Minutes of regular meeting, august 18, 2004

PORT COSTA SANITARY COMMISSION MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING, MARCH 9, 2016 1. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Chairperson Surges. Present were Commissioners Cusack, Mann and alt. Barassi, along with Dept. Manager Barnhill and General Manager McDonald. Mr. Guarnieri arrived at 7:05 PM. Mr. English was absent.
2. AGENDA ORDER: There were no requests to hear agenda items out of order.
3. PUBLIC COMMENTS: Mr. Surges addressed welcomed the attending members of the public. He said the meeting content will pertain to and be limited to Sanitation District business and Sewer Use Charge discussions. He said the committee Committee has no authority over any potential discussion regarding the Railroad property or lighting district. Mr. McDonald said that an agenda item is set regarding private entity onthe railroad property at the next District Board meeting. The next District Board meeting will be on Wednesday March 23 at 7pm. A member of the public mentioned that the citizens can call for a public meeting if they wish. Mr. Mann said the School building is available to the public for purposes of scheduled public meetings. Mr. Surges opened the floor to public comment on any non-agenda items. A member of the public commented on the potential installation of a private railroad crossing and concern about noise from train whistles. Mr. Surges said to add thedirected staff to add the Railroad crossing subject as a future agenda item. A member of the public asked about the current condition of the Treatment Plant and mentioned rumors that the plant is at near capacity and wondered if any new connections can be made to the sewer system. Mr. McDonald and Mr. Barnhill informed the Public of the current use of the plant, it was mentionedsaid that the plant is currently only usinges 1 filtration bed at a time leaving the remaining two standing by. Mr. McDonald said the plant capacity question can be added to a future agenda item so that staff can gather information for the Commission and public to provide a definitive answer.Filter Bed #4 is out of service.
6.a. DISTRICT BOARD ACTIONS: Mr. Barnhill reported on the actions taken by the District Board in February. He said there were no actions taken which affects Port Costa. The Board did however ask that Mr. Barnhill deliver status on the leaning power pole that carries PG&E service to the Treatment Plant meter. Mr. Barnhill contacted PG&E following the Board meeting. PG&E reported to Mr. Barnhill that they scheduled a technician to have the pole 6.b. SELF-MONITORING REPORT: Mr. Barnhill said that the report for January has been submitted and there were no Sanitary Service Overflows or permit exceedances in January.
7.a. FINANCIAL REPORT: The monthly statement of Department finances was examined by the Commission. Mr. Barnhill said that payment to MCC Control for $1,437.50 was for Autodialer integration work already successfully completed. He said the invoice for $540.01 paid to Flomax was for a replacement of an inoperable check valve on the discharge line of influent pump #2. The old removed valve will be cleaned and maintained to be held as a backup unit.
Mr. McDonald said there is a shortfall and the District can adjust the Sewer Use Charge. As it stands, a maximum legal limit increase of 19% would make up for the shortfall. He said that in the past, the commission tried to hold out on increasing the Sewer Use Charge. Mr. McDonald said the Septic Tank Replacement reserve should be directed toward the cost of an engineer's study for Wastewater Treatment in Port Costa. Mr. McDonald said the state will require some action when they impose violations to Port Costa exceedances, the engineer's study would be a first step of action for improvement.
Mr. Barnhill said that payment to MCC Control for $1,437.50 was for Autodialer integration work already successfully completed. He said the invoice for $540.01 paid to Flomax was for a replacement of an inoperable check valve on the discharge line of influent pump #2. The old removed valve will be cleaned and maintained to be held as a backup unit.
7. b. DRAFT BUDGET: Mr. McDonald reported on the draft budget by item forfor FY 2016/17. Mr.
McDonald said there is an anticipated shortfall and the District can adjust the Sewer Use Charge (SUC) to offset any deficit. As it stands today, the District can legally increase the SUC by a maximum of 19% to make up for the shortfall. He said that in the past the Commission has tried to limit the SUC increases. Mr. McDonald said some options might be to authorize the transfer of the Septic Tank Replacement Reserve to pay for the cost of an engineer's study for Wastewater Treatment in Port Costa. Mr. McDonald said he anticipates the State Regional Water Resources Control Board (RWRCB) will require action if any violations are imposed related to Port Costa permit exceedances and having the engineer's study would be a first step of action for improvement. The District is not anticipating new connections in the draft budget but a few may be added before the final budget is proposed. Mr. Barassi asked if the reserve funds are for rainy day expenditures. Mr. McDonald said the capital operational reserve funds are for large capital replacement projects or major operational costs that are set for more than one year out out, the Commission can reprioritize reserve funds to any project at any time. Mr.
