VOL. 1 N0 3. JAN -JUNE, 2004 An interview with the D.G -Nigerian Institute of Me dical Research
By NIMRNEWS Editorial Board NIMRNEWS: Sir, what will you
death. Talking about consider as your achievement in the past subvention, for the This edition of NIMRNews focused more on facts finding mission by engaging the DIRECTOR-GENERAL: The first thing
nothing has been helmsman (The Director-General) in an I ensure I did was to create an enabling received. It is only environment especially for health research. this year (2004) that This, I considered as my primary objective something has come This makes this edition very juicy and since I am an insider and know exactly to the institute from detailed. You will in no doubt find it very where the shoes pinches. No matter how interesting as it will answer many of your talented one is, without an enabling Between the first and second quarter of queries on certain issues bothering your environment for research, the achievement 2004, we have eleven projects to execute mind about the institute.
won't be much. In developed countries, and if these are executed properly it will go Public Health Division is the focus of this they are able to achieve much because of the a long way in uplifting various components edition. The capacity of the division, enabling environment. The welfare of the of the institute.
knowledge through various publications, prompt attention. Staff transportation was Secondly it is not easy to carry everybody has shown that given more favourable provided; dilapidated buildings were along because of the differences in human environment to work many public health rehabilitated, there was improvement in behavior, perspectives, reactions and problems in the country will be a thing of horticultural look of the institute's attitude. All these have a way of rubbing off environment, grounded vehicles were on NIMR's programs. I always tell the repaired and computers were made research group of the need for collaborative NIMRNews is posed to give you update available to every division.
research because for every problem, you on the library, staff movements, can look at it from various research promotions, retirements and other news. Grants to the Institute were local and perspectives. It could be from This edition is no exception.
international and they just don't come easy. immunological, viral, biological and Welcome on board for yet another They are highly competitive and to stand a economical point of view so as to find a interesting edition of your informative chance you must have track record to enjoy better solution. The more collaborative we the confidence of granting bodies. On are the more our chances of getting coming in, national and international international grants.
training were organized and we started sourcing for grants. The first grant was Lastly the topography of the institute which received in 1999 and I ensured that there made it prone to flood is a problem for the was transparency, accountability and institute. The dilapidated buildings need to commitment, thereby gaining the give way for modern ones. However plans confidence of the granting bodies. Now are on the pipe line to find a lasting solution virtually every division has one grant or the to these problems.
other; these have gone a long way in augmenting our shortfall from the NIMR NEWS: Sir, if you are given a
government's subvention.
desirable and favorable conditions, what would you like to do? NIMR NEWS: What are your constraints
during this period? DIRECTOR-GENERAL: I would like to
Administrative Update 10 focus more on human and infrastructural DIRECTOR-GENERAL: The major development. Improve on the facilities to
constraint is funding. Though the institute's work with and continuous improvement of donor partners are trying; the fact remains the working environment.
that you do not whip a willing horse to Nigerian Institute of Medical Research since 1920 conducting research into human health in Nigeria Obasanjo became the President of the yielded result to an extent because it made Federal Republic of Nigeria, he set up a them pay the 2003 rent. They however panel headed by Oluwole Rotimi to begged for about 3months moratorium to recover government lands that had been pay 2004 rent. But once again, they forcefully acquired and are in the hand of defaulted and dragged the Institute to individuals. NIMR carried her case to this court thereby preventing another tenant EDITOR Shola Abolarinwa panel and it was established that the land from moving in. But they are wasting actually belongs to the institute. But their time, because sooner than later, they recently, the Lagos state government will come to their knees once again. In became interested in the land and used all view of this development, management its might to allocate the land to labour sent out a circular that NIMR as an CONTRIBUTING EDITORS mass and cross country. The institute institution should not patronize Pentagon K.S Oyedeji Gbenga Aina went back to court and the case is still as a guest.
pending in court. Meanwhile a section of the land which was not taken has been NIMR NEWS: Sir, we would like to
fenced by the institute with our sign post know about the issue of economic rent on
mounted to indicate NIMR ownership. NIMR Staff leaving in the quarters?
Efforts are also been made to clear the Nigerian Institute of Medical refuse at the extreme right and fence the DIRECTOR-GENERAL: The problem
remaining part.
of economic rent is the one we created for 6, Edmond Crescent, Yaba Lagos, ourselves. NIMR used to rent quarters NIMR NEWS: Thank you very much sir, outside the compound for her staff two
P.M.B 2013, Yaba, Lagos.
we would like to get some clarification on years before the issue of economic rent the issue of NIMR Guest House? started. But due to constraints of fund and Website: government policy, NIMR have to stop Email: [email protected] DIRECTOR-GENERAL: The twenty renting quarters outside the institute.
