Process machines and automation systems by Manz offer many advantages for customers in various industries. They are characterized by maximum efficiency and reliability. Maximum process quality and, at the same time, low cost of ownership are evidence of the high level of development and well-designed system solutions.
Manz AG based in Reutlingen, Germany, is a world-leading high-tech engineering company. Founded in 1987, in recent years the company has grown from an automation specialist into a supplier of production lines. Manz AG has amassed expertise in six areas of technology, including automation, laser processes, vacuum coating, printing, metrology and wet chemical processes. The technologies are deployed in three strategic fields, the "Display", "Solar" and "Battery" segments and continuously further developed. The company, led by founder Dieter Manz, has been listed on the stock exchange in Germany since 2006, and currently operates production facilities in Germany, China, Taiwan, Slovakia, and Hungary. Manz AG also has sales and service branches in the USA, South Korea and India. At the beginning of 2012, Manz AG had approximately 2.000 employees, 900 of which work in Asia. Revenue in the past financial year amounted to more than EUR 240 million.
With its slogan "passion for efficiency", Manz engineers are making a promise to offer its customers – all PASSION FOR EFFICIENCY
companies active in important future markets – increasingly efficient production equipment. As a AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS manufacturer of production facilities, the company METROLOGY SOLUTIONS contributes significantly to reduce the production PRINTING TECHNOLOGY costs of end products and thereby making them available for a broad range of buyers worldwide. LASER PROCESSING Therefore, Manz is continuously optimizing its product portfolio. The aim is to achieve highly reliable production processes on the customer side while steadily improving performance parameters for products manufactured on Manz equipment. This makes the Manz Group an important driver of innovation, helping to achieve breakthroughs in key technologies of our times, such as sustainable power generation, displays for global communication needs and e-mobility.
4-Axis High-Speed Robot for Handling of Small Parts Fab Automation System for Handling and Storing of Large Glass Substrates WHY MANZ?
Automation is a critical success factor for the production of goods. It promises Handling of glass sheets
Long-term experience in handling of reproducible quality levels, lowest production costs, and therefore competitive prices. • Articulated 6 or 7 axes robot for handling substrates vertically and horizontally goods and sensitive materials With 25 years of experience in thousands of applications like handling of sensitive • 3 or 4 axes robots for handling single substrates and cassettes horizontally materials such as silicon wafers, glass, metal, plastic and cardboard, Manz has gained • Cassette buffer system (FIFO, FILO, LIFO, etc.) with the capability to a market leading position in this field. purge substrates with inert gas or dry air to achieve higher shell live
Handling of small substrates, e.g. wafers
Starting with a pick & place scara robot handling system for electronic components, • Lowest breakage rates due to the use of special Bernoulli gripper systems Development of automation system we expanded our portfolio in 1990 with the first handling system for crystalline silicon • Highly integrated and dedicated vision systems for alignment and inspection for cleanroom conditions solar cells, using a delta kinematic robot. In 1994, we introduced our first 6-axes LCD • Alignment by vision systems; no mechanical alignment handling robot to Asia. The automation system was built for vertically loading a PVD tool under cleanroom conditions. • Web drawing-in • Batch mode or endless mode All in all, Manz can do more than just providing different kinds of robots with fast and • Automatic splice device and feeder for endless mode ideal for mass production precise handling and minimum breakage rates. We have an outstanding expertise in • Handling of elastic or flexible materials fab planning and are able to provide complete clusters and Total Fab Automation sys- • Very gentle handling of sensitive/flexible materials with vacuum gripper tems which include design work, conveyor segments, software, robots, and the final • A variety of sheet dimensions are possible without changing the head • Packaging the stacks in the packaging foil without grabbing the stack directly • Winding and unwinding processes After the acquisition of former Christian Majer GmbH & CO KG by Manz in 2008, we are • Winding processes for cylindrical textile tubes and bobbins made from More than 90 years of experience also able to provide reel-to-reel handling of elastic foils as well as winding and unwind- cardboard, paper and many other materials in reel-to-reel handling, winding and ing processes, based on more than 90 years of experience. • Open-end spinning tubes & high-speed spinning tubes processes unwinding of elastic foils MAJOR ADVANTAGES
• Long standing experience in handling in the fields of LCD, Touch Panel, Photovoltaics, and Lithium-Ion Battery, even under cleanroom environment Outstanding expertise and • Outstanding expertise in fab planning • Manz Line Controller as standardized interface to customer MES• Highest flexibility through modular concept• Safe handling of substrates with lowest breakage rates and highest yield• Increase of throughput and efficiency• Cost effective standard solutions METROLOGY
Inline Cell Tester Glass inspection WHY MANZ?
