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times solid, sometimes liquid. He also per-spires profusely during the night; literallyhe is swimming in his perspiration as the A Case of PDD‑nos parents express it. He has also a kind of her-pes around his mouth and nose. All this in- dicates that his system is still reactive and that his body is trying to clear out toxinsthrough his bowels and skin. His system ison survival mode so to speak. His IQ is eval- uated at 75, but for me this has no special value, because a blocked brain cannot func-tion correctly. A virtuoso piano player can- Tinus Smits, The Netherlands not play Mozart with a broken finger; it hasto heal first.
This case is printed with permission from trance and was unresponsive. Then at age Treating more and more autistic children, I "Autism, Beyond Despair", the book Tinus four he got the usual DTPolio and Neisvac- became aware also that the parentsʼ history Smits finished shortly before his depar- C® shots. He then became very constipated before the pregnancy should not be over- ture. In the article "CEASE Therapy (Com- for months. His stool had to be removed looked either. His mother had many plete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Ex- with enemas.
courses of antibiotics for bronchial infec- pression)" by An van Veen & Yannick tions as a child and developed migraines Smits, published in LINKS Vol. 24 issue 2/ In 2004 he got another Hepatitis A shot. By from the age of 19 when she started birth 2011 the approach is discussed in detail.
that time he lived completely in his own control (which she used until she became world, with a lot of tantrums, and attended pregnant). She also got a D & C with general a special school for autistic children. He anaesthesia for a miscarriage shortly before hardly was able to concentrate, spoke with her pregnancy with Justin. So there were one or two words, and was unable to tell a many possible causations to detoxify.
story. He saw only details, without being Diagnosed as PDD‑nos able to grasp a whole situation.
On the mental and emotional level Justinhad many typical autistic characteristics.
But this is only half of the story. As said be- He had poor social skills, as if he did not Case of a combination of detoxification, fore, he cried very often the first year and need others and did not understand other classical homeopathy and orthomolecu- never slept during the day. He was bottle- lar support; three years ʼs games. Nevertheless he liked to fed. He was full of tension, making fists cuddle with his parents. He had no flexibil- Justin was seven years old and diagnosed as with his hands. He suffered also from ecze- ity and was very obstinate. He was obsessed PDD‑nos when I saw him for the first time ma from three months on (which was gone with numbers. He was reckless in the face in the summer of 2005. The dramatic by the time of the consult).
of danger and was afraid of nothing. He change in his behaviour took place when loved to play with a Game Boy. Instructions his parents took him to Kenya. He was then It was not difficult to discover where all this addressed to a group passed him by com- two and a half years old. He suddenly began came from. His mother had surgery in her pletely. He ate everything but did not have having tantrums, turning his eyes away.
third month of pregnancy for a benign a favourite food.
This also happened during the night as if lymph node in her neck, a long operation he were in another world. He never was an under general anaesthesia and with antibi- With all this information it was possible to easy child, he was always crying as a baby otics given preventively. This explains why make a good analysis of Justinʼs life story and he would run in circles on the play- he had so many problems when he got and to plan his step-by-step healing, i.e.
ground. But when the tantrums started, anaesthesia himself at age two and a half.
the solution to the entire causative factors the parents knew that this was not normal.
As a baby he already had diarrhoea, which that led to his autism. It can easily be Such a change in behaviour must have a is still there, four to five times a day, some- understood that it will be a process not of reason, and I immediately suspected thetropical vaccinations he got just before the tantrums started (Hepatitis A and yellowfever), plus Lariam®, an oral antimalariadrug. He stayed in Kenya from April to De- CEASE therapy (Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression) has cember 2000.
been developed by the late Dr. Tinus Smits to treat children with ASS,ADHD, ADD and other behaviour disorders. This therapy detoxifies by the Back home he got middle ear and throat in- combination of homeopathy (isopathy) and orthomolecular medicine. A fections with the usual rounds of antibiot- case is being presented as an example of the therapy.
ics. This was May 2001, and one month lat-er he had his tonsils and adenoids removed.