[email protected] two room Guest House belong to the When the issue of economic rent came up, Tel: + 234(01)800090- 4, Institute. It was only given out on lease to those displaced from the rented apartment Pentagon. Initially, a catering unit was set petitioned and put an end to discussion on up, but the Chief Executive then in the economic rent.
Fax: + 234(01) 3425171 person of Prof. Essien said that his
experience with something like this has NIMR NEWS: Sir, you once promised to
not been pleasant. He noted that since make available a bus to the Institute to
those going to work there are still staff of supplement what we have now so that
NIMR NEWS: Sir, on NIMR triangular the Institute, they will take it as more members of staff could benefit from
piece of land what is the present position government business. It was then it? When will this materialized suggested that it be put on bid and
Pentagon won the bid; they were to pay a DIRECTOR-GENERAL: Once again, I
DIRECTOR GENERAL: The land was particular sum of money to the Institute as tell you that funding is a constraint. It is
given to the institute during the colonial rent every year. In 2003 and 2004, unfortunate how people treat government rule. It lied fallow through colonial rule to Pentagon defaulted in payment of the properties. The Institute used to have a big independence. Due to lack of fund, we stipulated rent and after given some time coaster bus, one day it stopped at Ikeja were unable to develop it. When Alhaji to pay and they did not, the matter was and it was discovered that the problem was Jakande became governor he liaised with taken to the governing board and it with the engine for lack of oil. It was the institute to use it for metro line in recommended that the Guest house should towed to the institution and the service of a exchange for a similar mass of land in once again go on bid. Another body won mechanic was employed. Unfortunately, Victoria Island. The agreement was the bid and when Pentagon got to know, the mechanic complicated its problems drawn but sadly the metro line never refused to park out. The Governing Board after working on it, the bus never worked materialized and Jakande tenure came to directed the management to use all means again.
to force Pentagon out of the place. A meeting was held by the Director-General, NIMR NEWS: Sir, won't the issue of
The first major problem started when some Management staff and the Chief monetization affect transportation Brigadier Adisa allocated the land to some Security Officer and a decision was especially staff bus? Brigadiers and Majors, NIMR never knew reached that no staff of Pentagon would be this until work commenced on the site. allowed into the premises. This decision DIRECTOR-GENERAL: NIMR as a
Upon enquiry this was discovered and on was taken on a Wednesday and by the time body has not been monetized and the advice of our Lawyer, we went to court I was coming to work on Thursday; I saw therefore we get for ourselves whatever and got a court injunction suspending their staff hanging outside the gate. This we could pending monetization.
work on the land. When Chief Olusegun Nigerian Institute of Medical Research since 1920 conducting research into human health in Nigeria Gynecologi st, expand the Diagnostic easily, every division came-up with her NIMR NEWS: Sir, without any bias, I
Unit, and institutionalize training. All training needs and they were taken care of. will like to say that a well equipped library these are with the sole aim of generating However, irregularities in funding has should be found at the heart of any revenue.
crippled training. It is also pertinent to note that researchers are keener on may be regarded as reading rooms? NIMR NEWS: Sir, it is pertinent that improving their capacity and thereby
NIMR as an institution should have a surfing the internet to get information
journal and we are aware that a committee unlike their non-research counterpart. But comprehensive Library. But I want to know what is next on it? everybody will be carried along.
point out that we once had a Library where The issue of House 4 is a long story. the Molecular and Biotechnology division is, presently. When the administrative Governing Board of the Institute has I wanted to move into House 4, it was building was completed the Library was approved that the publication of journal renovated, I put in my furniture and moved to the third and fourth floors. At a take off but the constraint is funding. We window blinds, but suddenly, during a time, the Japanese Government wanted to would want it sustained once it is started, Management meeting, some committee build a Library for us. They were so we are doing our possible best to scout members kicked against it. The issue is that lots of people had at one time or the Laboratories. They brought in equipment other lived in house 4, I have slept in worth more than 4 million Japanese Yen NIMR NEWS: What is happening to
House 4 for a whole week. However, there with a condition attached to it. The your dream of collaborative research are two schools of thought, concerning the house. One school of thought is that it Government of Nigeria pay a counterpart shou ld be reno vate d and give n to funding every year to ensure the DIRECTOR-GENERAL: I ha ve someone, while the second school of
sustainability of the equipment. The
always noised it into the ears of the thought is that it should be shared into two counterpart funding was just a meager research group of the need to work as a to accommodate two families.
