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Account Number: 1234 5678 9012 3456 April 16, 2012 to May 16, 2012 Account Information
Days in Bil ing Cycle
Statement Closing Date Available Credit as of 05/16/12 Purchases & Other Charges Payment Due Date
Fees Charged
Amount Over Limit Due Total Minimum Amount Due
Late Payment Warning: If we do not receive your minimum payment and past due amount by the date listed above, you may have to pay a late fee of up to
Minimum Payment Warning: If you make only the minimum payment each period, you wil pay more interest and it wil take longer to pay off your balance.
If you make no additional charges using this card and You wil pay off the balance shown on this And you wil end up paying an each month you pay.
statement in about.
estimated total of.
Only the minimum payment If you would like information about credit counseling services, cal 1-800-501-8235.
Payment Options and Contact Information
Contact Us:
Don't miss your payment due date
Receive Code: 6267
Customer Service /
Pay by Phone
Locator: 1-800-926-9400 Cal 1-800-987-5521 Lost Stolen
Cash Payment Locator
Mail in Payments
Sioux Fal s, SD 57117-5529 Western Union® Quick
Payments not sent in proper form Sioux Fal s, SD 57117-5524 Locator: 1-800-325-6000 may delay crediting your account Code City: PREMIER up to 5 days.
NOTICE: SEE PAGE TITLED "INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR FIRST PREMIER BANK ACCOUNT" FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION Please detach this portion and return with your payment to insure proper credit. Retain upper portion for your records.
First PREMIER Bank
PO Box 5519
1234 5678 9012 3456 Sioux Falls SD 57117-5519
Payment Due Date
Total Minimum Amount Due
Make Check Payable to: First PREMIER Bank ANYTOWN USA 12345-0123 PO Box 5529 Sioux Fal s SD 57117-5529 1234 5678 9012 3456 Page 2 of 3 Tran Date
Post Date Reference
Interest Charge on Purchases Interest Charge on Cash Advances TOTAL INTEREST FOR THIS PERIOD
2012 Totals Year to Date
Total Fees Charged in 2012 Total Interest Charged in 2012 INTEREST CHARGE CALCULATION
Your Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is the annual interest rate on your account.
Type of Balance
Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
Balance Subject to Interest Rate
Access your account first thing in the morning or in the middle of the night at It's quick, convenient and always available!
You can make payments, review charges, check your account status, and more, al from your computer! Log on now at
Information About Your First PREMIER Bank Account
address, and the purchase price must have been more than $50. (Note: Neither of these are necessary if Refer to your Account Opening Disclosures and/or Credit Card Contract for an explanation how the following fees your purchase was based on an advertisement we mailed to you, or if we own the company that sold you are calculated and applied.
the goods or services.) Annual Fee (if applicable): Refer to the front of your statement in the month in which the fee is billed.
You must have used you credit card for the purchase. Purchases made with cash advances from an ATM or Additional Card Fee (if applicable): Refer to the front of your statement in the month in which the fee is billed.
with a check that accesses your credit card account do not qualify.
Monthly Servicing Fee (billed monthly if applicable): Refer to the front of your statement in the month in which
You must not yet have fully paid for the purchase.
the fee is billed.
If all of the criteria above are met and you are still dissatisfied with the purchase, contact us in writing (or Fee For Transactions in Foreign Currencies: (if applicable) 3% of the transaction amount.
electronically) at: First PREMIER Bank, Attn: Chargeback Department, PO Box 5524, Sioux Falls, SD 57117- Annual Notice on your Account: You may have the applicable fees, which may include the current billing of the
Annual Fee, and/or Additional Card Fee, credited to your account if you close your account within 30 days from While we investigate, the same rules apply to the disputed amount as discussed above. After we finish our the mailing or delivery of the statement containing the fee, even if you use your card during that period. You may investigation, we will tell you our decision. At that point, if we think you owe an amount and you do not pay, call the Customer Service number or write to the Customer Service address on the front of your statement we may report you as delinquent.
