Nacho is fast becoming Nacho again,
despite chronic kidney disease
Find out how your cat's kidney disease
can be managed with Semintra

Finding out
your cat has
chronic kidney
chronic kidney
disease in cats
After many years together, finding Many owners are aware that cats can WHAT IS THE FUNCTION OF THE
out that your cat has chronic kidney suffer from chronic kidney disease but it disease can be very distressing. The is always a real shock to hear that your As with humans, cats' kidneys filter the good news is that there are many beloved companion has been diagnosed blood and remove waste products; in doing reasons to remain positive. Firstly, with this common disease. This leaflet so they produce urine. your vet has prescribed Semintra for will help you understand chronic kidney disease, what will happen in the future, WHAT IS CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE?
and what you can do to help your cat.
Chronic kidney disease is one of the most Read this leaflet to learn common conditions to affect older cats. more about your cat's It occurs when there is long-standing, chronic kidney disease and irreversible damage to the kidneys. This what Semintra can do damage prevents the kidney's ability to properly filter the blood. In most cases, the underlying cause of the damage is never known, but in general it is simply part of the ageing process. WHAT DOES THIS mEAN FOR mY CAT?
Chronic kidney disease is a progressive
condition, but the rate of progression can
vary markedly between individual cats.
Some cats live many years but there is
usually a gradual worsening of clinical signs
with time. The sooner a diagnosis has been
made and appropriate treatment started, the
better able your vet will be to help your cat.

What signs should
How will my vet have diagnosed
I look out for?
chronic kidney disease in my cat?
Chronic kidney disease develops over a period of many There a number of tests your vet may have Occasionally, your vet may suggest some months, and it is quite common for owners to have not undertaken in order to diagnose chronic kidney further tests such as checking your cat's blood noticed any clinical signs in their cats when they are disease in your cat. The two most common pressure, taking an x-ray, or performing an diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. Clinical signs can ones are a blood test and a urine test, usually ultrasound examination of your cat's abdomen.
develop very gradually, so it is important to monitor your done at the same time.
cat for any of the signs listed below at home, and speak to your vet if you have any concerns.
Typically, with chronic kidney disease a cat will have elevated blood levels of two waste Signs of chronic kidney disease can include: products: urea and creatinine, as well as having poorly concentrated urine and relevant clinical signs.
Drinking and urinating more than usual Loss of appetite Dull, matted coat Sleeping more than normal Lack of grooming Unfortunately, none of these signs is specific for chronic kidney disease in cats, so your vet may need to do a number of tests to find out what is causing them.

How is chronic
kidney disease
How long does Semintra take to work?
Semintra starts to work very quickly. The levels of
protein within your cat's urine will reduce within
In most cases, an underlying cause for chronic Fluid Intake
7 days of starting treatment.
kidney disease can't be identified, so treatment is Cats with chronic kidney disease can become aimed at managing the disease to keep your cat dehydrated very quickly so it is very important What if a dose of Semintra is missed?
living as full and happy a life as possible, for as that your cat always has free access to a fresh There is no need to worry if you happen to miss long as possible.
supply of water. Your vet will be able to advise or forget a dose of Semintra. Do not increase the you on how you can increase your cat's water dose or dose frequency. Simply wait until the next intake. Some ways include placing multiple water scheduled dose is due and give as normal.
bowls throughout the house, adding extra water to your cat's food, feeding a wet (tin or sachet) Does Semintra have any side effects?
diet or even having a cat drinking fountain.
Like all licensed veterinary medicines, Semintra has been thoroughly tested for efficacy and safety. Side-effects related to the use of Semintra Your vet may suggest changing your cat's food are rarely observed. If you need further detail to one specifically designed for chronic kidney about Semintra and how to use it, please read the disease. These diets typically contain lower pack leaflet. However, if you have any concerns protein and phosphate levels and help to prevent about your cat while they are taking Semintra, ongoing kidney damage or the build-up of excess What is Semintra and how does it work?
please contact your vet.
waste products in the blood.
Semintra is an oral solution that has been specifically designed for cats and contains a What will my cat's life be like on
medicine called telmisartan. Semintra helps to Sometimes your vet may suggest additional reduce the amount of protein lost in your cat's After many years together, finding out that therapies to maintain normal blood pressure and urine. Losing too much protein in the urine is your cat has chronic kidney disease can be very adequate levels of potassium and phosphate. associated with a shorter life expectancy in cats distressing. The good news is that there are many Your vet will also be able to advise you on any suffering from chronic kidney disease.
reasons to remain positive. Your cat will require other lifestyle changes that may help your cat to life-long treatment for chronic kidney disease, cope with their kidney condition.
How is Semintra given?
but many cats live happily for a number of years Your vet will advise you on what dose of Semintra after diagnosis. to give to your cat. As Semintra is well accepted by most cats, giving it should be easy. Many cats FIND OUT mORE INFORmATION
will accept Semintra given by mouth straight AbOUT SEmINTRA AND CHRONIC
from the syringe. If it is easier for you, you can KIDNEY DISEASE IN CATS AT
also give Semintra with a small amount of food.
checklist Follow your vet's advice regarding
How much Semintra to give Giving your cat Semintra regularly each day Speak to your vet before
Stopping, increasing or reducing your cat's Semintra Giving your cat additional medication Further Information
Further information about your cat's
kidney disease and how you can help
your cat can be found on International
Cat Care's website (formerly the Feline
Advisory Bureau). Please visit:
Advice on the use of Semintra® or other therapies should be sought from your veterinary surgeon. Semintra contains telmisartan. UK: POM-V IE: POM. Further information available from Boehringer Ingelheim Limited, Vetmedica Division, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 8YS, UK. Email: [email protected]. Date of preparation: Aug 2013. AHD 7719. Use Medicines Responsibly (



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