amount but they were strict on it. The first group in order to get maximum result. One On Social Interaction: In 1999, I set up a and second quarter were paid and when person with two eyes can not see what two committee headed by Dr. Anyanwu and the third quarter could not be paid, the or three others will see. Currently research they came up with the issue that a staff Japanese Government pulled out thereby problems tackled from myopic point of club should be set up but some staff aborting the proposed Library complex view are no longer been accepted for members opted for a canteen so that every and the collaboration. But we still have publication. Therefore there should be member of staff could fully benefit. plan to set up a Library but the fact is that collaborative research activities in the NIMR once had a table tennis center, Government will always ask you not to institute football team that represents the institute start any new project. The Institute is but somehow all these died down but we looking for what she could do to ensure the NIMR NEWS: Still on monetization sir,
are still trying our best to improve on staff project kick-off and then get government when exactly do we expect monetization? social interaction?to support. There is also this plan of and what about pension contributory getting individuals to help build a new fund? NIMR NEWS: Sir, we would like to
thank you immensely for creating time out DIRECTOR-GENERAL: I am also of your busy schedule to grant the Editorial
NIMR NEWS: Sir, what is the Institute waiting to be monetized. NIMR as a Crew of NIMR News this interview, we
doing to generate revenue?
parastatal is yet to be monetized. As for assure you that once this issue is published, the pension contributory fund, it is been it will enlighten many darkened and grey DIRECTOR-GENERAL: There are a deducted from source.
issues in the institute. Once again, thank number of areas which the Institute has set you very much sir up to generate fund. The business centre NIMR NEWS: Finally sir, we would like
for example is there for that purpose to ask these three questions in one; what
though its efficiency is in doubt because it are you doing to ensure that non-research
has no internet facility. We are also trying staff also benefit from training, we would
to expand on health care, to improve the like you to speak on your plan for house
out patient care unit with the ultimate hope
four and what is your administration doing of generati ng revenue. We want to to improve the level of social interaction establish a Clinical Centre that will among provide services to outsiders and staff. We
are also looking at the possibility of DIRETOR-GENERAL: On training of
running an ante-natal unit, employ the Administrative Staff, it still boils down to
s e r v i c e s o f a P e d i a t r i c i a n a n d lack of fund. When money was coming in
Nigerian Institute of Medical Research since 1920 conducting research into human health in Nigeria

filariasis, malaria and, in addition Cooperat ion (GTZ) , the office of nutrition, reproductive and sexual Po pu la ti on Re se ar ch , P ri nc et on health, and HIV/AIDS. These research University, USA and the Swiss Tropical activities are conducted in collaboration Institute. Others include the Applied he research activities of Public wi th an d s up po rt of lo ca l a nd Research on Child Health (ARCH)
THealth Division focus on international bodies such as the States' project of Boston University School of
ministries of Health (e.g. Ondo, Ogun, Public Health under the auspices of communicable diseases and other Borno, Osun and, Niger), National USAID in Washington, the WHO,
health problems that are of public Control Programs (such as National UNICEF, the National Institute for
health importance in the country.
On ch oc er ci as is Co nt ro l Pr og ra m, Communicable Diseases, the University Na ti on al Sc hi st os om ia si s C on tr ol of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, The Division conducts epidemiological Program, Malaria Vector Control South Africa and the Centre de (including control interventions), social Unit/Roll Back Malatia), the African Recherche Entomologique du Benin, and laboratory-based research on Program on Onchocerciasis Control Cotonou.
SPECIAL FEATURE FROM PUBLIC HEALTH DIVISION Vector-borne diseases the Wellcome Trust, constitute major health THE MOLECULAR ENTOMOLOGY AND VECTOR
hazard in Africa and in spite of control efforts, markers are indispensable tools for their vectors stay one step ahead of man reaction, Spectrophotometery, and a population study. Currently, the by rapidly evolving multiple survival photo-doc umentatio n system. The potential application of genetically mecha nisms . While vecto r contr ol laboratory insectary component cultures modified (transgenic) mosquitoes for live mosquito colonies with special the control of mosquito-borne diseases interruption of disease transmission, genetic traits such as resistant genes. is receiving Considerable attention.
their effectiveness has been limited by The laboratory does not only serve the Availability of infrastructures for logistic problems and development or Institute but also serves as reference molecular biology research and the resistance to insecticides. There is laboratory to the National Malaria and application of molecular biology therefore a need to id entify other Vector Control and Roll Back Malaria techniques are still at infancy stage in approaches that will remain effective Nigeria. Consequently, little has been even in the face of growing drugs and done to provide related information for mosquito colonies are provided for the control of major mosquito borne quality assurance of insecticide treated diseases in the country.
