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Running on Insight
The Answer to Complexity Doing More, Doing it Better The Integrated Enterprise Discovering Business Discovery
Create, Communicate, and Explore with Social Business Discovery Powerful Col aborative Sessions Annotation Capabilities Facilitate Discussions Fol ow Your Own Train of Thought Through the Associative Experience Comparative Analysis for Deeper Insight QlikView For Mobile: Insight On The Go Greater Productivity – Across the Enterprise Empower Your People And Free Up IT Simplified Chart Data Better Use Of Screen Real Estate Improved User Experience More Development Control Enterprise-Ready For Performance, Security, And IT Administration Case Study: Lundbeck A/S
Case Study: A Leader in Injectable Drugs and Infusion Technologies
Case Study: A Global Life Sciences Firm and its Subsidiary
Benefits You Can Run On
2 A Clinical and Operational Breakthrough for the Life Sciences Industry RUNNING ON INSIGHT
What's holding you back as a company in the life sciences industry? What could help you run better, more efficiently, and at lower cost? What could you do to achieve operational excel ence in critical areas such as drug discovery and development, clinical trials, safety and pharmacovigilance, manufacturing and distribution, and supply chain management? The fact is, running a business – almost any business – is a complex undertaking. Organizations need to col aborate with partners, manage intricate supply chains, and comply with constantly changing regulations. They also need to stave off the competition with innovative new offerings and manage operations on an increasingly global scale. Yet while most of these chal enges are common to companies across industries, nowhere are they more pronounced than in the life sciences industry. For pharmaceutical and biotech firms, increasing complexity is simply a fact of life. In almost everything you do – whether it's researching new compounds, analyzing clinical trial data, or managing elaborate supply networks to produce and deliver sophisticated new therapies – complexity is the water in which you swim.
At the same time, the competition is always knocking at your door, reminding you that you need to do it all faster than ever before. Yet regardless of how quickly you innovate, the clock is always ticking for when generics can take over your market share. With no time to rest on your laurels, you must constantly ramp up the pace of discovery, push new therapies through the clinical trial process, and move into production as quickly as possibly – all while adhering to drug safety rules, minimizing business risk, and keeping costs to a bare minimum. THE ANSWER TO COMPLEXITY
Nobody ever said doing business in the life sciences industry was going to be easy. But where complexity is the question, insight is the answer. This is where QlikView can help. QlikView is the leading Business Discovery platform. It delivers true self-service BI that empowers business users by driving innovative decision-making. Using QlikView, your IT team can extend business intel igence directly to end users. Now employees at every level – from R&D to distribution – can make informed decisions based on real-time information made accessible to everybody throughout the enterprise. This helps you overcome complexity so that you can run your business more efficiently and effectively.
A Clinical and Operational Breakthrough for the Life Sciences Industry 3

When it comes to R&D, QlikView helps improve data management Business Discovery is based on the sharing and reporting across the stages of development. It also puts belief that information can change the information in your hands when you need it to speed audits, ensure world and that every business user compliance, and mitigate risk during the FDA approval process. contributes to that transformation. With the QlikView Business For clinical trials, you can better manage and view patient and trial Discovery platform, everyone can data across sites and partnering CROs. You can even streamline trial easily analyze data and experience outcome analysis and improve overall trial performance with better that "a-ha" moment of discovery.
patient tracking and reporting and by identifying gaps in patient treatments. And when it comes to post-market pharmacovigilance, you Business Discovery is a whole new can use QlikView to track issues as they arise, helping to improve your way of doing things that puts the responsiveness, compliance objectives, and your market reputation. business user in control. Unlike traditional BI, where just a few people QlikView can also help you better manage your supply network for are involved in insight creation, smoother operations, higher quality, and lower costs. For example, you Business Discovery enables everyone can use it to measure performance to identify your top tier vendors and to create insight. It's about workgroups, analyze procurement to aggregate suppliers and improve your price departments, and entire business negotiating position across R&D, clinical, and manufacturing operations. units having access to the data they And for manufacturing and distribution, you can use QlikView need to make better decisions. With increase reporting speed so that you can remain on top of issues QlikView, businesses can take insight before they impact your business. You can also improve manufacturing to the edges of their organization, uptime performance, identify downtime issues, and evaluate shifts enabling every business user to do and staff performance. their jobs smarter and faster than ever. QlikView enables all users to create tailored insights that meet their unique business needs and timelines. 4 A Clinical and Operational Breakthrough for the Life Sciences Industry

These, of course, are just some of the ways in which QlikView yields the insight you need to run your firm better across all phases of operations. In the end, QlikView serves up a single version of truth for everyone in your company – from the executive team which needs to drive company strategy to front line workers who need to make informed decisions on the spot. Col aborative capabilities, meanwhile, helps all users share information across business units to get the job done right.