during this 30 day period and your account will be closed and the applicable fees will be credited. You can avoid Electronic Check Presentment: When you send us a personal check, you authorize us to either use information
billing of the Monthly Servicing Fee by closing your account and reducing the balance to $20 or less. Under from your check to make a one-time electronic transfer from your account, or to process the payment as a check certain circumstances, the Annual Fee, Monthly Servicing Fee and/or Additional Card Fee may not bill due to the transaction. If your check is processed electronically, your cancelled check will not be returned to you by your status of your account during a billing cycle; however, these fees may be billed on future statements. Upon financial institution. We will retain an image of your electronically processed check(s) as required by law. If closure, you will be responsible to pay any outstanding balance under the terms of your contract.
requested prior to the time we are allowed by law to destroy electronically processed checks, we will provide you Annual Percentage Rate: Refer to the Interest Charge Calculation box on the front of your statement.
with a copy of your electronically processed check(s) upon your request. Funds may be withdrawn from your Balance Subject to Interest Charge-Average Daily Balance: We figure the Interest Charge on your account by
bank account as soon as the day your payment is received. We agree to accept your checking account statement applying the monthly periodic rate to the average daily balance of your account (including current transactions). To get as proof of payment. The description on your checking account statement will read: PREMIER CR CARD the "average daily balance" we take the beginning balance of your account each day and add any new purchases, other CHECKPAYMT, Serial Number of Check, Amount of Payment, and Date of Transaction. If you choose to opt out adjustments, and any unpaid Interest Charges, and subtract any payments or credits. This gives us the daily balance.
of electronic check presentment, please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-987-5521 Monday Then, we add up all the daily balances for the billing cycle and divide the total by the number of days in the billing cycle.
through Friday 7 am to 9 pm CST and Saturday from 8 am to 4:30 pm CST.
This gives us the "average daily balance".
Payment Verification: First PREMIER Bank would like to inform you that payments posted to your credit card
Grace Period for Repayment of Balances:
account may be held up to 20 days, or even longer if circumstances warrant an additional hold, or if we deem For Purchases: If you pay your previous balance in full on or before the Payment Due Date on your previous
ourselves at risk for any reason. Therefore, your payment credit may not be available for immediate use.
Statement, you will have a grace period on Purchases of twenty-seven (27) days (from the Statement Closing Payment Using the Voice Response Unit (VRU): To authorize a payment using the VRU, call the Customer
Date to the Payment Due Date) and your current Purchases will not be subject to periodic Interest Charges to the Service number. Simple instructions will direct you to enter your payment information. In addition to your credit extent you pay the current Statement in full on or before the Payment Due Date.
card number, you will need to provide the amount of the payment, your personal checking account number and For Advances: You have no grace period in which to repay your balance for cash advances before a Interest
the routing number of your financial institution or your debit card number, 3-Digit Security Code (VRU prompts Charge will be imposed will explain the number to enter) and expiration date.
Minimum Interest Charge
Cutoff Time and Form of Payment: We must receive your payment on or before the Payment Due Date shown
(if applicable): There will be a minimum Interest Charge of $1.00 for each billing on the Statement. Payment(s) received in Proper Form, will be credited as of the date of receipt at the address on period in which an Interest Charge, based upon a periodic rate, is imposed.
Billing Rights Summary
the payment coupon of your Statement if received by 5:00 pm Central Time, Monday through Friday (Federal What To Do If You Think You Find A Mistake On Your
Statement If you think there is an error on your statement,
Holidays excluded). Payments not received in Proper Form may delay the posting to your Credit Account.
Proper Form:
write to us at: First PREMIER Bank, Attn: Chargeback Department, PO Box 5524, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5524.
For a payment sent by mail or courier to be in proper form: (you may use, but are not required to use, the "Notification of Disputed Item" form provided below or copy of it).