KEY WORDS Autism, PDD‑nos (Pervasive developmental disorder – not But he had trouble coming out of the anaes- otherwise specified), CEASE therapy, Detoxification, Isopathy thesia. For a whole day he seemed to be in a 188 Tinus Smits, A Case of – Homœopathic Links Autumn 2011, Vol.24: 188–191 Thieme Medical and Scientific Publishers Private Ltd.
months but of years to eliminate all the um and zinc and fish oil. This orthomolecu- course. On the Saccharum officinale 200K disturbances in his energetic system.
lar treatment helps to make the healing he reacted quite violently: he became very process smoother and quicker.
rebellious and obsessive and the night per- I retained the following causative elements: spiration increased again. The reason for his motherʼs childhood antibiotics, during On both courses he had severe fever blisters such a strong aggravation was also a misun- pregnancy and of Justin himself during the on his face, around his mouth, nose and derstanding; the parents gave the Saccha- first years of his life; then his motherʼs eyes, indicating that the detoxification had rum twice a week instead of once a week.
anaesthesia during the pregnancy and that started. He fell asleep more easily, and curi- When this medication was stopped the ag- of her son at almost three years. With that ously enough he started to tell his dreams gravation disappeared quickly. On the sec- we have to pay attention to his vaccinations, every morning. He also had pain in his ab- ond course of Stamaril, each potency was first to the yellow fever and hepatitis A shots domen on a regular basis. Before continu- given until there was no longer reaction.
after which his behaviour changed com- ing to detoxify the yellow fever (Stamaril®) pletely, but also to the other usual vaccina- I decided to start with Saccharum officinale After that a big change took place in his en- tions (Neisvac-C®, MMR and DTPP/HIB) 30K, twice a week, and Saccharum officinale ergy. He became very insecure and had which he got in the first and second year of D 6, one tablet per day for two months, be- hardly any interest in the world around his life. Finally we keep in mind Lariam®, a cause of his bowel problems, the enormous him; his empathy had gone again and he drug he took during six months in Kenya.
sweating and his mental-emotional pic- stopped showing his emotions. He was fo- Because autism is not provoked just by one ture. During this treatment his speech was cusing on negativity. His speech had in con- factor but by an accumulation of different progressing, but he still had the fever blis- trary progressed and his interaction with causations, the detoxification of all the fac- ters on his face, and his eczema came back other children was better. Is there reason tors should heal this boy completely. Experi- over his whole body. His stool became more to believe that he cannot be healed and that ence taught that the detoxification of the solid, but the sweating was not better. All he will stay autistic for his whole life? cause, which provoked the switch from a eruptions during such a healing process Surely not; such waves in the healing pro- normal to an autistic child, is not enough have to be seen as temporary means that cess are not abnormal and a consequence and will only give a partial improvement.
the body needs to detoxify and find a better of changing energies. Here homeopathy is The order in which this detoxification is balance. This means also that the disease is again a master therapy to adapt to the new done is not fixed and can be executed in a healing from more to less important or- situation and to help him with the next step variable order. Mostly a reverse order is gans, from the inside out. Suppressing in the healing process. Not every step can used, with the most recent cause healed these eruptions from outside with oint- be successful either, but all the important first, but also the most probable and striking ments just sabotages the bodyʼs efforts to causations must be addressed.
causations can be detoxified first. Later on, heal and pushes it back to a deeper level less probable factors can also be resolved to I then put Justin on Carcinosinum cum Cup- complete the healing process if necessary.
rum 30 K, a homeopathic remedy that fits Then the Stamaril was given in climbing perfectly with his lack of self-confidence Treatment and follow-up potencies over four weeks. The parents and obsessive behaviour with lack of flexi- I started Justinʼs treatment with a course of talked about a breakthrough. The eczema, bility. The Saccharum officinale D 6 once a Antibiotics (a homeopathic mixture of the blisters and night sweats were much less, day was continued to support his digestive most common antibiotics in 30K, 200K, and he stopped biting his nails. But the real system. When I saw the parents four MK, XMK), each potency twice in four weeks breakthrough took place on the mental and months later there was some progress, es- and, after a two-week rest, Nux vomica in emotional level. He was more open, his em- pecially his speech continued to develop, four weeks to detoxify the anaesthesia.
