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Spring has arrived in the Niki Borchardt also joined
We are also co-hosting a South-east and after the good the team in August, working golf day with Limestone BORDERTOWN
rains across the region in the as a receptionist in Keith. Coast Agri-Links on 15th 8752 2330
last month, everyone seems Unfortunately Niki can no November at the Keith Golf very optimistic for a good longer work here due to Club so keep an eye out for finish to the season. family reasons and we wish that and get a team of four her all the best for the ready! More information There have been some more future. You may still see her coming soon. staff changes at Good Country filling in from time to time. Physiotherapy in recent Some of the features in this You may have read in the 8755 1530
Border Chronicle that Good •Article about low back We said farewell to Bronwyn
Country Physiotherapy pain and some self help tips Cadzow, the longest serving
recently expanded to
for this very common employee of Good Country Kingston. Hollie O'Brien is
Physiotherapy and prior to consulting in Kingston every •The difference between that Keith Physiotherapy. Friday at the Community Flexall and voltaren Bron has decided to pursue Health Centre. All KINGSTON
her own business interests at appointments can be made •Some helpful hints when Core Dynamix and we wish at either the Keith or choosing footwear her all the best for future Bordertown clinics. Kingston success. She is certainly We hope you enjoy reading missed here. See page 4 for a physiotherapist since 2007 this newsletter. TINTINARA
farewell word from Bron and so we are pleased to be able a photo from her farewell. to start servicing this area Practice Principal We welcomed physiotherapy student Jasmine Sampson to
Good Country Physiotherapy the Keith administration has been developing a All our physiotherapists team. Jasmine is in her final website over the past six are members of the year of physiotherapy studies months. Slowly but surely, Australian Physiotherapy Angela Dunsford
and will be working in the the website is coming Hollie O'Brien
Keith clinic. She will share together. You can get a Hugh Drummond
this position with Shannyn
sneak preview at: Amy Gillespie
McGrice, another final year
physiotherapy student. It's great to have these girls here We will be having an official and hopefully the insights launch of the website soon gained from working in Good Country Physiotherapy
so watch out for that. There administration will help them Ellie Ballinger
are lots of great features on is proud to support the
when they enter the following local groups:
Briony Kennett
the website, including a blog physiotherapy world next Shannyn McGrice
of common injuries, year. Abby Richardson has Jasmine Sampson
information regarding Border Downs/Tintinara also returned from overseas Abby Richardson
pilates classes and practice and will be working in Keith. Keith Football Club . committed to
Mundulla Football Club quality health
Keith Hockey Club Keith Netball Club

Low Back P
Low back pain affects more than 80%
This means that the spine is in a curved or These include mobilisation, soft tissue of the population at some stage in their flexed position, which is the opposite of the release (massage) and acupuncture (dry lives. Of that 80%, nearly 90% normal postural curve of the spine (hollow in needling). experience more than one episode of back pain. In recent years, low back pain has cost more than $800 million in Many people experience relief of their back Look after your posture. This pain during standing, walking and occasion- means sitting and standing up ally lying down, which are extension activi- straight and tall, with your chest Most low back pain can be treated and ties. This means that the spine is curving in lifted, shoulders relaxed, chin physiotherapists have the specialist the opposite direction (ie restoring the natural tucked in and head level. Your training required to help. At Good curve of the lower back). posture should be stable, Country Physiotherapy, three of our balanced and relaxed. physiotherapists are credentialed If this sounds like you, then we can help! Try not to sit for more than 20 McKenzie therapists (Angela Dunsford, There are some very simple exercises that minutes without standing up, Hollie O'Brien and Amy Gillespie). often help relieve this type of low back pain. stretching and walking around. These girls have completed post- Speak to one of our physiotherapists today if Using a lumbar roll or back graduate study and an exam to give you want help with your low back pain. Re- support will help you to sit them extra qualifications to help you with member that you don't have to have back correctly. Also make sure your pain and most low back pain is treatable and workstation and computer are often preventable. correctly positioned. Most low back pain is caused by Exercise regularly - healthy body repeated bending activities (eg lifting Physiotherapists have a range of other treat- weight is less strain on your back. heavy objects) or repeated or sustained ment techniques which they can use to help Contact one of our clinics today and start flexion activities (eg sitting). your low back pain. getting in control of your low back pain! There's a class near you! Register now for Kingston!!
Ring one of our clinics to find out when classes start in your area.
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Coming soon….Cardiac Rehabilitation

