Hytera presents: the world's first dmr handheld radios for digital pmr446

Hytera presents:
The world's first DMR handheld
radios for digital PMR446
The new license-free digital handheld mobile radios from Hytera are among the first license-free DMR handheld radios in the world. They operate in the 446-MHz frequency range and were developed in accordance with the open Digital Mobile Radio standard. Their compact design and intuitive operation make these DMR radios the ideal companion for day-to-day business.

DMR handheld radio
The open mobile radio standard DMR
Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) is an open digital mobile radio standard for professional mobile radio (PMR) that was developed by the European Telecommunications Stan-dards Institute (ETSI). DMR mobile radio systems use a channel range of 12.5 kHz and, as such, are compatible with the frequency spectrum of analog mobile radio. As a result, mobile radio solutions based on the DMR standard enable a simple and cost-saving migration from analog to digital mobile radio.
The DMR standard differentiates three different graduations in functionality and performance. The license-free DMR radios from Hytera correspond to the level DMR Tier I. Products in accordance with DMR Tier I are used for simple radio communica-tion in the license-free 446-MHz band and support a maximum transmitting power of 0.5 watt. For users who require a higher scope of functions, Hytera also offers conventional DMR mobile radio systems. Furthermore, DMR trunked radio systems are also part of the Hytera product portfolio.
PMR446 – License-free radio for everyone
PMR446 radios can be operated by any user without a special proof of need or a license. The UHF frequency range from 446.0 to 446.2 MHz is assigned to these license-free radios, while the range from 446.0 to 446.1 MHz is reserved for analog applications and the range from 446.1 up to 446.2 MHz for dialog applications.
The "PMR" in PMR446 is an abbreviation for "Private Mobile Radio". PMR446 radios always have a permanently installed antenna and a maximum transmitting power of 0.5 watt.
Our digital PMR446 radios combine the properties of citizens' band radio with the new digital mobile radio standard DMR. With this unique combination, you receive license-free radios that also offer extensive functions of professional digital mobile radio.
Advantages of our digital PMR446 radios
High voice quality
The DMR digital radio technology supports various methods for noise cancellation, thereby
ensuring an improved voice quality than conventional analog radio technology. This applies
particularly to the outside edges of the transmission area.
More radio channels
In contrast to conventional analog radio devices, our digital radio devices give you 16 analog
and 16 digital radio channels.
Longer battery runtime
Thanks to the TDMA process used, our radios achieve a battery operating time in digital
mode that is up to 40 % longer than the traditional analog mobile radio.
License-free DMR radio
Our license-free DMR radios are the first of their kind on the market. This means that you can
use them without an operating license and do not have to do without professional product
features! On top of that, you receive PMR446 radios that feature state-of-the-art digital radio
Analog and digital mobile radio in one radio device
All of our DMR radios support analog as well as digital radio service. This allows you to com-
municate even with already existing analog radio devices.
Possible applications of our digital PMR446 radios
PD355LF & PD365LF
The compact and practical design make the handheld radios PD355LF and PD365LF from
Hytera with their light weight of only 160 g to attractive and functional companions. Stay in
contact with your colleagues, secure reliable communication with style.
Catering business Retail business Hotel industry PD505LF
The robust and rugged design render the license-free handheld mobile radio PD505LF from
Hytera the perfect companion if a professional and robust radio is required. Provide for more
security and efficiency during the daily collaboration.
Construction trade Agriculture Facility management Leisure time

