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The Weishaupt Programme

The Weishaupt company
Weishaupt are one of the world's leadingcombustion technology companies. Weproduce gas, oil and dual fuel burnersfrom 12 to 17,500 kW, measurement andcontrol technology and compact centralheating boilers and special condensingboilers for domestic heating.
Over 3,000 employees worldwideensure that our products are produced inaccordance with our high qualitystandards, are delivered on time andbenefit from reliable after sales service.
All our products are the result ofpainstaking work at our research anddevelopment centre, the "WeishauptResearch and Development Institute forOil and Gas Firing". Our comprehensiveseries of tests and trials ensure that onlytechnically advanced, long lived productswith minimal emission levels are releasedon to the market.
The Weishaupt factory in Schwendi, Germany. Weishaupt Forum:Exhibition, training and social functions building Weishaupt burners cover a range of 12to 17,500 kW. Generally, they can beused wherever there is a need for heat -domestic heating as well as heating inschools and offices, in trade and industry,on ships and for mobile use.
They are suited for use with allcommercially available types of gas andoil, and are noted for their reliability,longevity and excellent fuel economy.
Furthermore, alongside the standardversion, most oil and gas burners areavailable in LN (LowNOx) versions.
Weishaupt Research and Development CentreTest beds for medium and large sized burners

The W series - proven millions of times over
Well over three million Weishaupt Wseries burners have already beeninstalled and are providing reliable,economical service the world over. Theywork fully automatically, providing heatfor heating, hot water and processtechnology plant at the push of a button.
In conjunction with modern systemtechnologies they achieve the highestdegree of combustion technologyefficiency. All the components in W series burnersare brought together in a compact unit.
WG5 gas burner The fuel / air regulation devices areclearly laid out and easily accessible.
Digital combustion management ensuresthe burners precisely follow thepredetermined sequence of operationsand controls the fuel / air ratio.
The rating spectrum starts at 12 kW andgoes up to 570 kW. The mode ofoperation, dependent on the model, canbe single or two stage, sliding two stageor modulating. All burner types conformto the appropriate DIN and EN standardsand are type tested.
Display for digitally setting the WG20, WG30 andWG40 burners WL40 oil burner on heating plant Weishaupt W series burners have longsince become a classic. They havesecured a safe place in the world ofmodern industrial design.