The diagram below, gives you a more detailed overview on how you can apply QlikView to various operational areas within your firm.
Drug Safety Assurance • Pharmacovigilance program reporting Clinical Trial Management • Benchmarking drug safety measures • Trial site management • SAE's & AE's reporting management • Trial site performance comparison & selection • Phase IV trial data analysis • Trial project & reporting management • Signal & risk management • PI performance management, targeting & • Trending & what if analyses Supply Chain Optimization • Batch release analysis and reporting • Sourcing & supplier performance • Site performance improvement • Forecasting & planning • GMP/GLP asset management & compliance • Multi division and tiered analysis • Site staffing optimization • Production planning & inventory • Formulation & packaging benchmarking & • Distribution mapping, safety, & compliance Regulatory Support Discovery & Development Performance • Legal reporting and project management • LIMS data analysis and visualization • Clinical trial analysis • ADME / TOX data analysis • Contracting & regulatory compliance • Analytical data analysis and management • Cross-site comparisons & benchmarking • GLP asset management & compliance • Project management and assessment • Drug portfolio management & gap analysis • Audit & tracking Supplier & Partner Management IT Systems & Data Analysis • Supplier relationship management • Executive dashboards and scorecards • Supplier data comparison & redundancy • Project management and data quality • Multi-stream project management • IT asset management • Supplier sourcing and demographics • IT & technology spend analysis • Contract compliance & management • Rapid development & prototyping apps • Procurement analysis A Clinical and Operational Breakthrough for the Life Sciences Industry 5 WHAT DO YOUR PEOPLE
Social Business Discovery–
QlikView can take insight to the very Col aborate more effectively by sharing inputs, perspectives, edges of your organization, shifting the and expertise while forging new paradigm of BI created by a few to paths to discovery and insight everyone leveraging business discovery • Comparative Analysis–
for their specific business needs.
Analyze data sets from virtual y any angle, create and share QlikView is a leading Business Discovery platform that enables new data associations to business users to explore live data, make discoveries, and solve unique build on existing knowledge, problems. Business users can search and explore, use dynamic and discover new insights dashboards and interactive analytics from any mobile device – even if the device is disconnected from mobile networks. QlikView empowers • Mobile Business Discovery –
your business users, teams, and departments to forge new paths to Take advantage of the interactive insight, without bothering IT every time they need answers. Instead, IT analysis and timely data availability can stay focused on ensuring the quality, security, scalability, and of QlikView on mobile devices – availability of core business data available through QlikView.
even when devices are offline • Rapid Development Platform –
Use our create their own analytical apps quickly, without requiring lots of ongoing involvement from IT Business decisions are seldom made in isolation, they are col aborative. They are based on social exchanges driven by real–time debate, dialog, • Enterprise Platform –
and shared insights. QlikView's approach places col aboration at the Rely on robust insight even as very heart of Business Discovery – and whether your people are in the your teams grow – thanks to same building or scattered across the globe, QlikView connects enterprise–ready software that everyone in real time or asynchronously. It provides users with the meets IT requirements for security, freedom to securely and privately col aborate as they choose.
performance, and advanced yet QlikView incorporates best–of–breed visualization capabilities including easy–to–use administrative tools a broad range of charting and display options. The simple and easy–to–use QlikView interface isn't just intuitive – it's appealing. A simple click can transform the analysis and open up new analytical paths and ways to visualize data. Based on security roles, business users can interact with QlikView Apps and make modifications, additions and/or create new apps without requiring complex training or ramp-up time. If users need a specific visualization component that is not included in core QlikView, web developers can easily and seamlessly integrate custom and third–party components.
6 A Clinical and Operational Breakthrough for the Life Sciences Industry POWERFUL COLLABORATIVE SESSIONS
However your people work and col aborate, QlikView has the flexibility to make them more effective. For example, your teams can use col aborative sessions to jointly interact with a QlikView document in real-time –to review research results, coordinate with suppliers, or plan production runs.
