 for a location near you
Blue Physician Recognition Program
Free Office Visits
When you are using a Blue Physician Recognition™ provider, all office visits are FREE. Your doctor should not collect a co-payment
How to find BPR doctors
Visit www.FloridaBlue.com and select
Find a Doctor or log in.
 Enter your plan name  When you log in, this step is done for you.  Enter the type of doctor your looking for.  Enter location.  Under Search Criteria select Programs and then Blue Physician Recognition. When Blue Physician Recognition is shown under Programs, you'll know that this doctor is participating. Try It For Yourself:
Pay Only the Proper Amount of Your
Out-of-Pocket Expenses
 If you are going in for your Wellness Visit/Annual Exam, make sure you have a discussion with your doctor/office staff to have the visit filed as a wellness claim.  If you are using a Blue Physician Recognition™ provider, All office visits are FREE and your
doctor should not collect a payment.  All In-Network Maternity office visits are FREE after the initial office visit co-payment per plan year
for normal pregnancies. Care Consultants will advocate on your behalf. Remember to enroll with Healthy Additions and review "What to Expect When You're Expecting" flyer.  If you are billed for a facility fee for an office visit or are billed for an annual physical or annual gynecological exam, please advocate on your behalf and contact Florida Blue™ Customer
Service at 1 (800) 664-5295
and have your claims properly adjusted.
 Always pay your provider based on the Member Health Statements available to you as a registered member at www.floridablue.com.
Pharmacy Benefits
Understanding Your Tiered Copays
 Your Catamaran™ pharmacy benefit plan offers three categories or tiers of drugs that determine your cost share or copay.
 Whenever possible, have your doctor consult your Preferred Medication List for the lowest cost generic or brand medications
available for your therapy.  You may visit www.mycatamaranRx.com or call member services at 1-800-207-2568.
30 day Retail/90 day Retail
or Mail Order
Generics contain the same active ingredient as their brand-name equivalents and offer the same effectiveness and safety. Some generics use a brand name instead of a chemical name. Both have the lowest co-pay. Medications in this tier have been selected by your pharmacy benefit plan as preferred brand drugs. These drugs have higher co-pays than generics but are less costly than non-preferred medications on the third tier. Because a generic version or a second-tier alternative is available, non-preferred 3 – Nonpreferred medications have the highest co-pays and are not listed on the Preferred Medication List. Maximum annual plan year out-of-pocket for prescription drug co-pay is $2,000 per individual; $4,000 for family.
90-day prescriptions are available at the same co-pay at retail and mail order.
Remember 90 day prescriptions save you money!
Dental & Vision
Humana Dental Plans are exactly the same and the prices did not change. Have the DHMO and Want To Change Dentists? Call Humana Directly At 1-800-979-4760
Advantica Vision Plans are exactly the same and the prices did not change. Employee Assistance Program
(EAP) Benefits
FREE Employee Assistance Program (EAP) (up to six counseling sessions per issue per plan
year) is available to ALL EMPLOYEES AND HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS. You do not need to be enrolled in any ICUBA
benefit plan in order for you and/or a household member to access EAP services.

Client Connect® Provider Matching Service assists members in locating an appropriate provider for their current

The Resources for Living EAP website has many helpful resources including informative articles, interactive health
and wellness instruments, health assessments and videos, family, personal, and mental health information, on-line
seminars, discounts to vendors and community resources.

Resources For Living services are available to you, all
To access services, simply call 1-877-398-5816
members of your household and your adult children up or login online at www.mylifevalues.com
to the age of 26, regardless of your medical insurance Username: ICUBA
coverage. Services are confidential and are available
Password: 8773985816
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Behavioral Health &
Substance Abuse Benefits
 Behavioral Health/Substance Abuse Benefits are provided by MHNet Behavioral Health.  Members must be on the Medical Health Plan.
 or call 877-398-5816 and press option for Behavioral Health Benefits.  MHNet contact information can be located on the back of the Florida Blue ID card.  Deductible and out of pocket maximum is combined with medical.  In-network services must be rendered by a MHNet provider.  Services rendered by an out of network provider may be subject to balance billing by the out of network provider for the difference between the allowed amount and the provider billed charges. • Deductible and out of pocket maximum is combined with medical. • In-network services must be rendered by a MHNet provider. Disability and Income Prot Tobacco Cessation Program
It's okay to be a quitter—
it's time to stop using tobacco
Once you make the decision to quit tobacco, you may enroll with
the Better You from Blue Next Steps program or a counseling
program with the Area Health Education Center (AHEC). Once
you initiate the counseling session and obtain a prescription from
a physician, you will be eligible for FREE tobacco cessation

Both prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) tobacco cessation
products are available through this program with up to two
twelve-week cycles each plan year at no cost to you.
Products that can help you quit include:

Nicotine replacement products (NRP): These products
provide small doses of nicotine and are considered tobacco substitutes. Some nicotine replacement product options are: nicotine skin patches, gum, lozenges, or nasal sprays.
Prescription medications like Chantix or Zyban. Since
medication isn't for everyone, you should meet with your doctor and discuss which product is right for you.
Take your prescription, Catamaran ID card, and over the
counter product (if applicable) to the pharmacy counter,
they will process your claim at no cost to you as long as you
actively participate in the tobacco cessation program.
Have you heard about
The Wellness Incentive Program developed in
partnership with Florida Blue is to help you achieve
your wellness goals and get rewarded for it.
BlueRewards is a positive way to help you improve your health through a variety of activities, tools and resources,
including a Personal Health Assessment (PHA). As you work toward your wellness goals, you'll earn points
redeemable online. You can earn up to 1,800 points* for Plan Year April 1, 2015—March 31, 2016!
Choose from thousands of Great Rewards!
*Earned Points may be rolled over for up to one additional year.
Mobile Apps
Good health is in your hands. Access personalized health information and tools while on the go! Mobile Apps provide you with easy access to your personalized health information. Once you receive your ID card, download the app to take advantage of the benefits your plan offers. The Florida Blue mobile app provides quick and
Catamaran mobile app gives you instant, secure
MyHumana Mobile app gives you quick access to
easy access to your plan coverages and details such access to your personal prescription information and view your dental plan and coverage details as well as as deductibles, claims, an electronic copy of your trusted pharmacy resources. Check your prescription a search feature to help you easily locate an in- Member ID card and a search feature to help you history, compare prescription prices and locate nearby network provider in your area. locate doctors in the network from wherever you are. The WebMD mobile app provides 24/7 mobile
MyQuest™ allows you to conveniently access your
Resources for Living allows you to access
access to mobile-optimized health information and health information, request and receive lab results, information, support and resources to help you manage decision support tools, including Symptom Checker, schedule your next lab appointment or find the the issues that impact your work, life and well-being. Drugs & Treatments, First Aid Information and Local nearest Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center Health Listings. How To Enroll
To enroll, logon to and select
• Your elections are effective 4/1/2015 and will remain in effect until 3/31/2016 unless you experience a qualified status change. • If you are enrolled in the PPO70 Medical Plan and do nothing, your coverage will automatically be transferred to the Preferred PPO Plan • You do not have to make changes to any plan other than your Flexible Spending • You are allowed to enroll any eligible Dependent during this open enrollment. You must complete your enrollment by February 09, 2015
Starting Thursday, Computers Are Available In The HR Office From 8:30am-5:30pm
We are available to discuss plan details and problem solve with members after the presentation.

Source: http://www.fit.edu/hr/documents/Benefits/OE_2015/Florida%20Tech%20Benefits%20Open%20Enrollment%20Presentation-2015-2016%20Plan%20Year.pdf

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