Passover guide 2016

Congregation Beth El-Atereth Israel TABLE OF CONTENTS I. INTRODUCTION . 3 PASSOVER SCHEDULE . 4 EATING ON EREV PESACH . 5 WHAT IS CHOMETZ? . 5 FOOD PRODUCT INFORMATION . 6 MEDICINES & COSMETICS . 8 PREPARING THE HOME FOR PASSOVER. 9 PREPARING THE KITCHEN FOR PASSOVER . 9 RITUAL GUIDE TO THE SEDER……………………….10 SALE OF CHOMETZ…………………………………….10 PRODUCT INFORMATION/CONSUMER ALERTS.11 SPECIAL DIETS .11 The OU Passover Directory lists many brand name products that are Kosher for Passover and includes other valuable information relating to the Passover holiday. This guide is available on the web: When accessing the web copy of the guide, the page numbers on the Adobe page counter are different from the actual page numbers appearing on the pages of the document itself. The Beth El guide will often refer to various pages in the OU Guide. These references are the actual page numbers on the document itself and not to the page numbers on the PDF page counter. The uniqueness of the Passover Holiday rests not only in the historical commemoration of the liberation of the Jewish people from the land of Egypt. Passover is also special in the way in which the various laws, customs and rituals of the eight days transport us onto a different plane. So encompassing are the laws of Passover that it literally transforms our entire home and lifestyle. In modern times Passover observance has been enhanced by modern technology in providing a wide variety of Passover foods. On the other hand, modern technology has found so many innovative uses for grain derived substances that areas previously regarded as problem free require investigation. This guide is intended to facilitate the observance of the Passover laws while attempting to minimize the potential hardships involved in preparing for Passover. Obviously questions will arise that are not covered by this guide. Please do not hesitate to contact me at the Shul or at May our proper observance of this holiday bring about the time of redemption for all of Mankind. A happy and kosher Pesach to all. Rabbi Gershon Segal "Why is this night different form all other nights?" Because tonight we reaffirm our faith, our commitments to freedom, and the strength of our heritage.

THURSDAY, APRIL 21 - Bedikas Chometz
after 8:00 pm FRIDAY, APRIL 22 - Erev Pesach/First Night Pesach Morning Service and Siyum for First Born. 6:30 am
Candle Lighting Time (Shel Shabbat v'Shel Yom Tov & Shehechiyanu)before 7:16 pm
Mincha Service . 7:25 pm Maariv Service. 7:45 pm FIRST SEDER
SATURDAY, APRIL 23 - First Day of Pesach/Second Night Pesach Morning Service .Note: later than usual time.9:30 am*
Mincha Service . 7:10 pm Maariv Service. 7:50 pm Candle lighting time (Shel Yom Tov & Shehechiyanu) . after 8:20 pm SECOND SEDER
BEGIN TO COUNT SEFIRAH SUNDAY, APRIL 24 - Second day of Pesach Morning Service .Note: later than usual time..9:30 am*
Mincha Service . 7:25 pm Maariv Service. 8:10 pm Havdallah .after 8:21 pm MONDAY, APRIL 25 - WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27 - Chol Hamoed Pesach Morning Service . 6:15 am Mincha/Maariv . 7:30 pm THURSDAY, APRIL 28 - Erev Yom Tov Morning Service. 6:15 am Candle lighting time (Shel Yom Tov) . 7:22 pm Mincha Service . 7:30 pm Maariv Service . 7:50 pm FRIDAY, APRIL 29 - Seventh Day of Pesach Morning Service . 9:00 am Early Mincha/Maariv .Note: earlier than usual time.6:05 pm
Candle lighting time (Shel Shabbat v'Shel Yom Tov) .before 7:23 pm SATURDAY, ARPIL 30 - Eighth Day of Pesach Morning Service . 9:00 am Mincha Service . 7:20 pm Maariv Service. 8:15 pm Havdallah. after 8:28 pm Permissible use of Chometz items sold through Rabbi Segal after 9:15 pm *Recite the full Kriat Shema individually before 9:16 am III. EATING ON EREV PESACH
Some grocery stores are Jewish owned (Jewish individuals hold controlling interest) and operate with From 10:26 A.M. on Erev Pesach (Friday, April 22, chometz over Pesach. Care should be taken not to 2016) it is forbidden to eat Chometz. On Erev Pesach purchase Chometz from such stores immediately after we are also prohibited from eating matzoh so that the Passover, since such items were under Jewish ownership. experience of eating at the Seder can be a fresh and Stop & Shop and Shaws are not Jewish owned and do exciting one. However, one is allowed to eat cooked not involve this problem. (boiled) matzoh, i.e. matzo balls, on Erev Pesach until 4:05 P.M. Cookies and cakes baked from matzo meal cannot be eaten on Erev Pesach. IV. WHAT IS CHOMETZ?
