Mogul is a Turkish based private company located in Company is owned by Mr. Ekrem Kayal› and his family who Gaziantep city in south east part of Turkey. Mogul was also have 2 other companies in car retail sales. Mogul Mogul Produces Spunlace Fabrics with 1 production line of 320 cm (126") wide. Weight range 30-80 gr/m2 (0,88-2,36 oz sqyrd) Fibers used are: Viscose, Tensel, Polyester, Cotton, founded in 1995 and started operations in 1997. Company headquarters and 1st plant is located on an area of 10000 PLA, PP 100% or blends upto 3 different fibers. Hydro embossed pattern is available. End use markets:mainly wet wipes, cosmetic applications, fem care and baby diapers,dust is involved in production and sale of nonwovens and sqm under roof in 2nd Industrial zone in Gaziantep. Another wipes,hair towels used in coiffeurs, medical bandages/gauzes, Filtration, Automotive, Packaging, Artificial Leather.
composites. Company's product range compose of: PP site was built in ‹stanbul in 2002 for domestic sales and spunbond, Pet spunbond, Meltblown, SMS, Coated/laminated warehousing. A second plant of 20000 sqm is built in 3d fabrics, Peva film and converted products made from Industrial zone in Gaziantep several km away from existing nonwovens and composites. Mogul was first company to plant, both to house new investments and for future RANGE Of PRODUCTS start Spunbond, Meltblown, SMS, Peva film production in expansion projects. Mogul operates 3 PP Spunbond lines Turkey. Mogul is exporting majority of it's capacity to (160,250,320 cm (63", 98", 126") widths), 1 PET Spunbond more than 50 countries on global basis. Mogul is ranked line (320 cm (126") width), 3 meltblown lines (160 cm (63") Mogul produces PP spunbond fabrics with 3 production lines of 160-250 and 320 cm (63", 98", 126") witdh in range of 12 - 150 gr/m2 (0.35-4.4 oz/sg yrd) with different colors and treatments. Multiplex wide width crop covers up to 16m. is also available. End use Markets: Bedding and Furniture, Luggage and Shoe Lining, Medical, Hygiene, Agriculture, among Top 1000 exporter companies and industrial width), a foam coating machine, an extrusion coating line, Lamination and Coating Backing Promotional Items, Packaging, Roofing Underlays, Filtration, Automotive, Protective Clothing, etc.
companies (for turnover) in Turkey.
wide width welding machine for crop covers and a Peva film machine.
Mogul produces PET spunbond fabrics on 320 cm. (126") line. Pointbond and Flatbond types are available. Pointbond in range of 17-150 gr/m2 (0.5 - 4.4 oz/sg yrd) and flatbond in range of 19-135 gr/m2 (0.55 - 4.00 oz/sg yard) Round shape (standard) and Trilobal (TCS) filament shapes available. MHV fluorescent Hi-visible grades is a specialty developed by Mogul. End use Markets: Secondary Carpet backing, Automotive, Filtration, Fiberglass scrim backings. Flower wrapping, Cable wrapping, Battery seperators, Fabric Softener, High Visibility Workwear, Lamination and Coating Backings, building industry, etc.
Mogul Produces Meltblown and Composite fabrics with 3 production lines of 160 cm (63") width (for SMS and Multilayer fabrics 150 cm (59"). composite fabrics (SM-SMS-MMM etc.) are also available. PP, PBT, TPU can be used. Thermal calendering and ultrasonic bonding (different embossing designs available) are bonding types. Asterion range Pulp Mogul plant 2 located, in 3rd Industrial Zone Gaziantep Turkey added Meltblown fabrics are also a specialty from Mogul. Weight range is; for pure Meltblown 15 - 500 gr/m2 (0.44 - 14.7 oz/sq yrd), for calendered SMS 29-180 gr/m2 (0.85-5.3 Gaziantep city where Mogul located is an industrialized area oz/sg yrd) and ultrasonic bonded composites (MM, SMS, SM) 90 - 500 gr/m2 (2.65 - 14.7 oz /sg yrd). For spill control; pads, rolls, booms, socks, pillows, spill kits and specialty with 1 million population. There are regular daily flights from products are available. Corona treated and various additive treated (U/V, antistatic, antibacterial etc.) fabrics are available. Rowapro range sms fabric is used for roofing underlays Istanbul to Gaziantep. Motorways connect the city to all and housewrap. Q-wick embossed meltblown wipes are for multi purpose wiping applications. Elastomeric meltblown grades also available End use Markets: Oil sorbents (Spill over Turkey and Mersin port is only 3 hours away from city.
Control), Wipes, Building Industry (Roofing, housewrap etc.,) Filtration, Medical, vacuum cleaner dust bags, Protective clothing, automotive (insulation) etc.
Mogul is managed by a young, dynamic and well educated team and organisation is developing continously in parallel with growth of company.
Mogul is honoured with "Idea 2001 Achievement Award" given by INDA (International Nonwovens and Disposibles PEVA films is an impermeable and waterproof film. Peva is supplied in width of 160 cm Allucoat® range fabrics are aluminium film laminated or metallised form of pp (63") in range of 30 - 120 gr/m2 (0.88 - 3.5 oz/sq yrd). Composites with Mogul's range and pet spunbond, SMS fabrics in this range. Applications are packaging, building Association) in entrepreneurship category due to rapid of nonwovens are also available. End use Markets; Shower curtain, table cloth, Suit industry, Agriculture, insulation. Allucoat® fabrics have high light reflective properties. growth shown in last 3 years in nonwoven industry among cover, garment bag, rain coat, umbrella, Car cover, Computer cover, garden furniture 150 cm (59") witdh for aluminium film laminated and 270 cm (106.3") max width for Mogul Headquarters and production plant located in 2nd Industrial Zone Gaziantep Turkey 40 candidates.
covers, gloves, kitchen apron, shroud bag, tire cover, baby bib, advertisement flag, metallised fabrics in wide range of grammages, are available.
cd cover, laundry bag, etc. Mogul was first member of Edana (European Nonwovens and Disposibles Association) from Turkey in 1998. Mogul has Coated - Laminated certified it's commitment to quality by acquiring ISO BS - EN 9001 Quality Management System Certificate from BSI.
Converted Fabrics Mogul also offers Extrusion coated/laminated fabrics (PE/PP coated in 150 cm (59") width, 15-160 gr (0.44 - 4.7 oz/sq yrd) coating range), by using Mogul's wide range of fabrics besides other materials. Mogul have a small inhouse converting facility with cutting (sheets, pads), sewing, punching etc. to convert Mogul's fabrics. Also in house (edge print) and subcontract (full width) printing capabilities are available. ‹stanbul Branch MOGUL TEKST‹L SANAYI ve T‹CARET LTD.STI.
II. ORGAN‹ZE SANAY‹ 27120 BASPINAR/GAZIANTEP/TURKEY PHONE: +90-342 337 14 99 pbx FAX: +90-342 337 14 13 E-MAIL: [email protected]
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