These sessions are bidirectional, so teams can interact live with QlikView documents – sharing selections and testing scenarios together – even if users don't have a QlikView license. What's more, col aborative sessions aren't limited to desktops and laptops, which means users can join using their mobile devices and tablets. And to support col aboration within an enterprise portal, QlikView integrates with Microsoft Office® productivity software and Microsoft SharePoint® and shares col aboration objects and bookmarks. This makes it possible to col aborate with almost anyone you with on a daily basis. For example, let's say you have a new vaccine on the market and you need coordinate with multiple teams. Your internal manufacturing, procurement, and marketing teams all use QlikView but your external supplier for the API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) does not. This isn't a problem. After an internal meeting to forecast capacity, you can use a col aborative session to meet with the supplier, sharing your forecast demand planning and production application. During this session, you're able to quickly click through flu season timelines, demand changes, production capacity, shelf life what-if scenarios, and the required API supply to adequately meet the demand. All along, participants can see potential bottlenecks as well as changing demand by region. This helps you better plan the use of production facilities to accommodate changing demand and supply conditions. Within the hour, by using a col aborative session across all teams – internal and external – you're able to generate an attainable global production plan to meet forecasted demand plus al ow for up to 20% additional doses. You can also quickly determine contingency plans for increased demand and trigger points for reducing production in the event of decreasing demand. ANNOTATION CAPABILITIES FACILITATE DISCUSSIONS
With the new annotations col aboration object, QlikView users can engage in highly effective–discussions about QlikView content. Take, for instance, the scenario of a primary investigator (PI) and several physician Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) who are all working together in a phase-two clinical trial for liver cancer. To determine changes in tumor morphology, the study protocol requires patients to be biopsied at certain points throughout the trial. Using the annotations capability in QlikView, the PI and KOLs can pull up demographic data for the trial, drill down to specific patients exhibiting morphological changes, and annotate patient information within the application – all under HIPAA compliance. Throughout the study, participants can comment on each other's notes and share annotations across the physician population. The PI and KOLs can also share annotations to reach a consensus on the trial drug's effect, note developments, report on study progress, and update patients and their caregivers with the most accurate, physician-vetted information regarding their cancer status. Using QlikView to solicit input, and aggregatephysician diagnoses helps to improve patient morale and outcome – while assuring all study information is captured and reported accurately to the FDA and across study sites.
A Clinical and Operational Breakthrough for the Life Sciences Industry 7 FOLLOW YOUR OWN TRAIN OF THOUGHT THROUGH THE ASSOCIATIVE EXPERIENCE
One of QlikView's primary differentiators is the associative experience. Leveraging QlikView's in–memory processing, the associative experience is similar to Google's new Instant Search, providing instant results as you type. More importantly, an intuitive interface highlights important relationships between your data yielding insights that would be impossible with traditional tools. This means that your people can fol ow their own train of thought – exploring huge volumes of data and relying on QlikView's inference engine to maintain associations in the data automatical y. They can ask questions in many ways: clicking on data in list boxes, lassoing data in charts and maps, wherever they see opportunities for insight. And they can do all of this from any device – and without tasking developers with the job of creating rigid hierarchies of data and hard–coded drill paths.
With QlikView's latest comparative analysis capabilities, it's never been easier to discover new connections in your vast stores of data – empowering you to spot similarities, differences, outliers, and of course, opportunities. You can create multiple groupings of data in any QlikView document, and each grouping is fully interactive to enable true multidimensional analysis. You can also create graphs, tables, or spreadsheets based on the different groupings to gain new insights and discover patterns you could never see before.