Payments must be sent to the address on the payment coupon of your Statement.
You may also contact us on the Web: Payments must be made by check or other negotiable instrument in US dollars payable to First PREMIER In your letter, give us the following information: Account information: Your name and account number.
All checks or negotiable instruments must be drawn on a U.S. bank or at a U.S. branch of a foreign bank.
Dollar Amount: The dollar amount of the suspected error.
Payments must not be in the form of cash or third-party checks.
Description of Problem: If you think there is an error on your bill, describe what you believe is wrong and Your payment coupon must be included with your payment. If your payment coupon is not included, your why you believe it is a mistake.
name and account number must be printed legibly on your check or negotiable instrument.
In Case of Errors or Questions regarding your Consumer Report:
You must contact us within 60 days after the error appeared on your statement.
You must notify us of any potential errors in writing (or electronically). You may call us, but if you do, we are not If you think that your First PREMIER Bank credit card account information is incorrect on your consumer report, required to investigate any potential errors and you may have to pay the amount in question.
write to us at the Customer Service address specified on the front of this statement. You must include the While we investigate whether or not there has been an error, the following are true: following information in your correspondence: ! We cannot try to collect the amount in question, or report you as delinquent on that amount.
Your name and account number; ! The charge in question may remain on your statement, and we may continue to charge you interest on that The specific information that is being disputed and an explanation for the basis for the dispute; and amount. But, if we determine that we made a mistake, you will not have to pay the amount in question or All supporting documentation or other information reasonably required to substantiate the basis of the any interest or other fees related to that amount.
dispute. This documentation may include, for example: a copy of the relevant portion of the consumer ! While you do not have to pay the amount in question, you are responsible for the remainder of your report that contains the allegedly inaccurate information; a police report; a fraud or identity theft affidavit; a court order; or account statements.
! We can apply any unpaid amount against your credit limit.
You may also contact the Consumer Reporting Agencies directly to dispute the information using thecontact information below: Your Rights If You Are Dissatisfied With Your Credit Card Purchases
If you are dissatisfied with the goods or services that you have purchased with your credit card, and have tried in
good faith to correct the problem with the merchant, you may have the right not to pay the remaining amount due on the purchase.
To use this right, all of the following must be true: The purchase must have been made in your home state or within 100 miles of your current mailing Notification of Disputed Item If your card has been lost, stolen, or you have not received it do not use this form. Call 1-800- 987-5521 to report it immediately.
Complete this form and fax to: 1-605-367-1311 or mail to: I have not received the merchandise that was to have been shipped to me by _/ _/ _. I First PREMIER Bank, Attn: Chargeback Department, PO BOX 5524,Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5524 contacted the merchant (circle one: yes or no). Date contacted _/ _/ _.
(Please print in blue or black ink) I returned the merchandise on _/ _/ _ because _ Enclosed is my receipt, postal receipt, or proof of return.
CARDHOLDER ACCT # The merchandise was received damaged/defective on _/ _/ _ and was returned on _/ _/ _. Enclosed is the postal receipt or credit voucher.
The amount of the transaction was increased from $ to $ . Enclosed is my original receipt.
After examining the charges on my account I am disputing a charge(s) for the following reason.
Neither I, nor anyone authorized by me to use my card, made the charge(s) listed and the card (Please choose only one): has been in my possession at all times. In addition, neither I nor anyone authorized by me I canceled my service/subscription with this merchant on _/ _/ _ but the charge stillappears on my credit card statement.
received the goods or services represented by this transaction. (If you do not recognize a sale, The charge appeared twice on my credit card statement but I only authorized one charge.
choose this option and call 1-800-987-5521 immediately.) Enclosed is a copy of my original sales slip.
Other reason not listed above: _ The merchant did not issue credit to my account. Enclosed is a copy of my credit slip.
Note: You may write us or use this form (or a copy). However, if you use this form you may want to record the information on the reverse side for your records.
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