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Newsletter – AUTUMN 2011 Issue 11
are proteins - what can be fine for most dogs can cause problems in certain individuals. The other potential CLINIC NEWS
offender is the carbohydrate component. The only way to establish food allergy as the cause of itchiness is to give Following the recent devastating Earthquake, we hope the dog an elimination diet trial. This has to be for a you, your friends, families and animals are all ok. All our minimum of six weeks and is based on a "novel" protein staff are safe and both our clinics are up and running and and carbohydrate. The dog is not allowed access to any operating at full capacity. other dog food, human food, other animal food (eg cat), treats or even milk during this time. Veterinary prescription We have updated the information on our website diets provide the most reliable, balanced and easiest way regarding disaster preparation and also dealing with of achieving this trial. YEAST INFECTIONS The most common of these we see is Malassezia, a surface opportunist. Most dogs harbour these organisms in low numbers but given the right conditions e.g. an underlying allergy they will overpopulate and contribute to If you are concerned about your pet's well being during the itchiness. They produce a distinctive odour and can be this stressful time, please don't hesitate to contact us. seen in samples taken from the skin surface under a There are medications and other products that are microscope. Treatment options include medicated available that may help. shampoos and antifungal tablets. On a lighter note, those of you that had Dr. Cath Neville as your veterinarian over the last 10 or so years, will be This refers to overpopulation with bacteria, again usually interested to hear that she got married in January and is opportunistic in nature (with even more potential now expecting her first baby. We are all very excited for underlying causes eg allergies, immune disorders etc) Cath and her husband Sean. They too can be seen in samples checked under the microscope and will also contribute to itchiness. FEATURE ARTICLE
Infections can vary markedly in severity, and treatment options range from medicated shampoo to antibiotic Itchy Dogs
tablets (which often require prolonged courses) by Dr. Eve Allely
A contagious mite that infects the skin of some wild Persistent itchiness in dogs can be associated with a animals and dogs (also potentially humans but it is usually number of skin conditions, frequently with multiple self-limiting unless the host is immunocompromised). Usually the clue in a dog's history is previous exposure to presentations, but commonly a diagnosis can only be other itchy dogs or wild vectors. More common in reached by process of elimination. The following is a Australia where foxes act as vectors. summary of the more common itchy skin conditions and diagnostic methods by which each can be recognized. Hairless or sparsely-haired areas of dogs are vulnerable to this form of allergic dermatitis. There are several plant A dog's response to a flea bite varies from a transient species that will affect most dogs in this way. Wandering minor itch to a more distressing hypersensitivity (allergic) Dew is our most commonly implicated offender. Contact reaction. While a heavy flea burden is usually quite allergies can occur in response to many other things obvious, a flea bite hypersensitivity may be more subtle in including blankets, carpets etc and dogs will vary in their that the offender/s often may not be seen. The simplest sensitivities, most having no problems at all but others way to establish if fleas are the culprits is to eliminate being very reactive. Diagnosis is made by patch testing them from the affected dog, any in-contact animals and suspected allergens. environment with reliable flea treatments. Basically what you are left with once all other possibilities As the name suggests, an allergic reaction to food! Dogs have been discounted! Atopy is one of our most common can exhibit an allergy to completely new foods but also itchy skin conditions but the most difficult to deal with. over time can develop an allergy to their existing diet. The Traditionally it was thought that the problem arises from most common allergy-inducing components in dog food inhalation of air-borne allergens e.g. dust mites and pollens. Dermatologists have now come to the conclusion enjoyed this course and recommend it to anyone who that atopy is the outcome of defects in skin barrier enjoys working with animals and wants to learn more function. It is often hereditary. Intradermal skin testing can about their care. be done to identify the most threatening allergens for certain dogs with the aim of formulation of a vaccine to On completion of Animal Care in 2009, I then applied for gradually desensitize the patient (variable success) The National Certificate in Veterinary Nursing- Graduate Pathway course for 2010. As there were many people Other means of dealing with this type of allergy are: applying and only limited places, there was an interview Dietary supplements (featuring beneficial process, and