Metrology solutions are the replacement and extension of human visual control to Glass Inspection with IQ Inspector
increase the efficiency and quality of the production line as well as to decrease the • Identification of e.g. defect edges, fingerprints, contamination and fibers manufacturing costs. • Full area quality scan at high speed
XRF / X-Ray Fluorescence Measurement Inline Quality System
Our customers can rely on 25 years of experience in integrated metrology sytems, • High precision measurement of element concentrations 25 years of experience in integrated such as optical systems for vision inspection, electrical measurement systems, inte- • Analysis of film thickness and composition metrology systems grated analytic instruments (e.g. XRF). Inspect & Repair Quality System
• Localization of the defect position
With the total solution including automation and integration Manz can offer a one stop • Repair of defects in the laser repair station shop solution to its customers. Like this, we ensure high accuracy and speed in recog- Inline Cell Tester
nition, data processing and positioning of substrates. • In-house expertise in vision algorithms, optics and illumination development Manz operates a fully equipped metrology fab and is thus in the position to conduct • Integrated inspection and binning systems fast studies.
Electroluminescence Measurement
• Every effect that influences the efficiency is visible with the same impact
With our outstanding products like X-ray fluorescence measurement, electrolumines- • 100 % mapping of "electrical quality" allows early pass/fail decision cence measurement, hot spot detection, and camera-based geometry inspection, our before the transfer to the next step Outstanding products, adaptable for customers from various industries, e.g. in the photovoltaic or lithium-ion battery busi- ness, are more than satisfied. Mentioning the two industries means that we were able • Inspection system for quality monitoring of difficult foils to transform our metrology knowledge from the rigid glass to a flexible foil with all its • Transparent (transmission), non-transparent (reflection) foils new requirements successfully. • Web inspection for fast and slow roll material • Inline vision inspection during the folding process • Electrical measuring technology (EOL- /End-of-Line-Test, Performance Test, etc.) • Systems are easy to integrate in an existing manufacturing line Easy to integrate, • Decrease of manufacturing costs in the production process Decrease of manufacturing costs • Solutions offer fast development time and maximum performance PRINTING
High Accuracy Printing Systems Screen Printing of Tablet PCs WHY MANZ?
Printing and especially screen printing solutions are useful for a variety of applications • Screen printing with: and industries. Manz has a profound expertise in technical screen printing, especially • ±10 µm accuracy for the solar, electronics and communications industry, where high-end solutions are • Sizes up to 280 mm • 3,000 pieces per hour • Throughput with alignment width of 50 µm Fully automated printing technologies, combined with integrated loading and unload- • Printing of conductive layers on e.g. crystalline silicon solar cells Fully automated printing solutions for ing, vision control and measurement units, account for perfect and highly accurate • Printing of cover glasses for smart phones and tablet PCs highest accuracy and perfect results results with minimum tolerance levels. • Printing of PCB and FCB • Printing of touch screen panels Manz systems print successfully on different materials like glass, foils, ceramics, electronic boards and even more fragile materials like wafers for solar cells. MAJOR ADVANTAGES
• Highest accuracy for best possible printing results and quality Best possible printing results and • High throughput for cost-effective production cost-effective production • High uptime due to robust design• High precision vision system for accurate substrate alignment• Easy maintenance on screen printing parts (quick exchange system for screen and squeegee) • Integrated vision and measurement systems • Closed loop servo drives • Integrated loading and unloading units PROCESSING
Selective Emitter Process Electrode Laser Cutting WHY MANZ?