pathy strongly increased, he was much but his uncertainty had not really pro- Nux vomica is a wonderful homeopathic more connected with his feelings and was gressed. The parents had stopped the Carci- remedy for this, but is nevertheless not a upset if other people were suffering. He nosinum cum Cuprum on their own after perfect match. It is rather complicated to would react when his parents spoke to one month because they did not see much find out the specific anaesthesia used and him. Saccharum officinalis 30 also seemed progress. These things happen and the ho- then to get the homeopathic remedy made to work better. His mood changed from re- meopath just has to cope. At every consul- from it. Fortunately there is also a mixture bellious to kind, he could easily be cor- tation the reasons for good or bad results on the market with all kind of anaesthetics rected, and he became more flexible. Fi- have to be evaluated carefully in order to called General Anaesthetics. At that time I nally he had no further abdominal pain lead the patient to complete healing.
was prescribing Nux vomica because I was and his stool was solid after many years of not yet very familiar with its use, otherwise diarrhoea. His concentration was still very So I put Justin again on the Carcinosinum I certainly would have used it. Through ex- bad, and he still had his strong obsession cum Cuprum 30 K, and because some of the perience this method of treatment for au- with numbers. At school he was teachable Saccharum symptoms like the night sweat- tism has step by step been improved. That and his aggression was gone. His flexibility ing had increased again, I prescribed this is why I am able to present the CEASE greatly increased. At this point the parents remedy in an LM6 every day, except for method to the world, having learned from evaluated his healing at 60 or 70%, which the one day per week that he got his Carci- experience and always looking for a more is already an enormous improvement.
nosinum cum Cuprum.
Then the Stamaril course was repeated and Three months later there was nice im- Along with this he also was given the usual Saccharum was increased to a 200 K once a provement. In the beginning of this treat- fat-soluble vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate) week. During the Stamaril course his fever ment he became very emotional with a lot and water-soluble vitamin C with magnesi- blisters increased again as during the first of crying. The parents were amazed at what Tinus Smits, A Case of – Homœopathic Links Autumn 2011, Vol. 24: 188 – 191 Thieme Medical and Scientific Publishers Private Ltd.
he could do. He was more connected with Then there was an intermezzo with a red was as if the haze had finally been lifted the world around him and could make and swollen finger around the nail. The from his brain. Even his teacher was sur- snappy observations. He started to experi- family doctor prescribed antibiotics that prised that he could read calmly and retain ment with all kind of things typical for his again would set his healing process back.
everything he had read.
age. He was able to follow programs on TV, Fortunately homeopathy has good rem- and his empathy came back again. He edies for such infections. I prescribed for Now we approached the final goal of his showed more emotions, sometimes being him Silica D 12 in water, a sip every hour healing process, that is the complete heal- very sad. He even started to say "she" when for a week, and asked his parents to call ing with the restoration of all the damage talking about his sister. His fever blisters al- with a report after 24 hours. The infection that was unconsciously done to a healthy most disappeared. He still needed a lot of was then already better and after a week it boy. These last steps I will guide him support, but he had more self-confidence.
was completely healed.
through also and make sure that nothing Now I switched him to the 200K once a has been overlooked that can still harm week of Carcinosinum cum Cuprum and to His school report was very positive: less him in his functioning on the mental, emo- the LM12 of Saccharum officinale. I realized angry; more able to have a conversation; tional and physical level.
that we had not yet completed the detoxifi- understood more, listened better, got less cation of his vaccines, but as long as he was frustrated, was able to follow instructions When the MMR course was repeated, his progressing with the actual medication it to the whole group. He was still behind parents said it was like a wonder. After was wise to continue. Nevertheless there is with his vocabulary and with reading.
three years his profuse sweating at night a big chance that this process will get stuck stopped suddenly. He also took more initia- somewhere because of a blockage caused The conclusion of the parents after these by the vaccines or other causations that are four detoxifications was that there was a still not resolved.
huge improvement. When I asked them Then the DTPP course provoked a strong re- how far the healing process had pro- action. He became quite obsessive again And indeed when I saw Justin and his par- gressed, the father hesitated. He says: "I and his behaviour was more autistic-like, ents four months later, the healing process would say 100%, but there is something as if he got his wires crossed and got stuck had slowed down. Sure, he was able to ex- that is still not as it should be to declare in his established patterns. After the course press himself correctly and to tell a story him 100% healed. He has little interest in he improved again, but that meant that that made sense; he was flexible and able the world around him. He has no hobbies, both the MMR and especially the DTPP had to make a plan for himself for the day.