Chometz is a general term for all leavened foods forbidden on the Passover. Food or drinks made from wheat, rye, barley, oats, millet and derivatives are subject to the laws of Chometz. GRAIN PRODUCTS: All grain products such as
cereals, breakfast foods, grain alcohol, grain vinegar, yeast and malts are forbidden. Passover foods containing flour such as matzos, cakes, macaroons, egg noodles, etc., require reliable Rabbinical endorsement. Endorsement is also required for candy, soft drinks, wines, liquors, milk, horseradish, vinegar and canned BAKERY PRODUCTS: The purchase of macaroons,
sponge cakes and the like, in any bakery must have special Passover supervision. It is a serious error to assume that they are permissible - even those Rabbinically endorsed the rest of the year. KITNIOT: Legumes (beans, corn, peas, rice, mustard,
etc.) and the derivatives of these foods (i.e. corn oil, corn syrup, soy bean oil, etc.) because of their similarity to Chometz are not eaten on Passover by Ashkenazic Jews (Jews of Eastern European descent). Since there is a large Sephardic (Jews of Yemenite and Sephardic descent) community in Israel, many Israeli products certified Kosher for Passover may contain Kitniot derivatives. Israeli products bearing an OU P and Streit's Passover Israeli products are free of Kitniot derivatives. AFTER PASSOVER: Chometz that is owned by a Jew
on Passover is rendered prohibited in its use after
Passover. The Rabbis imposed this as a penalty for
failure to observe the laws requiring disownership of
Chometz before Passover.
DETERGENTS - DISHWASHING & OTHER: See the OU Directory pages 65. Various forms of Note: This year the OU Passover Directory
Procter & Gamble dish detergent, Dawn and Cas- contains in one separate section all OU items that
cade may be used on Passover without special are acceptable for Pesach even when not bearing
Passover certification on the label. Various products the "P" next to the OU symbol. This can be found
by Colgate Palmolive are also approved for use on on pages 62-71.
Pesach even when not bearing Kosher for Passover certification on the label ALMONDS & WALNUTS: Any brand raw unroasted without any added preservatives, even if EGG MATZOH: In Ashkenazic communities it is chopped (not ground) may be used on Passover customary not to eat egg matzoh on Passover except without Passover certification provided that they are for the elderly, sick and young who cannot digest purchased in sealed factory packaging. If the label regular matzoh. Some Passover "egg barley" is states that it is processed in a plant that processes made from egg matzoh and should be treated chometz (i.e. wheat) then it requires Kosher for Passover certification in order to be used. Pecans require Kosher for Passover certification. AMMONIA: All brands ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS: The sweetener Equal is not kosher for Passover. However, NutraSweet is kosher for Passover when used in a properly endorsed product for Passover. Please refer to the OU directory for certified products. BABY FOODS: First Choice brand Applesauce, Carrots & Sweet Potatoes are Kosher for Passover only when bearing the OU-P. Gerber 2nd Foods: Carrots ONLY are Kosher for Passover even with-out special Kosher for Passover certification and must bear a plain OU. Green beans and peas are Kitniot but chometz free when bearing a plain OU. This is relevant for Sefardim and for Askenazim where baby food options are limited due to the die- FRESH FRUITS & VEGETABLES: Fresh fruits tetic needs of the child. See section XII at the end of and vegetables are kosher for Passover (except this guide for more options available to individuals Kitniot as described above) but should always be with special diets. washed thoroughly before using. Bananas, garlic, tomatoes, cabbage and other such fruits and BAKING SODA: All brands vegetables may be used on Passover. This year
BLEACH: All brands packaged fresh salads and vegetables that do not
contain Kitniot (e.g. peapods) from Dole or

COCOA: Hershey's pure cocoa (except special Shaw's are Kosher for Passover only when bear-
dark) may be used without any special certification. ing the Star K-P symbol.