DMR handheld radios
Attractive and a lightweight
Their stylish and compact design and the intuitive operation render the radios
PD355LF and PD365LF as companions that nobody wants to miss in day-to-day com-
munication. With a weight of only approx. 160 g for each model, both can be carried
comfortably and even fit in the pockets of pants or jackets.
Support of analog and digital mobile radio
Both handheld radios were developed in compliance with the ETSI Digital Mobile
Radio (DMR) standard. They support license-free operation according to DMR Tier I
and can also be operated as an analog radio.
32 preprogrammed channels
Thanks to the implemented digital technology, both radios offer 32 preprogrammed
channels. Of these channels, 16 are analog and 16 digital, divided into three zones.
Integrated antenna
The unique integrated antenna design enables excellent availability without a large
antenna on the radio.
Small investment - fast start
The license-free DMR devices not only offer numerous features, but also a quick,
uncomplicated start into the digital PMR446 radio at a fair price.
Long battery service life
In digital mode, the supplied lithium-ion battery (2000 mAh) provides both mobile
radios with an operating time of at least 12 hours, given an operating cycle of 5-5-90
(5 percent talk/send, 5 percent receive and 90 percent standby).
Additional Functions (selection)
Dual mode: Switching between digital and analog is possible Versatile voice calls: Individual call, group call, and broadcast call on digital chan- Dust and water protection according to IP54 Shock and vibration resistance according to MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G DMR text messages with up to 64 characters Four programmable keys Charging and programming via Micro-USB interface Scan function for analog as well as digital channels Micro-USB port for charging the battery Integrated antenna design Long battery runtime Standard scope of delivery
Additional accessories (selection)
Lithium-ion battery Switching power adapt- Programming cable Earphone with C-clip (2000 mAh) BL2009 er for charger PS1018 Belt clip BC20/BC 21 The illustrations are for reference purposes only. The products might differ from these illustrations.
DMR handheld radio
Support of analog and digital mobile radio
The PD505LF was developed in compliance with the ETSI Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)
standard. The handheld radio supports license-free operation according to DMR
Tier I. It can also be operated as an analog radio.
Secure communication
Thanks to the Hytera basic encryption with 40 bit, you communicate securely with
your colleagues.
Accessories for every operation
As the classic Hytera handheld radio, you have access to an extensive portfolio of
accessories for the PD505LF. Whether multiple charger for up to six radios, cases,
headsets or speaker microphones, the PD505LF adapts itself to all operating condi-
Ergonomic design
The PD505LF handheld radio is easy to operate and highly reliable, which is indis-
pensable in critical situations.
Individual button design
The two rotary buttons of the radio transceiver are separated by the antenna. This
design prevents operating errors.
The PD505LF meets all requirements of the open DMR ETSI standard (ETSI-TS 102
361-1, -2, -3), the MIL810-C/D/E/F/G standard and degree of protection IP54. Thus
excellent features are offered even under harsh operating conditions.
Additional Functions (selection)
Dust and water protection according to IP54 Shock and vibration resistance according to MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G Versatile voice calls: Individual call, group call, and broadcast call on digital chan- Analog signaling: 5-tone, 2-tone, HDC1200, CTCSS, CDCSS for analog channels Squelch in analog operation Scan function for analog as well as digital channels Although the PD505LF has no display, it supports text messages: Up to 25 pre- programmed text messages can be saved. TDMA direct mode for DMR Hytera basic encryption with 40 bit DMRA data service VOX High cost efficiency Individual button design Ergonomic and lightweight chassis Battery service life of 16 hours (1500 mAh) Standard scope of delivery
Additional accessories (selection)
Lithium-ion battery Voltage supply unit for Switching power adapt- Vehicle power adapter Speaker microphone (1500 mAh) BL1502 charging cradle CH10A07 er for charger PS1018 for charger CHV09 Lithium-ion battery 6-unit charger MCA08 Carrying case (nylon) (2000 mAh) BL2010 The illustrations below are for reference purposes only. The products might differ from these illustrations.
PD355LF & PD365LF
UHF: 446,0 – 446,2 MHz UHF: 446,0 – 446,2 MHz Supported operating modes • DMR Tier I (license-free DMR) Supported operating modes • DMR Tier I (license-free DMR) • PMR446 analog mobile radio • PMR446 analog mobile radio • DMR Tier I in acc. with • DMR Tier I in acc. with ETSI TS 102 361-1/2/3 ETSI TS 102 361-1/2/3 16 (in condition as supplied to the customer 3 zones with 32 channels 12,5 kHz (analog, digital) 12,5 kHz (analog, digital) Battery service life approx. 12 hours (digital) Battery service life approx. 16 hours (digital) (5-5-90 duty cycle, high transmit- (5-5-90 duty cycle, high transmit- ting power, standard battery) ting power, standard battery) 2000 mAh (lithium-ion battery) 1500 mAh (lithium-ion battery) Transmitting power Transmitting power Frequency stability Frequency stability Antenna impedance Antenna impedance Digital vocoder type Digital vocoder type Operating voltage Operating voltage Dust and water protection Dust and water protection Shock and vibration resistance Shock and vibration resistance Operating temperature range Operating temperature range Storage temperature range Storage temperature range Dimensions (H × B × T) 123 × 58 × 23 mm (PD355) Dimensions (H × B × T) 115 × 54 × 27 mm 135 × 58 × 24 mm (PD365) (without antenna) All technical specifications were tested according to the relevant standards. Subject to change on the basis of continuous development.
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