Recent developments in molecular biology (a powerful tool for the study of The Molecular Entomology Laboratory in Public Health Division is engaged in knowledge of classical entomology industrial attachment are part of the studies on vector population dynamics, capacity building component of this vector-human parasite relationships understanding of human-vector-parasite and, the molecular basis of vector relationships. Among these recent resistance to insecticides with special molecular genetic markers for the mosquito strains that are unable to identification of cryptic species, gene support parasite development which can flow studies and detection of resistant be introduced into the natural genes from a variety of disease vectors. population. The laboratory, which Understanding the population biology receives financial support from the WHO Special Programme for Research mosquito, for instance, is a prerequisite and Training in Tropical Diseases and for their control, and molecular genetic Nigerian Institute of Medical Research since 1920 conducting research into human health in Nigeria for Mass Treatment In Schistosomiasis Control (Idowu ET,
Mafe MA, Appelt B, Adewale B, Adeneye AK, Omotola BD,

Ak1nwale OP, Manafa OU, Akande DO AND Sulyman MA)
Current concept in controlling diseases such as schistosomiasis,
i) Investigations on the status and production of database on
which requires annual/ biennial treatment as a result of re- schistosomiasis for Niger State,Nigeria, (Mafe MA et al):
infection, focuses on community empowerment and ownership GIS database on schistosomiasis distribution and prevalence anchored to the Primary Health Care system. Weight is usually have been provided for the entire Niger State with information the means of determining drug dosage, however given the fact that most communities affected by schistosomiasis are rural with high illiteracy level, an alternative means of determining dosage that is user friendly comes in view. This study compares the use Up to the school level. This allows for meaningful decision- of height as an alternative to weight for praziquantel dose making, policy development and prioritization on not only determination in some hyper-endemic communities.
schistosomiasis control or monitoring of such intervention but on different aspects of development in the State as the GIS vi) Intra Specific Variations In Schistosoma Haematobium
database includes information on physical, human, Egg Counts of infected Individuals (Adewale B and Mafe MA
administrative, education, health, water and other social This study determines the validity of point prevalence data on infrastructures in the State.
urinary schistosomiasis when compared to prevalence data derived from increased sampling efforts over many days. The ii) Praziquantel Delivery In Mass Treatment of
study has implication for those communities on the borderline of Schistosomiasis (Mafe MA, Adewale B, Idowu ET, Akinwale
low and moderate endemicity in the context of control.
OP, Adeneye AK, Manafa OU, Sulyman MA, Akande DO,
Omotola, BD)

vii) Effect of Praziquantel On Prevalence and Intensity of
Praziquantel is the drug of choice in the national policy on the Intestinal Helminth Infections (SulymanMA, Mafe MA
disease control and whichever treatment approach that is AND Ajayi MB)
adopted in the control of the disease, it is important that high This study assesses the effect of praziquantel treatment on the coverage of infected persons be achieved to impact on intestinal helminthic infections harboured by school-aged transmission. The best delivery channel for praziquantel in children in endemic foci. The study has implication for schistosomiasis control in Nigeria is however yet to be integrated control of schistosomiasis and soil-transmitted determined. This study seeks to identify the most cost effective helminths.
and sustainable of the 3 channels (PHC, school and, community)
for praziquantel delivery in a mass treatment effort in viii) Molecular Characterisation of Schistosome
schistosomiasis control. Haematobium Infections Using MolecularTechniques
(Akinwale OP et al)

iii) Social Aspects Of Drug Delivery In Schistosomiasis
The study seeks to characterize Schistosome haematobium Control: The Abeokuta Experience. (Adeneye AK, Akinwale
parasite from endemic Nigerian communities using molecular OP, Idowu ET, Adewale B, Manafa OU, Sulyman MA,
techniques. This is with a view to identify epitopes that could be Omotola BD, Akande DO, Mafe MA and Appelt B)
used as potential candidates for vaccine development.
The study seeks to examine the influence of social factors in drug
delivery programmes tailored towards community ownership. ix) Laboratory Evaluation of the Molluscicidal Properties of
This will ultimately provide insights on how to develop effective Extracts of Some Plants on Biomphalaria Species in Lagos
strategies that adequately take cognizance of factors that may State, Nigeria. (Sulyman MA, Fagbenro-Beyioku AF, Mafe
impair community participation and sense of ownership in MA AND Peter AM).
control programmes at the community level. The molluscicidal properties of five plants namely Ovaria Chamae, Anthoseleista nobilis, Strophantus bispidus, A ilium iv) Willingness to Pay for Praziquantel Treatment (Adeneye
ascabonicum and Jactropha curcas were screened on AK, Mafe MA, Idowu ET andAkande DO)
Biomphalaria, the intermediate host of Schistosoma mansoni. Praziqantel, an effective schistosomicide, is the drug of choice The study has implications for identification of potential for schistosomiasis control. This drug, unlike ivermectin used in candidates for molluscicide development for use against the onchocerciasis control, is not donated free neither is it intermediate hosts in schistosomiasis control.