COFFEE: Only coffees approved for Passover FROZEN VEGETABLES: Many companies should be used. A list of approved national brand producing frozen vegetables also produce frozen coffees can be found in the OU Directory on page vegetable/pasta blends. The pasta blends are often 65 including a variety of k-cup coffees. Coffees produced on the same equipment as the plain frozen listed on that page are acceptable without special vegetables rendering them forbidden on Passover. Passover certification on the label. This year, Consequently, frozen vegetables require special Folgers brands of instant unflavored coffee both Kosher for Passover certification. caffeinated and decaffeinated and Taster's choice FRUIT: Any frozen fruit (unsweetened without caffeinated only are acceptable for Passover,
syrup) is acceptable for Passover use without any without special Passover marking; however, Sanka is kosher for Passover only when bearing the OK- P
on the label.
Kosher for Passover versions: Pereg and Goldbaum INFANT FORMULA: While infant formulas are brands of quinoa only when bearing OU-P. See made from Kitniot, the restriction of Kitniot does not pages 78-79 of the OU directory for more brands that apply to infants requiring such formula. The are approved when bearing the OU-P. Natural Earth following brands of infant formula contain no products are approved only when bearing Star-K -P. Chometz and are permissible on Passover: Enfamil Ancient Harvest, "White Quinoa Grains Traditional" (not cereal), Similac, Similac Lactose free. Utensils "Inca Red Grains Quinoa", and "Tricolor Grains Har- used with these formulas should be kept and washed mony Blend Quinoa" are approved for Pesach with a separately from the rest of your Passover utensils. See OU Passover directory on pages 100 for nutri-tional supplements for adults. RAISINS: See the OU Directory for brands that do not require special Passover certification. JUICE: Any unsweetened Grade A 100% pure frozen grapefruit or orange juice concentrate is SALT: Any OU brand of salt not listing dextrose, maltdextrose or polysorbate in the ingredients is acceptable for Passover use without special Passover LEMON JUICE & LIME JUICE: ReaLemon is certification. (Morton uniodized salt falls into this acceptable without special Passover certification. MARSHMALLOWS: There are several brands of SCOURING PADS: See the OU Directory for a list marshmallows on the market today that bear the of pads not requiring special Passover certification. rabbinical certification as Kosher for Passover and list in their ingredients K-Gelatin or Kosher Gelatin. SPICES: Due to recent changes in the spice industry, Notwithstanding the rabbinical certification, the pure spices require reliable Kosher for Passover gelatin contained in some of these products may be certification. See the OU Directory, page 87. made from non-kosher animal sources. The major SUGAR: Any brand white granulated (not national kashrut organizations such as the OU, OK, powdered) is acceptable for use on Passover without Kof-K and numerous others do not accept this gela- special certification. Brown sugar requires special tin. It is therefore recommended to limit oneself to certification for Passover. Domino brand brown or marshmallow products bearing a certification of one Brownulated is acceptable for use on Passover when of the above mentioned major kosher organiza- bearing OK- P on the label. C&H Gold Brown and tions .These products use either fish gelatin or gelatin Dark Brown does not need special certification. made from kosher beef. TEA: Lipton unflavored black tea bags, both caffein- MINERAL OIL: All brands are acceptable without ated and decaffeinated, do not require special Pass- special Passover certification. over certification. Nestea Regular caffeinated Instant OIL: See the OU Directory for oils bearing special Unflavored Tea is also acceptable for use on Pesach. Kosher for Passover certification and for Extra Lipton Instant Tea is not acceptable for Pesach this
Virgin olive oil acceptable for use on Passover even if Kosher for Passover is not stated on the label. VITAMINS: Prenate Elite Tablets by Horizon is ac- OVEN CLEANER: Dow, Easy Off. PET FOODS: Most pet foods contain Chometz. WAX PAPER: Cut-Rite Non-chometz substitutes must be found. Serving one's pet Chometz on Passover is strictly prohibited PACKAGING: All aluminum foil, aluminum foil because it is not only prohibited to eat Chometz but it pans, plastic wrap, plastic bags, Styrofoam plates and is also prohibited to derive any benefit from cups, plastic plates, cups and cutlery are acceptable for Passover use without special certification. QUINOA: While the OU, Star-K and CRC have all NOTE: All the above items should be
ruled quinoa as an acceptable item to be consumed purchased for Passover in new unopened
on Passover even for Ashkenazim, they have also packages.
determined that there is a possibility of chometz grains becoming mixed in with quinoa in the storing, transporting and packaging process. Therefore one should only use quinoa which is certified Kosher for P assover. The following are brands which produce VI. MEDICINES & COSMETICS:
See page 102 of the OU directory regarding allowances for taking pills and tablets that are not flavored, not chew-
able and not coated as well as other guidance regarding the taking of medication on Passover.