With a long-term experience in this area, Manz is in a market leading postion in the We have standardized platforms for different substrate dimensions field of micro-machining laser processes for various applications, such as cutting, from sizes of less than 100 mm × 100 mm up to 2,200 mm × 2,600 mm scribing and ablating layers like compound semiconductors, metals or dielectric layers. Besides these applications, we also offer equipment for laser glass drilling, • Highest flexibility: drilling of free-form as well as rectangular holes possible laser glass cutting and laser ablation of big areas. Highest flexibility in choice of • Evaluation of the process can be done at Manz with different laser sources drilling form and laser source Manz laser tools demonstrate lowest non-productive times due to on-line alignment, • Selective removal of layers Laser processing tools for various loading and unloading in parallel, as well as ease of maintenance. • Alignment of substrate by use of vision system applications • Combination of tools (laser edge ablation & glass cutting) But our modular machine concept offers more: Due to the close cooperation with lead-  reduced costs  highest precision ing laser research institutes in Germany and in combination with our experienced R&D Laser Glass Cutting
team in the fields of laser sources and optics, we are able to develop new tools for • Increased strength of cutting edge compared to mechanical processes further applications within a very short time. This is one of our greatest strengths: The • Machines can work with all kinds of different laser sources ability to implement a new laser source, which is defined by the customer's needs, Laser Doping
into a new process and machine. • Easy to upgrade existing cell factories
• Safe wafer handling – lowest breakage rates
• Modular design with small footprint
Laser in the Field of Reel-to-Reel (Flexible Material)
• Long experience in li-ion batteries
• Welding and sealing of battery packs
• Dissimilar metal welding (aluminium and copper) for cell-to-cell connection
• Ablation of electrode coating for li-ion cell production
• Laser technology for different speed of reel material
• Laser processes during the whole li-ion battery production
e.g. laser cutting for anode, cathode and separator
• Field proven technology and performance• Highest flexibility through modular concept Highest precision and stability for • Highest precision and stability for increased yield and quality of end products increased yield • Ability to design and build integrated laser processing systems, including automation, vision alignment, laser processing and quality control Inline PSG removal and chemical edge isolation Cleaning of substrates WHY MANZ?
With an installed base of more than 2,000 tools and an experience of over 20 years, • Cleaning of glass substrates Manz is market leader for wet chemical processes in Taiwan and China for display and Market leader for wet chemical • Developing and etching of photo resist processes with experience of more touch panel manufacturing. • Recycling of substrates than 20 years • Etching of metal layers on glass substrates Manz is able to offer solutions for cleaning, developing, etching, stripping and rework- • Chemical bath deposition ing of substrates with excellent cleaning results on all kind of removable materials • Applicable for all kind of substrates and sizes (particles, glass separation material (Lucite), organic contamination) and outstandingly • Systems are also available for R2R processes Excellent results and small small investment costs due to the modular concept of the equipment and the transfer- investment costs ability of the process to other industries. A high productivity time and process repeat-ability ensure excellent yield with constant product quality. Manz wet chemistry processing equipment is generally applicable for all kinds of inline • Production proven technology horizontal processes where glass substrates or, newly developed, also flexible foils are • Applicable for all kinds of substrates (rigid or flexible), glass sizes, Production proven technology, and thin-film techniques applicable for all kinds of substrates • Design, simulation, construction, process optimization and service The tools and its auxiliary components are equipped for continuous operation in the from one single source production environment. There, we have set a special focus on a modular tool design • Lowest breakage rates and highest quality due to gentle material transportation and a combination of simple operation, robust components, excellent manufacturing • No cross contamination or corrosion inside the equipment in combination Gentle material transportation – quality, high reliability, safety standards and excellent process yield. with high throughput and very low breakage rate lowest breakage rates • Standardized modules for fast delivery and reasonable system costs Acquired first order of G8.5 Investment & establishment of copper etching equipment Manz China Suzhou Ltd. in Suzhou New District, China for the production Awarded the "2009 Industrial site of solar, LCD & touch panel and Excellence Award" PCB process equipments Became a member of Manz Group, Renamed to Manz Taiwan Ltd. The production site of renamed company name to "Manz Manz China Suzhou Ltd. Intech Machines Co., Ltd." amounting 20,000 square meters officially inaugurated Acquired first order of Photovoltaic process equipment Won the "Innovative Development Award" Manz Inline Sputter System Process Section WHY MANZ?