subsidized. As such there is a need for infected persons or care-
givers to be able to purchase the drug once they are aware that B. ONCHOCERCIASIS
they or their wards are infected. This study examines the
willingness of people in a hyper-endemic community to pay for i) Endemicity Status of Some Local Government Areas of
schistosomiasis treatment, with a view to understanding the Niger State (Idowu ET, Adewale B,Mafe MA AND Bamigbose
feasibility of achieving widespread coverage with the drug. A)
The established method of justifying ivermectin delivery to a
v) Alternative Means of Determining Praziquantel Dosage
Nigerian Institute of Medical Research since 1920 conducting research into human health in Nigeria community is by rapid assessment (RAM) of the community for has been beset with a number of problems. The identification of onchocercal nodules and leopard skin. The values obtained for actual biting population of adult flies in a community, which these indices determine its classification as either hypo-, meso- Often changes due to migration and ecological change, has or hyper-endemic with the latter 2 categories qualifying for implications for the epidemiology of the disease,is essential for ivermectin delivery. This study was carried out to determine the monitoring success of control efforts and invasion from other endemicity level of onchocerciasis in 74 communities of 8 Local foci. The study seeks to characterize adult Simulium flies Government Areas (LGAs) of Niger state to justify their collected from forest area in Ondo State using Restriction inclusion or otherwise in the ongoing state wide mass treatment Fragment Length polymorphism Polymerase Chain Reaction for onchocerciasis using ivermectin. ii) Comparison Of The Use of Height To Weight In
iv) Molecular Characterisation of Members of The
Ivermectin Delivery In Mass Treatment Of Onchocerciasis
Anopheles Funestus (Diptera Culicidae)Group In South
(Idowu ET, Adedoyin JA, Mafe MA and Otubanjo, OA)
Western Nigeria (Awolola TS et al)
This study seeks to compare the use of height to weight in dose Information on members of the Anopheles funestus (Diptera determination in ivermectin delivery. Culiciidae) group is scanty in Nigeria. Since the nine species in the group are morphologically similar and are virtually Molecular Assessment of The Long Term Impact of The
indistinguishable in all of their life stages and only An. funestus Use of Ivermectin Nationally on Onchocerciasis
s.s. is recognised as a major vector of malaria parasites, it is Transmission (Adewale B, Awolola TS, Idowu ET and Mafe
important that correct identification of this specie be made to avoid wastage of scarce resources in controlling non-vectors. The absence of a macrofilariicide or a potential vaccine makes The project also seeks to determine the distribution of these
annual mass treatment (for at least 15 years) of endemic vectors and their role in transmission in different ecological
communities with ivermectin the most effective method of zones of the country.
controlling onchocerciasis. This study assesses the impact of this
long-term treatment on infection and transmission using v) Insecticide Resistance Study of The Malaria Vector
molecular techniques.
Mosquito In Nigeria
(Awolola TS, Idowu ET and Manafa OU)Malaria vector control in Africa relies mainly on interventions i) The Use of Pyrethroid Treated Bed Nets For Malaria
targeted at adult anopheline vectors through the use of Control In The Kainji Lake Area:Preliminary
insecticide treated nets or indoor residual spraying. However, Entomological Indices (Awolola TS, Idowu ET, Adeneye AK
resistance of the major Afro-tropical malaria vectors to and Mafe MA)
pyrethroid insecticides used for treating nets has emerged in Africa. In Nigeria, little is known about the susceptibility or This community-based study seeks to determine if sufficient resistant status of major malaria vector to pyrethroid insecticide. protection could be achieved through the use of pyrethroid The overall goal of this study is to bridge this gap in support of treated bed nets to reduce malaria transmission and, monitor the National Malaria Vector Control and the Roll Back Malaria vector resistance to pyrethroid insecticides over time.
Program in Nigeria.
Willingness To Pay For Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets
In Kainji Lake Area Of Niger State (Adeneye AK, Mafe MA,
Appelt B, Idowu ET AND Awolola TS)

i) Prevalence of iron deficiency anaemia in pregnant women
Currently advocated malaria control strategies prioritize prompt of Lagos state of Nigeria (Omotola BD and Adedoyin JA)
diagnosis, early treatment and use of insecticide treated bednets One of the factors affecting pregnancy, pregnancy outcome and
(ITNs). There are presently very few evidence on the usage and morbidity and mortality of children is the iron status of the
social marketing of ITNs in malaria endemic communities in mothers during the period of pregnancy. Therefore, this study
Nigeria. This study evaluates the social marketing, willingness assessed the prevalence of anemia (using PCV) among pregnant
and affordability of the nets and the re-impregnating potential in women attending ANC in Shomolu PHC of Lagos state. Other
the context of rolling back malaria (RBM).
socio-demographic characteristics of the subjects were collected to assist in determining the various causes of anemia.
ii) Feeding and care practices of low birth weight babies in
i) Molecular Characterization Of Member Of The Simulium
Lagos state, Nigeria (Omotola BD et al)
damnosum Complex From Three Onchocerciasis Endemic
Foci In Nigeria (Idowu ET, Awolola TS, Mafe MA AND
Babies who are born with low birth weight require more
Otubanjo OA)
nutritional attention to enable them cope with various childhood Morphological identification of adult Simulium damnosum s.1. (and even some at adulthood) health challenges. This study Nigerian Institute of Medical Research since 1920 conducting research into human health in Nigeria

State.(Adeneye AK et al.)