Under no circumstances should an individual take it upon himself to forgo prescribed medication without
first consulting both one's physician and rabbinic authority. The following is a list of non-prescription drugs which are free
of Chometz. Space does not allow a complete listing. If you have a question regarding a specific product, contact Rabbi
Strength Peppermint Advil- Caplets and Tablets [Reg- NOT film coated] Pepto-Bismol Liquid- Original Advil- Children's Suspension [All Flavors], Infants' Drops Advil- Junior Strength Swallow Tablets (NOT Chewables) COLD & ALLERGY MEDICATION:
Aleve- Tablets & Caplets Allegra- 24 hr. Tablets (Regular only), 12 hr. tablets Bayer Aspirin- Aspirin plus, PM Caplets, Low-Dose Allegra Children's- 12 hr. Tablets & Oral Suspension Chewable 81mg (Cherry, Orange) Allegra-D- 12 hr. Tablets Tylenol Tablets- Extra Strength or Regular Caplets Claritin tablets- 24 hr. Allergy Tablets (Dairy) (not Tylenol Children's Suspension (Cherry Blast), Infant Drops Claritin Children's- Chewable Grape Tablets (NOT Redi- ANTACIDS:
Claritin D- 12 hr. Tablets (Dairy), 24 hr. Tablets Alka-Seltzer- Original Tablets Singulair- 4mg Oral Granules, 10mg Tablets (Dairy), 4mg Bicarbonate of Soda (not baking powder) & 5mg Chewable Tablets Pepcid AC- Original & Max Strength Swallowable Tablets Pepcid Complete (Dairy)- Chewable Tablets (Berry, Cool LAXATIVES:
Metamucil- Original Coarse Powder (not wafers) Tums—Regular Tabs (Assorted Fruit) Extra Str Assorted Metamucil- Orange coarse Powder, Orange Smooth Powder Tabs (Berries, Fruit, Tropical Fruit) & Ultra Assorted Tabs (Regular & Sugar-Free) ( Berries, Fruit, Tropical Fruit) Phillips' Milk of Magnesia Liquid- Original DIARRHEA MEDICINE:
Senokot- Tablets, Senokot-S Tablets Kaopectate Liquid- Cherry, Vanilla, Peppermint, Extra See page 102 of the OU directory regarding guidelines for cosmetics and other non-food items on Passover.
: The following may be used on Pesach without certification or investigation due to the inedible nature
of these products. We are therefore no longer providing product-specific information on the items listed below. Never-
theless, if one notices that a product contains any of the obvious Chometz ingredients, listed at the end of this para-
graph, it is preferable to choose an alternative product:
Hair gels, sprays, and Contact lens solutions Hair removers and treat- Cosmetic products (except Shaving cream and gel Talcum powder (100% Isopropyl alcohol Obvious Chometz Ingredients: Avena Sativa [Oats], Beta Glucan [Oats], Prolamine [Oats], Sodium Lauroyl Oat Amino
Acids [Oats], Secale [Rye], Triticum Vulgare [Wheat], Stero Pro or any wheat, oat, or rye ingredients.