Barassi asked if the $100,000 Septic Tank Replacement estimate fund was for total tank Mr. McDonald said the fundit is seemed to be set for retrofit , not new replacement. Mr. Barassi asked if the budget shortfall can be covered by borrowing. Mr.
McDonald informed the commission Commission that the Crockett Sanitary Commission has supporteds assisting Port Costa in the past with low interest inter-department loans.if needed.
Mr. Mann mentioned that Crockett expects Port Costa to at least increase or keep their Sewer Use ChargesSUC rate level with Crockett. A member of the public asked what the capacity is for the treatment plant. Mr. McDonald and Mr. Barnhill told the public that the treatment plant easily handles the current town flow. A member of the public asked why Port Costa is in the sewer business. Mr. McDonald said Mr. McDonald informed the public that the District wants to meet with a recommended engineer who may give the district District some options for viable lower sewer costs over the long term. Mr. McDonald also mentioned that Port Costa does not qualify for current State low-income grants as its median income is above Low Incomeincome requirements thresholds and as does qualify for small rural community grants as we are in the greater Bay Area.is not considered rural .
Mr. McDonald said that the buy-in to use the Crockett C&H Joint Treatment Plant is $1,800,000. A member of the public asked if the District offers education regarding acceptable and unacceptable materials entering the sanitarysystem.
Mr. McDonald replied that the District includes that information in the its annual newsletter. Mr.
Barnhill said that "flushable" wipes are a major problem in Port Costa and that only toilet paper and human waste should be flushed. A public question regarding discharge of vegetable wash water was posed.
Mr. McDonald referred the public to the County since the Sanitary Department does not have authority over grey-water to allow a change in discharges.
8. AMMONIA EXCEEDENCES: Mr. Barnhill reported that there was an Ammonia exceedence from in the February 16, 2016 sampling. He said the operators delivered no answerhave no evidence of any malfunction or upset in the treatment process nor is there a readily apparent reason for the elevated ammonia values. to the source of the exceedence. California Regional Water Quality BoardRWQCB imposed accelerated sampling process and, a a rush order on the accelerated analysis was ordered to save time. The rush service is an additional $15 per 9.a. STAFF REPORT ON OPERATIONS: Mr. Barnhill reported no Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSO's) in February.
Staff performed research on Sseptic tank cleaning and inspection research; Operators operators and staff will conduct measurements and volume estimationsto be included in an Informal Work Request to multiple tank cleaning companies. On March3 PG&E stated that they assigned the leaning power pole to a technician February 10, 2016and will replace the pole within approximately 60-90 days with no customer obligation;.
rReference case #0445127270. Barnhill spent 22.75 hours on Port Costa and McDonaldspent 14.99 hours as of February 29.
The iInfluent pump replacement project is continuing; On on Friday February 26, Grundfossuccessfully installed replacement Influent pump #2. Valley Operators will monitor pumpcondition and will report abnormalities immediately.
Staff and the operators will discuss overall pump performance and condition on Friday, March 11 in preparation for final phase, pump #1 replacement. The Annual CUPA Hazardous Waste Report was accepted by Contra Costa Health Serviceson February 28, 2016. The Annual Pollution Prevention Plan was completed.
9.b. STAFF REPORT ON GOVERNMENTAL MATTERS: None 9.c. STAFF ANNOUNCEMENTS: None 10.a. WASTEWATER COMMITTEE REPORT: None 10.b. BUDGET & FINANCE COMMITTEE REPORT: NoneMr. Surges said the Committee meet before this meeting and discussed the FY 16/17 budget and septic tank reserve, authorizing transfer of $15K from the reserves for use in cleaning.
10.c. AD HOC COMMITTEES REPORT: None 10.d. INTER-AGENCY MEETINGS: None 11. CONSENT CALENDAR: The consent items were approved unanimously (lb/tc): a. Approve Minutes of February 10, 2016.
b. Receive List of Incoming Correspondence.
c. Receive Status Report on outstanding issues.
d. Receive Incident Log of reported events.
12. FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS: Consider 9-month Budget Report (April).
Consider proposed sewer use charge for 2016/17 (April).
Report on condition of plumbing at plant.
Replacement of pump at septic tank.
Draft Ordinance establishing Private Sewer Collection System.
Capacity charge program review as it relates to Port Costa.
Unpermitted work done before joining the District in 2008.
Railroad crossing to treatment plantPG&E utility pole status 13. COMMISSIONER COMMENTS: None 14. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 8:11 PM until April 13, 2016.
Respectfully submitted,

Source: http://www.town.crockett.ca.us/Archive.aspx?ADID=632


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