For example, let's say you're in charge of demand forecast and production planning. You notice through QlikView that several regions are underperforming regarding a new anti-depressant that you've recently launched and you need to forecast for production based upon demand, while managing costs and shelf life of the drug. To determine the cause for the decrease in demand, you need to analyze – on a region-by-region basis – the performance of the new drug compared to products from other firms and legacy products from your own firm. In the past, you'd need to make selections for each drug one at a time and then note the performance of each in every region. Now, with comparative analysis capabilities, you can directly compare the anti-depressant with both competing and legacy products in the same charts and graphs for all underperforming regions. By directly visualizing the same data sets for multiple products together, you can quickly pinpoint the issue for depressed sales in certain regions, determine corrective action, and modify your forecast and demand planning. Let's say, for instance, that QlikView reveals an important insight – namely that multiple legacy drugs from your own portfolio are still being sold at high volumes. What's more, there's a direct correlation between the sales of these products and the lack of traction for your new anti-depressant. In other words, you're cannibalizing your own new product. The good news, though, is that QlikView shows no real threat competitive threat from other products on the market. So for now, you are able to increase the forecast and production for the legacy product and decrease the forecast of the new product – so as not to be producing drugs that will expire. From here, your course of action is clear: hold a col aborative session with marketing, share the data and your insights, and help them see where to step up their conversion efforts to get physicians and customers to switch from the old drug to the new. In a matter of minutes, you're able to drill down to the source of a problem, identify the root cause, and revise your forecast and demand plan to more 8 A Clinical and Operational Breakthrough for the Life Sciences Industry accurately reflect reality. This helps you save money and take appropriate action across functions to help your company achieve its revenue targets for the quarter.
QlikView for Mobile delivers the full Business Discovery power of QlikView across multiple mobile device platforms. Unlike lightweight visualization tools that support only some of the potential of the full tool, QlikView for Mobile takes full advantage of HTML5 to give you the same seamless and visual y rich QlikView experience – whether you're on a smart phone, tablet, or a PC. QlikView for Mobile also supports multiple device platforms – from iPhones and Android smart phones to Apple, Android, and BlackBerry tablets. This dramatical y speeds development wait times because business users don't have to wait for developers to create new versions of QlikView apps, dashboards, and reports for each mobile device platform.
The mobile option is becoming increasingly important across a wide range of activities in the life sciences industry. Executives on the go, for example, want to constantly check dashboards and access vital statistics no matter where they. QlikView Mobile makes it possible for top management to stay abreast of all developments – as well as to crunch the numbers on their own as they make the case for your company and its therapies out on the open market. Or let's say you're a production specialist working on the plant floor of one of your company's overseas facilities. Instead of returning to a desktop while in the middle of the facility, with QlikView for Mobile you can simply call up the data you need wherever you are. And because remaining on schedule remains such an important issue for the company as a whole, you can also col aborate with the executive suite from your device, share data, and make rapid decisions based on a single version of the truth about production run schedules and other critical manufacturing issues. QlikView for mobile can enhance productivity in a laboratory setting as wel . As you develop new compounds and therapies, QlikView for mobile can put the data you need at your fingertips. And if you're even in a situation where wireless connections are forbidden – which is sometimes the case in clinical facilities, the new QlikView iOS app for iPhone and iPad supports a powerful new disconnected mode that al ows you to work with QlikView even offline. Whatever you need to do, you can still interact with QlikView apps and access bookmarks you have downloaded to your device. This enables scientists and other lab specialists to be as productive as possible regardless of whether or not they are connected.
With traditional solutions, the creation of BI is highly centralized with development teams. Business users can wait months, even years, for the applications and information they want. QlikView, however, blurs the lines between IT and end users, empowering everyone to create their own analytical apps – whether its IT professionals, third–party software developers, or business users themselves. This changes the relationship between IT and the business – for the better. IT, which remains in charge of A Clinical and Operational Breakthrough for the Life Sciences Industry 9 the platform, becomes an enabler of business change by empowering end–users to get the information they need in the way want to receive it. And because it is freed from day–to–day responsibilities to support BI creation, IT can now dedicate other resources to its core mission of helping the firm achieve its strategic objectives. SIMPLIFIED CHART DATA
Traditional BI requires macros and advanced aggregation functions to create meaningful comparisons in charts – like top values, lowest values, mean averages, etc. QlikView does away with all this in favor of granular controls that make it far easier to extract and display critical information in a chart or graph. All it takes is a few clicks in the item's property box. What's more, calculations in a chart or graph are faster than ever because they now occur in the chart engine, not the presentation layer.
QlikView helps optimize the use of precious screen real estate on your business phones and tablets. For example, you can now create more efficient and user–friendly interfaces by placing multiple objects on a single tab, snapped together in a grid. This enables business users to gain a more consolidated view of business information. In the end, they're able to see a much wider array of perspectives on a given data set without having to constantly navigate the screen.
Even as QlikView helps your business users and developers streamline QlikView app development, it also helps you maintain control – even for the largest QlikView deployments. Everyone can access and utilize central source control systems, such as Microsoft Team Foundation Server, directly from the QlikView desktop. The source control system can then provide change tracking and rol back, and can merge changes made by multiple developers. Each element of the QlikView document – such as script, properties, and user interface object definitions – is stored separately and can have changes tracked separately.