LIPSTICK & ORAL HYGIENE PRODUCTS: Below please find a list of lipsticks and oral hygiene products that
have been established as being Chometz free:
Denture products: Fixodent and Polident Revlon: ColorStay Lipliner, Overtime Lipcolor, Overtime Sheer Lip color, Soft & Smooth Lip color, Ultimate Lip color. Scope, Listerine Cool Mint, Listerine Fresh Burst, Listerine Total Care Aim, Colgate, Pepsodent VII. PREPARING THE HOME FOR
Oven Cleaner may be used for this purpose) and PASSOVER
then allowed to remain unused for 24 hours. The oven should then be turned on to its maximum Since every Jew is required to remove all Chometz temperature for 1 1/2 hours. Burner grates of gas from all premises under his or her jurisdiction, a range tops and oven racks should be placed inside thorough cleaning must take place before Passover. the oven for this kashering period. Electric range During this process be sure to remember closets, tops need only be turned on until they glow. (These desks, cabinets, clothes (pockets and cuffs), purses, may be done in sequence to avoid overheating.) pocketbooks, toy chests, carriages, toy houses, Gas range burners should be turned on at maximum furniture, basements, school bags, travel bags, temperature for 20 minutes, not to kasher the grates trunks, books, vacuum cleaner bags, high chairs, which are in the oven, but to kasher the burners and your office and car (dash, trunk, etc.). Please themselves. Range top surfaces should be covered refer to the Passover Schedule for the appropriate to prevent contact with Passover utensils. Broiler time of the Bedikas Chometz. racks must be heated to a glow. Since this is generally impractical, new disposable broiler racks are often used as an alternative. MICROWAVE OVENS: Clean the oven thoroughly. Then leave it idle for at least 24 hours. Fill a completely clean container which has not VIII. PREPARING THE KITCHEN FOR
been used for 24 hours with water. Turn PASSOVER
microwave on its highest setting for a while allowing the water to boil and steam heavily. Turn DISHES AND UTENSILS: Since we are not it off and wipe out the inside. Notwithstanding the permitted to have any trace of leaven in our food above, the insert glass tray should be replaced or during Passover, special attention must be given to covered well with plastic or Styrofoam. The above dishes and utensils. It is, of course, best to use does not apply to microwaves with browning dishes and utensils specifically set aside for elements or convection microwave ovens. Such Passover use. However, under certain conditions, ovens should be treated as regular ovens. some of the utensils used throughout the year may be used for Passover. They must be kashered or BLENDERS AND FOOD PROCESSORS: If new prepared in a special manner for Pesach use. The bowls and blades have been set aside exclusively laws of kashering are many and varied. If you have for the Passover holiday, it is permissible to use the any utensils that you wish to kasher, consult Rabbi base unit provided that all exposed parts, including the stand, are thoroughly cleaned first. However, since the motor part of an electric mixer is located DISHES AND UTENSILS WHICH CANNOT BE on top of the bowl, often exposed to Chometz and KASHERED FOR PASSOVER USE: can only be cleaned with great difficulty, it is 1. Chinaware, pottery, and all earthenware. recommended that a special mixer be used 2. Plastic dishes. exclusively for Passover. 3. Utensils that may be damaged by hot water, SINKS: All parts of the sink should be thoroughly e.g. where a utensil is glued together. cleaned and allowed to remain idle for 24 hours. 4. Knives with glued on, or plastic handles. Then boiling water should be poured on every part of the sink from the utensil in which the water was 5. Glass and Pyrex utensils used for hot food. boiled. If the sink is made out of porcelain as GLASS VESSELS: Glassware not ordinarily used opposed to stainless steel, in addition to the above for hot food and not generally used for whisky or processes, it is recommended that the sink should be vinegar may be made fit for Passover use by covered with such materials as contact paper or soaking them in water for three consecutive days, aluminum foil. Separate dish racks, sink racks and changing the water every 24 hours. This does not wash basins should be obtained for Passover use. TABLES AND COUNTERS: All tables and KASHERING OVENS AND RANGES: Every counters should be thoroughly cleaned and covered part of the oven and range must be thoroughly sufficiently so that no Passover utensil comes in cleaned and scraped (oven cleaners such as Dow contact with the counters or tables. ALL KASHERING MUST BE DONE BEFORE EREV PESACH: All dishes and utensils used throughout the year and not Kashered for Passover use, all flours, cereals, all liquors derived from grain and other articles that contain Chometz in one form or another must be securely put away. IX. RITUAL GUIDE TO THE SEDER
As we know, preparations for the Seder involve If one does not physically dispose of all of his or her substantial effort and time. In order to do justice to Chometz before Passover then he or she may sell the these efforts, one should conduct a Seder in remaining Chometz to a non-Jew before Passover. accordance with the prescribed laws. Please refer to This sale involves many complexities in order to be the OU Passover Directory on pages 12-13 for valid according to Jewish law. Therefore it is valuable information on conducting a seder. Of common practice to appoint one's rabbi as agent with particular importance is the section dealing with the power of attorney to sell one's Chometz. This minimum measures of matzoh, maror and wine that designation should be done in person. Rabbi Segal have to be partaken of during the Seder. If health will be available for this purpose at the shul on issues interfere with compliance of partaking of Sunday morning, April 17th from 9:30 A.M. until matzah, maror or wine, contact Rabbi Segal for 12:00 P.M. or at an alternate prearranged time. This alternative options. sale is not merely symbolic but a real and valid sale according to Jewish and secular law. Full intent to transfer ownership is a vital part of the transaction. XI. PRODUCT INFORMATION/CONSUMER ALERTS

Peeled Baby Carrots: "Farm Stand" brand Baby Cut Carrots distributed by SUPERVALU, Inc., Eden Prairie MN
sold by Shaw's Supermarket is Kosher for Passover with a plain OU.