The legendary Monarch
and Industrial burner series

RGL dual fuel burner with electronic compoundregulation RGL70 dual fuel burner in a heating centre The Weishaupt Monarch series has beenused for 5 decades on all types and sizesof heating plant. Weishaupt'soutstanding reputation was built on theback of these burners.
Reliability, technological longevity andthe clear layout of all the components arethe trademarks of these tried and testedburners. The operating range of theseries is from 60 to 10,900 kW. Incombination with modern controltechnology and electronics - for exampleO2 trim, speed control or electroniccompound regulation - energyconsumption and emissions can bereduced to a minimum.
The dual fuel burners fire oil or gas,according to choice. Fuel change over iscarried out either manually orautomatically via the burner controls.
These burners are used particularlywhere or economy or safetyconsiderations make the switching to analternative fuel appear useful.
The Monarch series founded the goodreputation of Weishaupt's products. Thefirst burner left the production line in1952. Weishaupt multiflam® technology
Dual fuel multiflam® burners are also available Typical flame formation on a multiflam® burner Weishaupt has begun a new chapter inthe history of combustion technologywith its multiflam® technology. Thetechnology allows burners rated over 1MW to achieve a level of emissionspreviously only ever seen with smallburners.
The system uses the principle of fueldistribution, whereby the fuel flow isdivided between multiple nozzlesarranged concentrically around thecombustion head and atomised. Anaxially adjustable diffuser plate ensuresthat the air annulus is correct at everypoint throughout the burner's capacityrange.
The multiflam® principle has already beentested in the field on large oil and dualfuel burners. In Switzerland, where thereare very stringent environmentalregulations, burners using multiflam®technology are already widespread.
The WK industrial burner
Weishaupt WK series burners are usedmainly for industrial applications. Theyare constructed according to themodular construction principle and cantherefore be matched very precisely tosite requirements. There are, for example,special versions for operatingtemperatures up to 250°C.
Five compact components are broughttogether: burner, fan, pump, preheaterand control panel. Different combinationsof the various components of these gas,oil or dual fuel burners allow for anoperating range from 300 to 17,500 kW.
Weishaupt WK series burners havebeen developed for use on specialindustrial and process applications. Theycan be operated with or without pre-heated combustion air. WKGL50 dual fuel burner in operation Digital combustion management
Operation of combustion plant becomessimpler, easier and more economical withthe help of digital combustionmanagement.
The important functions - such as fueland air supply or flame monitoring - areeffected and controlled with digitalprecision. "Ideal values" can be presetand continually reproduced. The aim isthe optimisation of operational functionswith maximum economy and minimalemissions. Thanks to digital technology, such plant-specific optimisation is now available at areasonable price level. Outlay forinstallation and servicing is muchreduced in comparison with conventionaltechnologies. Digital combustionmanagement also allows for remoteoperation, fault diagnosis and monitoringof the plant. This increases security andease of use for the operator.
The Control and Display Unit makes working with digital combustion management simple. It can be used up to100 m away from the burner. Flame monitoringQRI (photo-resistance IB) Set/Actual positioning and feed Regulating sleeve Weishaupt heating systems are theanswer to the increasing demand forextremely economical heating with verylow emissions for domestic use. Thecombination of high quality materials andmodern digital control technology, hasled to the successful achievement ofheating technologies, which due to theirsolid design represent the pinnacle oftoday's technical standards.
The WTG and WTU heating systems
The Weishaupt Thermo Gas and ThermoUnit heating systems are designed foreconomical and environmentally friendlydomestic heating. Weishaupt Thermo Gas is a gas firedspecial heating boiler, which is availablein 7 rating steps between 9 and 34 kW.
Its modern pre-mixing burner technologyis quiet, economical and safe. With suchvalue for money, this system provides areally economical way to heat your home.
The Weishaupt Thermo Unit heatingsystem can be supplied with either a gas Weishaupt Thermo Gas or an oil fired burner. A seamless (WTU-G) or alternatively a steel (WTU-S) boilerbody, a well tried and tested burner anduser friendly control technology thatcovers the entire spectrum of modernenergy management. With this heatingsystem you will always do well.
WTU-G compact heating unit with a seamless boiler body WTU-S compact heating unit with WAT water heater The Weishaupt WTU thermo Unitcombines energy savings and comfort inan exemplary fashion. WTC: Modern condensing technology
The Weishaupt Thermo Condens systemoffers fuel saving, reliability and userfriendliness. Most noteworthy is itsoptimum conversion of input energy byusing the heat from the condensation.
Thereby the heat usually lost in heatingsystems from the flue gases is retained.
The resulting nett efficiency of up to110% leads to, alongside a considerablefuel saving, a large reduction of harmfulemissions.
With a step-free operating range of 33 to100 % the WTC 15 and WTC 25Weishaupt Thermo Condens systems WTC-A special condensing boiler with WAV water are ideal for domestic heating. The dynamic monitoring of combustionquality by the newly developed SCOTsystem allows for optimal combustion allthe time. Furthermore, the SCOT systemensures remarkably low emissions, a lowrate of gas consumption and quietoperation. For larger rating requirements, the WTC 45 and WTC 60 condensingboilers with ratings up to 60 kW areavailable. Thanks to its compact form andcomprehensive system technology, it canbe used anywhere. Cascades of up tofour units allow for ratings up to 240 kW.
Press + turn - remote control ensures simple, user- Plastic flues have best proven themselves in conjunction with condensing systems It can be sited (almost) anywhere: Weishaupt Thermo Condens: an energy package for the entire house. The Weishaupt WTS-F solar heating system
Weishaupt solar heating systems arebased on more than 20 years ofpioneering and innovative work by theSchweizer company - the market leaderin solar heating and building facades inSwitzerland. The specially developed Weishaupt solarcollector exhibits an exemplary positiveeco balance. It is especially noteworthyfor its high degree of functionality andwell-crafted appearance. The Weishaupt solar collector is fittedwith a high power absorber for the Laminate construction for outstanding heat transfer. greatest heat yield. The absorberconsists of a labyrinth of copper pipingfully enclosed in an aluminium absorbingsurface. An optimal transfer of heat isachieved with this combination. Toincrease the energy yield the absorber isequipped with a high selectivity NiOxcoating. There are collectors suitable for fitting inthe roof, on the roof and, with a supportstand, on flat roofs. Weishaupt solar heating systems can beextended in modular fashion. They arebest suited for additional heating and Patented water drainage section with UV-resistant domestic hot water. The German Federal EPDM seal. Trade Ministry's directive, regardingmeasures to encourage the use ofrenewable energy (525 kWh/m2/a aremore than met.
Used in conjunction with system fittings,controllers, and bivalent water heatersfrom Weishaupt you have an optimallymatched solar heating system that fulfilsevery wish.
Weishaupt in-roof solar heating systems integrateperfectly with your roof. There is a suitable Weishaupt controlpanel for every Weishaupt burner. Thisprinciple is one of the guarantees of thesafety and reliability of Weishaupt'scombustion technology.
The Weishaupt Group's amalgamationwith Neuberger GebäudeautomationGmbH & Co. has led to a significantgrowth of capability in this area.
Weishaupt can now offer ‘one-stop' an Ato Z of the most complex optimisation tecnologies for building management.
This integrated automation solutionmeans that as well as the core productsof burners and heating systems,Weishaupt offers a networking conceptthat can be easily integrated into newand existing plant. Communication withother customer specified units viadefined and open bus systems issupported. The process managementsoftware monitors, controls andoptimises the heating and airconditioning. Such solutions useintelligent protocols and balancing toachieve a high degree of effectivenessand reliability. Bus connection to Weishaupt burners Individual room regulator Connection to burner andheating system PMC DDC controller ProGraf NT process control system Burners and heating systems for all situations
Throughput in kg/h Mode of operation Oil, gas and dual fuel burners
Single and two stage Single and two stagesliding two stage,modulating Two stage (on oil)Sliding two stage (on gas) Monarch and Industrial series
Throughput in kg/h Mode of operation Monobloc oil, gas and dual fuel