Even as QlikView helps your business users and developers streamline QlikView app development, it also helps you maintain control – even for the largest QlikView deployments. Everyone can access and utilize central source control systems, such as Microsoft Team Foundation Server, directly from the QlikView desktop. The source control system can then provide change tracking and rol back, and can merge changes made by multiple developers. Each element of the QlikView document – such as script, properties, and user interface object definitions – is stored separately and can have changes tracked separately.
10 A Clinical and Operational Breakthrough for the Life Sciences Industry ENTERPRISE-READY FOR PERFORMANCE, SECURITY, AND IT ADMINISTRATION
With traditional BI solutions, IT professionals must commit significant amounts of time to creating data models, building large semantic layers, writing queries, or generating reports. QlikView takes a fundamental y different approach. It is rapidly implemented to minimize disruptions and highly scalable to deliver ongoing ROI. It's also a comprehensive BI solution that delivers data–driven insight to all of your business users according to a self–service delivery model that frees up IT resources. Yet while business users are empowered to generate their own BI content, QlikView puts the reins of control squarely in the hands of IT. This is done with advanced and intuitive administration tools that help IT ensure the availability, reliability, and security of business data. Your people can rely on a powerful Business Discovery platform that empowers users to access the insight they need when and where they need it. Once QlikView has solved a significant business problem that traditional BI cannot address, other departments take notice. It does not take long before the solution evolves into an enterprise-wide Business Discovery platform that delivers insights and opportunities previously unattainable. A Clinical and Operational Breakthrough for the Life Sciences Industry 11 CASE STUDY: LUNDBECK A/S

Best known for the antidepressant Lexapro, Lundbeck is a global pharmaceutical firm based in Denmark. It is engaged in research and development, production, marketing, and sales of medications for the treatment of psychiatric and neurological il ness including depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, epilepsy and insomnia.
During the product development phase, Lundbeck works with physicians and patients all over the world to col ect vast amounts of data on the effects of its therapies across large patient populations. Results are col ected and stored across a number of databases. To analyze clinical and operational data throughout the enterprise, Lundbeck struggled with complex reporting practices and tools that required significant lead-time for report delivery and added to the cost of operations. Lundbeck wanted faster, more concise reporting so that it could respond more effectively to clinical and business conditions. SOLUTION:
Lundbeck uses QlikView to consolidate the data from more than 150 different reports into a compatible SDTM format for easier viewing and detailed insight. Fully compatible with FDA and EMA requirements, this QlikView solution gives 400 users access to all the relevant information the company needs for pharmacovigilance, medical writers, biostatistics, clinical data operations, clinical pharmacology, medical analysts, and clinical trial project managers. Greater visibility al ows users involved with clinical trials and daily operations to yield insights into areas of concern and share these insights with col eagues throughout the enterprise. QlikView makes Lundbeck far more efficient and effective. Working from a common source of data, users can col aborate and make plans based on a single version of the truth. Instead of switching between multiple databases, Lundbeck now has everything in one place. The ROI has been impressive as well – with numerous process improvements throughout the firm. For example, using QlikView, Lundbeck cut the lead time for one process from 72 minutes down to just one minute. This kind of efficiency is helping Lundbeck improve performance enterprise-wide.
12 A Clinical and Operational Breakthrough for the Life Sciences Industry CASE STUDY: A LEADER
This firm is the world's leading provider of injectable drugs and infusion technologies. Through its broad, integrated portfolio, it is uniquely positioned to improve patient and caregiver safety while reducing healthcare costs.