determines how low birth babies are fed and relate this with the Antenatal voluntary HIV counseling and testing (VCT) is one of various standard infant growth indicators (i.e. height for age, the several key interventions existing to reduce mother-to-child weight for height and weight for age), health and nutritional transmission (MTCT) of HIV. However, the success of these key status of the mothers, health status of the child, etc. interventions is dependent upon their widespread by the women and communities. This cross-sectional descriptive study Community inflence, breast feeding promotion and
examines the knowledge and perception of women attending current trends in infant feeding practice in 2 communities of
antenatal clinics on VCT in Nigeria. The goal of the study is to Lagos state: Process, practise and status (Omotola BD,
contribute to the control of MTCT through increased Adedoyin JA and Grange A)
acceptability and demand for confidential antenatal HIV testing by pregnant women as a prelude to the large-scale introduction The practise of exclusive breast feeding has been shown to be the and use of nevirapine therapy in the country.
best and safest option for feeding a child. This study therefore set
out to document the infant feeding practises adopted by mothers ii) An assessment of the knowledge, beliefs and practices of
in 2 LGAs of Lagos state (Epe and Oshodi-Isolo LGAs). The religious leaders on HIV/AIDS.(Akinwale OP et al).
roles of various socio-cultural, economic and other factors which influence the practise of exclusive breast feeding were investigated.
iv) Health and nutritional status of women in Nigeria
(Omotola BD and Adedoyin J.A)
i) Treatment Failure In Experimental Trypanosoma Vivax
Women play major roles in the society, however they are usually Infection of Sahel Goats (Akinwale OP et al)
burdened by a lot of problems that borders on health and nutrition
status. This study determines the health and nutritional status of ii) Development of Parasites Banks (Mafe MA, Adewale B,
women in coastal LGAs of Lagos state with a view to Awolola TS, Manafa OU, Akinwale OP, Idowu ET and
documenting their current health and nutritional status and also Sulyman MA)
identifies their major health and nutritional problems.
This project aims at developing parasites bank as reference materials in understanding and monitoring changes in parasite V) Needs assessment of the elderly (Omotola BD, Grange A, constitution.
Olubajo O)
iii) Immune status of school children heavily infected with
The needs of the elderly are usually not well taken care of, schistosomiasis and its implications on child focused health
programmes. (Sulyman MA et al).
however they constitute an important group in the society. This
study identifies the needs (health, nutritional, shelter and other iv) Monitoring of praziquantel use for possible development
social needs) of the elderly in the society. of resistance in schistosomiasis control. (Mafe MA et al)
v) Parent-child communication on sexuality education in
Lagos Mainland Area of Lagos State (Akinwale OP, Omotola

(Adewale B, Manafa OU and Adeneye)
BD, Manafa OU, Adeneye AK, Sulyman MA, Idowu ET and
Ethics in research involves the recognition of a person's dignity Adewale B)
and autonomy in such a way that affords special protection for those persons with diminished capacity. This study seeks to This study assessed the influence of parent-child communication determine the present status of ethnical issues in the country as it on sexual education of the adolescent child. relates to obtaining truly informed consents in different cultures and ensuring the benefits of research both to the participants as well as host community. The outcome of this will enable the development of improved methods of obtaining consents in research as well as the incorporation of such findings in public health practice.
i) Knowledge and perception of voluntary HIV counseling
and testing among pregnant women in South-West Nigeria: a
case study of ljebu North Local Government Area of Ogun

Nigerian Institute of Medical Research since 1920 conducting research into human health in Nigeria 2002 / 2003 SEMINARS PRESENTED BY NIMR STAFF
1. Evaluation of Parameters for effective diagnosis of typhoid fever in relation to genotypic traits of Salmonella in Lagos, Nigeria.
Dr(Mrs) Niemogha-Mary Theresa.
2. Drug distribution in Schistosomiasis Control 3. Biochemical and Immunogenic properties of a recombinant plasmodium vivax Thrombospondin Related Adhesive Protein (PvTRAP): A MALARIA VACCINE CANDIDATE.
Dr. Jamiu A. Ogunbanwo 4 Haematological and biochemical response to treatment of HIV-1 infection with a combination of Nevirapine + Stavudine + Lamivudine in Lagos, Nigeria.
Dr. N. N. Odunukwe 5. Malaria Vector research and networking in Nigeria. Dr. T. S. Awolola 6. Microbicide research and development: Concepts of C31G (Savvy) Phase 3 trial in Nigeria.
7. Application of the fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) for the detection of clarithromycin and tetracycline resistances in mice co-infected with H. pylori. SSI and X47.