single, two and three stage,sliding two stage,modulating single, two and three stage,Sliding two stage,modulating two stage, sliding two stage,modulating two stage, sliding two stage, modulating, two and three stage (GL oil side) WK series
Throughput in kg/h Mode of operation Oil, gas and dual fuel burners
sliding two stage,modulating Sliding two stage,modulating sliding two stage,modulating sliding two stage,modulating sliding two stage,modulating Abbreviations for fuel
EL = light oil, M/MS = medium and heavy oil, N = natural gas, F = LPG, S = town gas
Also available in LN (Low Nox) execution Various types (burner sizes) available in 3LN (multiflam®) execution Weishaupt Thermo Unit
– choice of oil or gas fired forced draught burner – various types of control to meet any and all – choice of oil or gas fired forced draught burner – various types of control to meet any and all Weishaupt Thermo Gas
– choice of natural gas or LPG (P) – various types of control to meet any and all Weishaupt Thermo Condens
– various types of control to meet any and all with modulating pre-mix burner – various types of control to meet any and all with modulating pre-mix burner * Up to four units can be cascaded Max Weishaupt GmbH, We're right where you need us
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A strong service network gives peace
Even in an emergency, Weishaupt is on the job. The service department is Weishaupt equipment is available from available to Weishaupt customers good heating companies, with whom around the clock, 365 days a year. A Weishaupt works in partnership. To Weishaupt branch office or agency near support the specialists, Weishaupt you can answer all your questions on maintains a large sales and service heating and Weishaupt burners and network. Delivery, spares and service are heating systems.
thus continually ensured.


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