The rising cost of healthcare has been increasing pressure on this firm to reduce costs and improve performance across operations. In response, the company identified supply chain management, IT and R&D as three areas ripe for lowering costs, increasing optimization, and boosting productivity. On the supply chain side, the firm needed to better manage cash flow and reduce inventory obsolescence. On both the IT and R&D sides, it needed a better understanding of project delays – including insight into projects currently delayed, projects in threat of delay, and the reasons for each. SOLUTION:
With QlikView in place, this firm has gained the insight it needed to optimize operations across the supply chain, IT and R&D. It now manages the supply chain with greater effectiveness – freeing up cash flow to use for other purposes and clearing out obsolete stock to reduce carrying cost. It has also made dramatic strides in managing complex IT and R&D projects to prevent delays and ensure on-time completion. As is often the case with QlikView, word has spread. The firm has now extended QlikView for procurement and sales &marketing purposes. On the procurement side, the company can now run comparative analysis to reveal insights regarding purchase price variance (PPV). This shows actual prices paid to vendors compared to agreed upon prices – which helps control costs. On the sales & marketing side, the firm can now see inventory through distribution along with which customers are purchasing at what levels. This helps the firm address shortfal s so that it can constantly meet demand and keep its customers satisfied. When measuring the benefits of QlikView for this firm, the numbers speak for themselves. For example, with QlikView in place, the company was able to reduce inventory waste and improve on-time project delivery both by more than 5%. The firm also estimates that it has achieved more than $2 mil ion in annual savings using QlikView. As QlikView continues to spread throughout the organization, expect more of the same. A Clinical and Operational Breakthrough for the Life Sciences Industry 13 CASE STUDY: A GLOBAL
This global life science firm is a diversified healthcare leader that discovers, develops and distributes therapeutic solutions focused on patients' needs. It has core strengths in healthcare, with 7 growth platforms: diabetes solutions, human vaccines, innovative drugs, consumer healthcare, emerging markets, and animal health.
It's daughter firm is a world-leading animal health company. This organization provides a comprehensive range of products to enhance the health, wel -being, and performance of a wide range of animals. A forward-looking company with a proven track record, itproduces pharmaceutical products and vaccines for livestock, pets and wildlife (including endangered species).
At the parent firm, global concerns across its subsidiaries included expediting drug discovery and development, and decreasing time to market. At the daughter firm in particular, the company needed a better way to monitor outcomes (pharmacovigilance) for both humans and animals. SOLUTION:
Implementing QlikView across all of its companies to improve R&D, the parent firm built a powerful production planning dashboard that optimizesthe portfolio of development activities. This helps improve the planning cycle to optimize drug development and decrease time to market. QlikView enables access throughout the enterprise and associates all data sources on a common platform for a single source of truth. This increases the visibility of R&D projects while improving project planning and management. At the daughter firm, QlikView was implemented across operations where it is used to analyze data for a wide range of purposes. For example, employeescan now slice the data and analyze it almost instantaneously based on case study, breed of animal, age, species, or problem reported. It can also track outcomes after treatments have been delivered. This helps the firm meet its pharmacovigilance targets with greater ease and effectiveness. Overal , QlkiView has had a tremendously positive financial impact – improving data planning and monitoring activities across the board. The firm can now better track costs, planned expenses and delays. QlikView has also helped reduce FDA reporting time by 60%. As a result, four FTE's were promoted to manage more strategic activities. Based on QlikView's performance thus far, both firms have extended QlikView to areas of commercialization and finance as wel . Not surprisingly, the parent firm has also made QlikView part of the company's strategic roadmap for BI.
14 A Clinical and Operational Breakthrough for the Life Sciences Industry BENEFITS YOU CAN COUNT ON
Running a business that develops new therapies to improve and save lives is no easy undertaking. It requires lots of hard work, incredible amounts of data, and the insight required to make sense of that data. This is where QlikView delivers a wide range of benefits. With QlikView in place, you'll be able to: • Improve clinical trial management – with visibility into data and the ability to share
information with trial participants to make more informed study decisions • Boost discovery and development insight – with analytical data analysis and the ability to
manage the drug portfolio more effectively • Streamline the supply chain – with improved sourcing, forecasting, and planning
Enhance supplier relationships and value – with col aboration tools that improve
coordination and that ability to measure vendor value • Increase manufacturing performance – with better reporting and the ability to connect
the shop floor to the executive suite • Assure better drug safety – with insight that enables you to detect pharmacovigilance
issues quickly and respond with the best course of action In the end, your organization will have the insight required to make better decisions on an ongoing basis – decisions that help you thrive in the face of mounting complexity in the life sciences industry. LEARN MORE
To find out more about how QlikView can help your clinical and operations people achieve higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness in the life sciences industry, visit us online at http://www.qlikview.com/lifesciences.
A Clinical and Operational Breakthrough for the Life Sciences Industry 15 QLIKVIEW FOR LIFE SCIENCES
A Clinical and Operational Breakthrough for the Life Sciences Industry. For contact details please visit: http://www.qlikview.com/us/company/contact-us GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS Qlik Technologies, Inc.
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