Currently, there are two fourth year physiotherapy students, Shannyn McGrice and Lauren Scott
from UniSA, working with Angela and the Good Country Physiotherapy team to develop a cardiac
rehabilitation program for the Keith area. This project is part of their Health Promotion course and
the aim of the project is to improve the services available to cardiac clients in the area. They
conducted focus groups with Keith residents to find out what the community wanted from a cardiac
rehabilitation program, and their input has been invaluable in helping to design the program.
Cardiac rehabilitation involves regular group exercise and education sessions for people who have
had a heart attack or heart surgery, diagnosed cardiovascular disease or who are at risk of
developing a heart condition. The education sessions provide information on what cardiovascular
disease is, diet, mental health, medications and general heart education. Cardiovascular disease is
the leading cause of death in Australia and rural areas have the greatest incidence. Cardiac
rehabilitation has been proven to slow the progression of cardiovascular disease and reduce risk
Risk factors for cardiovascular disease
Age (increased risk of developing CVD with aging) Gender (males are more likely to develop the disease than females in younger people) Family History of CVD/heart attack Smoking High blood pressure High Cholesterol Inactive Lifestyle Overweight or Obese Diabetes Excessive alcohol consumption The program will begin in Keith in the near future. We are also hoping to extend the program to the Bordertown area, once it is up and running. If you think that you would benefit from attending cardiac rehabilitation, see your doctor or cardiologist for a referral.
Keith Hospital Health Promotion Project

Currently, fourth year physiotherapy student Jasmine Sampson is working with Heather Cozens from
the Keith and District Hospital to evaluate and redevelop the hospital's elderly exercise program.
The classes currently run twice weekly and aim to prevent the residents from falls and physical
deterioration. This health promotion project is supervised by Angela Dunsford and hopes to
progress the residents with more challenging exercises, as well as increasing awareness of falls
through educational sessions on footwear, vision, medications and environmental hazards.
Falls are a significant health problem and cost the Australian health system many millions of dollars
annually. They are a major cause of hospitalisation and a common reason for people moving into
residential care facilities. Preventing falls is easier than you think.
If you have experienced falls recently or in the past and would like to do something about it, register
your name at Good Country Physiotherapy for our Falls and Balance classes, conducted every
Tuesday afternoon. For more information, call the Keith clinic on 8755 1530.

The physiotherapists at Good Country A message from Bronwyn: Physiotherapy have been busy updating their knowledge and skills lately at a range of training "Five years ago, I began working as receptionist to Kim courses. These include: Bull in Keith and when Angela bought her business 3 Pelvic floor and incontinence years later, she thankfully kept me on. I initially began Common paediatric presentations working 2 days a week for Angela and after moving Acupuncture (dry needling) premises, moving plenty of furniture, upgrading Foot and ankle biomechanics computers, updating computer software, introducing new forms, new systems, new procedures and In October, Angela is attending the APA employing a few more staff resulted in my position Conference Week in Sydney which is a week of growing to 4 days a week. My time with Good Country lectures and workshops on a wide range of Physiotherapy has resulted in me learning many skills physiotherapy topics. and the chance for me to excel in the ones I enjoyed. I enjoyed the opportunity of meeting many new people Our physiotherapists are committed to keeping in the Tatiara and being able to assist them where I their knowledge as current as possible. In could. I have now taken the opportunity to work in my health care, there are many changes happening own business full time. every day. By doing regular training courses, I wish Angela and Good Country Physiotherapy all the we can keep on top of these changes and best in the future and thank you for your friendship ensure that you are getting the quality health and support during this time of massive growth and care that you deserve. Good Country
Physiotherapy - committed to quality health
Bronwyn Cadzow Other classes available in Keith and Bordertown which are run by Good Country Physiotherapy, in conjunction with Country Health SA: Hands on Health (Bordertown) Mon 5:30pm; Fri 10:30am Falls and Balance (Keith) Tues 1:30pm The photo above is from Bron's farewell dinner, which was held at the Keith Hotel Motel. From Left to Right: Back - Bronwyn Cadzow, Amy Gillespie, Briony Kennett, Jasmine Sampson, Angela Dunsford Hollie O'Brien, Angela Dunsford and Leanne Front - Niki Borchardt, Ellie Ballinger, Shannyn Mastrangelo with our friend the spine! McGrice, Hollie O'Brien (absent: Leanne Mastrangelo)


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