Frozen Salmon: Kirkland Brand plain raw Frozen Atlantic Salmon is Kosher for Passover with a plain OU.
Yogurt: Dannon has several varieties of Kosher for Passover Yogurt only when bearing the OU P.
Sun-Maid Raisins: Sun-Maid Raisins are recommended for use on Pesach when bearing the Triangle K-P
Grape Juice: KEDEM has one not Mevushal grape juice. This is bottled in 1.5 liter glass bottles and clearly la-
beled Non-Mevushal.
Manischewitz Wines: Some Manischewitz wines contain corn syrup and are not certified kosher for Pesach. Be
sure to check for the "P" next to the OU or label to verify Kosher for Pesach status.
Empire Barbequed Chicken: Certified as Kosher for Passover only when "Kosher for Passover" appears on the
plastic bag label.
Gloves: Some rubber gloves have a powdered coating on the inside to facilitate putting them on. Some of these
coatings are Chometz.
Tea: Lipton Instant Tea is not acceptable for Pesach this year.
Insect and Pest Traps can contain Chometz as a bait. Since we are prohibited from benefitting from Chometz on
Passover, use of such items determined to contain Chometz is prohibited on Passover.
The following Ingredients are Chometz: Avena Sativa [Oats], Beta Glucan [Oats], Prolamine [Oats], Sodium
Lauroyl Oat Amino Acids [Oats], Secale [Rye], Triticum Vulgare [Wheat]
XII. SPECIAL DIETS (The following are excerpts from the OU Passover Guide.)
Infant Cereal: Rice is kitniyot, but is permitted for consumption by infants. However, manufactured
baby rice cereals can contain actual chametz.
Here is a recipe to prepare rice cereal at home:
1. ¼ cup rice powder (brown or white (not enriched) rice ground in blender, food processor, or coffee grinder).
2. 1 cup water.
3. Bring liquid to boil in saucepan. Add the rice powder while stirring constantly.
4. Simmer covered for 10 minutes, mix in formula or breast milk and fruits if desired.
5. Serve warm.
Lactose Intolerance: Lactaid production is likely to involve chometz. This renders chewable Lactaid
tablets problematic. However, our Rabbinical authorities have decided that Lactaid milk is permissible if
purchased before Passover since any chametz contained within Lactaid milk would be nullified (batel).

Milk Allergies:
Children who have milk allergies are permitted to consume kitniyot; however soy milk
and other similar milk substitutes generally use enzymes that may contain chometz in their manufactur-
ing process. The OU has identified non-dairy soy, almond and rice milk alternatives on page 100-101 of
the OU Guide which should only be used for those whose health circumstances warrant an exception for


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FDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA limits usage of Nizoral (ketoconazole) oral tablets due to potential y fatal liver injury and risk of drug interactions and adrenal gland problems Safety Announcement [7-26-2013] The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking several actions related to Nizoral (ketoconazole) oral tablets, including limiting the drug's use, warning that it can cause severe liver injuries and adrenal gland problems and advising that it can lead to harmful drug interactions with other medications. FDA has approved label changes and added a new Medication Guide to address these safety issues. As a result, Nizoral oral tablets should not be a first-line treatment for any fungal infection. Nizoral should be used for the treatment of certain fungal infections, known as endemic mycoses, only when alternative antifungal therapies are not available or tolerated.