8. Willingness to seek voluntary HIV Counselling and testing among Pregnant women in Ogun State, Nigeria.
Mr. A. K. Adeneye 9. Enhanced Efficacy of Chloroquine with Chloropheneramine and molecular Correlates of Drug Resistance in children with acute uncomplicated Falciparum Malaria in Lagos, Nigeria.
Mrs. Y. A. Olukosi Nigerian Institute of Medical Research since 1920 conducting research into human health in Nigeria LIST OF JOURNALS RECEIVED BETWEEN JAN AND JUNE 2004
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Nigerian Institute of Medical Research since 1920 conducting research into human health in Nigeria ADMINISTRATIVE UPDATE NEW MEMBERS OF STAFF
1. Alh. A. S. Yunusazazzau Chief Personnel Officer 2. Dr. Oliver C Ezechi Chief Research Fel low (Gynecologist ) HATISS 13 This is currently going on within the Administrative 3. Dr. Joan Abohweyere Chief Research Fel low (Pediatrici an) HATISS 13 Department of the Institute.
4. Mrs. A.E.N. Okoye Principal Personnel Officer 5. Mrs. T.A. Malomo Principal Accountant 6. Mrs. E.C. Herbertson DISSOLUTION OF THE BOARD
7. Miss Elizabeth Haruna Snr. Confidential Sec 8. Mrs. N. I. Akintan Personnel Officer II The Governing Board of NIMR was dissolved.
9. Mrs. C. N. Nwofor Higher Executive O fficer. The dissolution of the board was affected by Mr. President, 10. Miss R. O. Awogbem i Executive Officer this was after their second quarter meeting for the year held 11. Miss A. A. Ibrahim Clerical Officer 12. Miss C.N. Effiong Clerical Officer on the 23 and 24 June 2004.
13. Mr. S. Akinmulere 14 .Mr. S. Yahim Mr. G. O. Olaomo, a Motor Driver died on the 19 15. Mr. L. Chuku of February 2004 in a ghastly motor accident along Lagos 16. Mr. L. J. Sebastin 17. Mr. F. Ogunshile Ibadan express way. He had since been buried.
18. Mr. Y. Z. Ahmadu 19. Mr. P. A. Monye Mr. S. Aliyu Asst. Technical Officer with the Institute died 20. Mr. M. S. Porter on the 14 of June 2004 and was buried on the 15 June 21. Miss A. Adeniyi Laboratory Asst. 22. Mr. S. Agboola Sanitary Attendant The following members of staff of NIMR were promoted with effect Mrs M.C Udo, an Asst. Executive Officer died on the 26th of from 1 Jan. 2004.
July 2003 and was buried on the 2nd of August 2003.
Asst. Executive Officer Onwudimeywu Chief Typist 8 Snr. Clerical Officer Mrs. A. M. Adedeji Senior Executive Officer Principal Executive Officer 9 Asst. Executive Officer Mrs. G. B. Akintunde Senior Medical Lab. Scientist 9 Mr. S.A Shobande Asst. Executive Officer Mr. D. O. Akande Senior Medical Lab. Scientist 9 Mrs. C. T. Opanaugo Principal Med. Lab. Sci entist 11 Executive Officer Dr. (Mrs) M. T. Niemogha Research Fellow 1 Senior Typist 1 Miss V. N. Asianya Principal Med. Lab. Sci entist 11 Miss O. O. Adewoyin Principal Librarian Mrs. O. A. Nwogbe Principal Librarian Mr. O. G. Balogun Asst. Chief Computer Analyst 12 Dr. (Mrs) R. A. Audu Senior Research Fellow Mr. J. E. Uhumnwangho Asst. Chief Med. Scientist Asst. Chief Med. Scientist STAFF RETIREMENT / DISENGAGEMENT
Snr. Research Fellow Voluntary Retirement Mr. Odiase Michael Principal Supervisor Voluntary Retirement Dr. H.O.T. Ajala Research Fellow II Compulsory Retirement Mrs. I.A. Ogunnaike Chief Med. Lab. Tech. Retirement on age Retirement on age limit Mr. O. K. C. Obasi Deputy Director (W & M) 30/01/04 Retirement on age limit Mr. S.J.P.Umobong Senior Executive Officer Retirement on age limit Termination of App. Mr. M. Nwabudike Sen. Clerical Officer Voluntary Withdrawal Dr. C. A. Okonkwo Termination of Appt. Voluntary Withdrawal Nigerian Institute of Medical Research since 1920 conducting research into human health in Nigeria

Readers, Please send your Request / Enquries to
Managing Editor
Services Available in NIMR Library Nigerian Institue of Medical Research6 Edmond Crescent, P.M.B 2013,Yaba, Lagos. Nigeria Nigerian Institute of Medical Research
6, Edmond Crescent, Yaba, Lagos.