I was lucky enough to be chosen for the essential fatty acids and other nutriceuticals) 2010 part time course intake. This course was thoroughly Antihistamines (variable success) interesting and included practical and theory content. There are also assignments and exams to study for, both Prednisolone (our most reliable short term solution. Side effects undesirable with long term theory and practical. We had to complete 240 hours of practical work experience at vet clinics throughout the year of our course time. Cyclosporin (expensive but very effective and avoids side effects of cortisone) Course content includes care of caged birds and fish, Topical therapies eg oatmeal/aloe vera surgical nursing, assisting a vet with surgery, monitoring shampoo/conditioner anaesthetics, care and recovery of patients after surgery, fluid therapy, administering drugs, clinical nursing, If you are having trouble with an itchy dog, then this radiography and developing of x-rays, care of hospitalised is not normal and you should contact us to seek patients, laboratory procedures, preparing samples for veterinary advice. FEATURE ARTICLE
insemination etc. Once again the tutors are great people Are you thinking of a new career in Veterinary
and have your best interests at heart. The Straven Road Veterinary Centre is the training facility during the year for surgical sessions and end of year practical assessments which are taken by Julie Hutt, Dr. Linda Sorensen, Dr. by Angela Dacombe, Veterinary Nurse
Fiona Richardson and Tania Archbold. Tutorials are also run there by veterinary nurse Gina Trounson. They are all I decided two years ago to follow my dream of becoming a extremely knowledgeable in their fields and have great Veterinary Nurse. I had been working for 14 years as a experience and teaching skills. receptionist and decided I needed a change. I wanted a job where I could work and care for animals as they were If you want to know more about training as an animal my passion. Part time was the best option for me, as I still carer or veterinary nurse, talk to any of our nurses and had to work while studying and be a mum to my school they will be happy to help you. age son. This involved taking the first step and applying for a place in The National Certificate in Animal Care course at CPIT (Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of PROMOTIONS
Technology). See the CPIT website for further information on how to apply and what is required before applying to Check out the website for details on our current get onto the course. ( promotions. Current for April 2011 1. Receive a FREE Frontline Plus gear bag when
I chose to do the part time one year night classes. Other you purchase a pack of Frontline Plus. options included studying one semester fulltime. By doing The National Certificate in Animal Care part time, this enables you to carry on the following year, provided you promotions.php for full details are accepted and have passed Animal Care, in doing The National Certificate in Veterinary Nursing part time. Another option for The National Certificate in Veterinary Nursing is one year studying full time. This incorporates Animal Care and Veterinary Nursing all in one year. Over the last 3 months we have been working hard to However, if you choose to only do The National Certificate increase the content on our website. You will now find a in Animal Care, this can open careers in animal related number of new articles with important information for you jobs including working in boarding facilities, wildlife parks and zoos, pet shops, animal welfare organisations etc. More content is being added regularly so keep checking The Animal Care course content includes the handling and care of cats, dogs, rodents and rabbits. It also If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see includes topics such as animal welfare and ethics, on our website – please contact us with your ideas. parturition and care of newborn dogs and cats, first aid JOIN US ON FACEBOOK
and transport of injured animals, clinical examinations of cats and dogs, hygiene and health and safety, zoonoses, We have recently set up a Facebook Page. This is an behaviour, anatomy and physiology etc. The tutors are easy way for you to get updates on new content on our wonderful people and are there to help you succeed in website, promotions and other things happening at the every way possible, but you still need to make a clinics. Don't forget to visit our website and click on the commitment to putting in the effort and hard work. During "LIKE" button (this can be found on every page at the top the year there are exams to study for and assignments to of the right hand column). complete. The course is made up of both theory and practical elements which made it very interesting for me. We would love to hear your feedback on our
We had a workbook of practical tasks to do during the newsletter. We thank you for your custom and
year and also complete 60 hours of animal handling and we look forward to seeing you again soon.
animal related work outside course hours. I thoroughly



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