Today, vacuum technology is part of many high-tech markets. It is the key to innovative breakthroughs in the production of solar cells, displays and touch panels, li-ion-battery, • Scalable Inline Sputtering Tools for Display, Solar, OLED lighting substrates OLEDs and many other advanced products.
from 3.5" up to 1200 x 1500 mm² Scalable Sputter Systems • State of the art rotary (DC, pDC, MF) and planar (DC, pDC, MF, RF) cathodes Our core competence is in the development of novel products for use in mass produc- • Unique particle free transportation system allows an excellent layer uniformity Development of new products for tion as well as in pilot production and laboratory systems. The rapid implementation of at a maximum yield mass production or pilot production – individual requirements of our customers in accurate, powerful and efficient facilities • Applicable layers Mo, Al, Cr, Ag, Cu/Ga, In with focus on efficiency and costs goes hand in hand at Manz with the focus on efficiency and production costs. Our vacuum facilities satisfy the highest quality standards and yield; in combination with Others: SiO2, SiOx, NbxOy, reactive sputtered layers years of experience of Manz AG in the areas of metrology, image processing, laser technology, wet chemistry and precise robot systems, it enables a worldwide unique • Fully automatic PECVD system (patent pending) for passivation and anti-reflective synergy for distinctive system solutions.
coatings on crystalline solar cells Powerful systems for PECVD • Innovative Manz "Coating Carrier System" (patent pending): absolute no shading and PVD processes In 2010, Manz established a permanent development center for vacuum process tech- and flakes on wafers Employees with more than 20 years nology on 2000 m². At the Manz Coating GmbH facility, there are over 50 employees, • Lowest cost of ownership for both, front and back side processing of experience in vacuum technology each with more than 20 years of experience in vacuum technology. In the development • Applicable layers: SiN, SiO2, SiOxNy, SiC, Al2O3 and layer stacks center, new proprietary proficiencies and source technologies are developed. Evaporation Applications
• Inline tool for high temperature deposition such as CIGS co-evaporation
The product portfolio includes vertical and horizontal inline systems as well as capa- • Applicable Layers: metals (e.g. Cu, Ga, In) bilities for batching. All system concepts can, due to the modular design, be easily Other Vacuum Applications
adapted to all customer requirements.
• Fully automated filling and degassing system for li-ion battery production• Customized special equipped tools (e.g. ion beam sputtering) for pilot production• Customized special equipped tools (e.g. ion source pre-treatment) for R&D labs • Economic system concept with low CoO due to high reliability and availability as well Low cost of ownership and as stable production conditions future-proof system platforms • Novel, proprietary source and machine technologies specifically developed, to accommodate the customers' newest requirements• Future-proof system platform due to flexible purpose and adaption to customers' future requirements• Worldwide unique system supplier for vacuum technology, automation and wet chemistry Phone +49 7121 9000 0
Steigaeckerstrasse 5
Fax +49 7121 9000 99
72768 Reutlingen

Source: http://www.dsihk.sk/fileadmin/ahk_slowakei/fmp_logos/fmp_dateien/Manz-Technologies_Engl.pdf


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