The Human Virology Laboratory The Human Diagnostic Laboratory provide the following services the following services GENERAL COMPUTER SERVICES
Screening for HIV antibodies HIV Screening and Confirmation tests INTERNET BROWSING SERVICE
Confirmation of HIV Seropositive Liver functioning tests Screening for Hepatitis B Mak Renal functioning tests Screening for for Syphilis Complete Haemogram, Genotype & Estimation of Cd4 cell count (manual, Blood grouping, Culture & Sensitivity LAMINATION OF ALL SIZES
tests and many more.
other haematology and clinical DESKTOP PUBLISHING AND MORE
chemistry lab tests.
Visit us today and get the best result.
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Visit us today and ge
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t the best result.
Nigerian Institute of Medical Research
6, Edmond Crescent, Off Murtala Mohammed Way, Yaba - lagos. The Clinical Sciences Division runs an out-patient Clinic for Staff and provides Comprehensive Services for patients living with HIV/AIDs in the community. The following are some of the services provided by the clinic; Treatment of minor ailments
Resuscitation of emergency conditions
Clinic Days
Referral of patient to secondary and tertiary centers
Notification of infectious diseases
For new patient - Monday and Fridays 9.00 a.m
VCT - Voluntary Counseling and Testi ng
· You can just walk into our Clinic or the Clinical For old (follow-up) - Tuesday and Thursday 9.00 a.m
Diagnostic Laboratory and request to know your status · There are counselors available to help you with necessary information you need to know and prepare you for what to do with the result , if positive or negative. · You will pay only a small amount of money for test but none for the counseling services Anti- Retroviral Treatment
· The division provides highly active antiretroviral treatment (HAART) to people who are positive from the HIV test. · For those who are positive and do not require drugs, we provide other care and support · There is a special program called PEPFAR, a treatment program financed by the United States Government whic h makes the testi ng (which is quite e xpensive) free a nd in addition p rovides drugs. This complements the Federal Government drug-access program which is already in place in the institute. NIGERIAN INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL RESEARCH
Federal Ministry of Health 6, Edmond Crescent, Yaba - Lagos.
We announce the opening of our fully air-conditioned Auditorium Conference Centre and SeminarRooms to cater for your engagement needs such as: Conferences & Seminars
Annual General Meetings (AGMS)
Wedding Reception
Chairs and tables for rents and Lots more

COME & EXPERIENCE OUR PERSONALISED SERVICES. YOUR SATISFACTION IS ASSURE AT A COST THAT WILL NOT TURN YOU OFF. Nigerian Institute of Medical Research since 1920 conducting research into human health in Nigeria Administrative Updates Since 1984, our company has been actively involved in the procurement and distribution of specialized Medical / Research / Diagnostic Equipment and Reagents for effective screening of screening of communicable diseases such as AIDS and HEPATITIS.
Formerly known as Sanofi Diagnostic Pasteur and manufacturer of:
(The Gold Standard for other HIV Elisa Kits. It combines Ag & Ab detection)
MICROMAT II Haemoglobin A1c instrument & reagents for diabetes monitoring
Manufacturer of tess for follow-up and monitoring of PLWHA & AIDS Patients such as CD4 - CD8 KITS
DYNAL T4 QUANT KIT 80 TEST / PKT (requires just 125 ul of whole blood / test)
The Diamed - ID microtyping system is an entirely new method for rapid blood grouping and cross matching subtypes, antibody screening and identification with emphasis on Sensitivity, Reliability and Higher safety precautions for the users.
Experts in the design and manufacture of HIV Screening equipment such as
This company has a wide range of centrifuges and other laboratory equipment such as:
nterprises Ltd.
1, Fred Omojole Street, Near Deeper Life Church, Gbagada, Lagos Tel: 01 - 7742791, 01 - 5552774, Fax: 01 - 5552774, 01 - 4938270.
Cell: 08023123018, 080823027021 Nigerian Institute of Medical Research since 1920 conducting research into human health in Nigeria


Synthèse // Réflexion // Une entreprise/un homme // Références Corrigé de la première épreuve du DEC Par Eric FERDJALLAH-CHÉREL, Directeur des études du CSOEC, Examinateur au DEC gratuit sur ou en ver- L'épreuve n° 1 du DEC "Réglementation professionnelle et déontologie sion papier sur


Konrad Lorenz 1961 Phylogenetische Anpassung und adaptive Modifikation des Verhaltens Zeitschrift für Tierpsychologie 18(2): 139-187. [OCR by Konrad Lorenz Haus Altenberg –] Seitenumbrüche und -zahlen wie im Original. K. Lorenz 1961 Phylogenetische Anpassung und adaptive Modifikation des Verhaltens Phylogenetische Anpassung und adaptive Modifikation des Verhaltens