no ambition; he is not interested for exam- to be repeated. Apparently the information Nevertheless he was still sweating a lot at ple in learning to tie his shoes. He never in his energy which is built up with the night, and his obsession with numbers had asks why. He does not feel any need to MMR and DTPP energy is still there, other- not disappeared yet. The sweating showed nourish himself on the intellectual level." wise there would not have been such a that his system was still overloaded with His mother said: "During the detoxification strong reaction. Nevertheless both courses toxins (the body was using the sweat as a we had the impression that there was a improved his concentration and at school way of eliminating them).
breakthrough, but at the end he fell back as he was really doing his very best. Only his if there is still something missing." verbal capacities like understanding and Then the detoxification continued with the speaking in complete sentences were still Hepatitis A vaccine (Havrix®), then the Neis- Then I realized that he was now in a state as vac-C, followed by the MMR and finally the if he were still half under anaesthesia and I DTPP/HIB, with a two-week interval be- remembered that the detoxification of the The course with MMR did not give further tween every course of four weeks.
anaesthesia with Nux vomica did not give reaction, but on the DTPP he reacted again, the expected improvement. Therefore I de- especially on the 1 MK and 10MK. His blis- During the Hepatitis A course he became cided to start right away with Opium, an- ters disappeared completely. He became very obstinate and restless, but after the other remedy used in homeopathy to de- talkative and started to write down stories, course these symptoms disappeared again toxify anaesthesia. Opium has the same showing his creativity. His speech is never- dullness and lack of interest. I kept in mind theless still far behind compared to his class that the MMR and DTTP/HIB should be still mates. Now he is open and alert and his On the Neisvac-C course he had no reac- repeated at least one more time and that empathy has increased a lot. He has be- tions, but on the MMR there was clear prog- the detoxification of Lariam® should also come independent also, riding his bike ress in his cognitive skills. He started to ask be done to complete the whole treatment.
alone or taking the bus alone. He suddenly questions and had more different interests.
started to tie his shoes also. He enjoys going His obsessions become less for the first The course of Opium over four weeks had on holiday. The only detoxification left on time and he was able to draw other pictures indeed the expected and desired results.
our list is Lariam®. But the parents recon- instead of series of numbers.
First he became rebellious again, but soon firm without any hesitation that they donʼt he became more alert and started to play have an autistic child any more, just a child On the DTPP/HIB detoxification he became football with other children even if he with some speech and language problems.
unbearable, was in a constant hurry, and didnʼt know them. His father went with Will the detoxification of Lariam® give a wanted to try out everything that came up him to an amusement park and really had boost to that also? Time will give us the an- in his mind. Also the fever blisters on his the feeling of having a normal child who face came back again. But after this detoxi- enjoyed all the attractions and was able to fication he became very calm and flexible.
stand in line and wait his turn nicely. It 190 Tinus Smits, A Case of – Homœopathic Links Autumn 2011, Vol.24: 188–191 Thieme Medical and Scientific Publishers Private Ltd.

tion is still in the energetic system and Addresses for correspondence on CEASE: should be cleared out completely beforepassing to the next. When this is not done When I reread his healing story, I realize properly this can still be repaired later as I that nowadays based on many experiences have done in this case.
with these treatments I work more system- atically, preferring mostly to finish all the detoxifications first and then pass to gener- al homeopathy to complete the process ifnecessary. Sometimes for the comfort of 1 Smits T. Autism Beyond Despair. Haar- the parents, the child or the school, a well- lem, The Netherlands: Emryss; 2010 chosen homeopathic remedy can be given 2 van Veen A, Smits Y. CEASE therapy in between or along with the detoxification (complete elimination of autistic spec- courses. Also detoxification of a substance trum expression). Homœopathic Links has to be repeated as long as there are reac- 2011; 24: 87– 91 tions. Reactions means that the informa- Homeopaths recipe.
Take one ful measure of dedication Add plenty of passion A desire to learn, be curious and grow Materia Medica Webinars
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These webinars will be held once per month for 10 months of the year. Each webinar, lasting 2.5 hours, will focus on the precise issues of the group and significant specifics about some of the individual remedies. 50 sessions have been planned.
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A Detailed Study of Vitamins & Minerals Written by G.Desmond and Learning Outcomes Name the key food sources of the given micronutrients Discuss the absorption and metabolism of dietary and supplemental sources of these micronutrients List the major nutrient-nutrient interactions these micronutrients Describe the metabolic functions and therapeutic uses of these